Google Partner Status: what is it?


The Google Partners badge is awarded after the validation of two certification exams and means that our expertise on Google tools, and in particular Google Ads (AdWords), is legitimate and recognised by the Californian giant.
At Doko, the experts manage nearly 700 Google Ads accounts, which represents an advertising budget of about 500K€ (2019 figures), spent on the search engine.

The Google Partners accreditation certifies 3 points


One person has Google certification (two exams to pass)


A minimum spend (managed advertising budget) over the 90 days


Successful customer accounts
(rated by Google)

A certified consultant for each SEA mission

With Doko, a french agency specialising in online advertising and paid search, you can be sure that you will always benefit from the sound advice of a certified AdWords consultant when you entrust us with the management of your Google Ads account.