SEO Audit

Doko is first and foremost a web marketing approach to deliver a semantic, competitive and technical SEO audit. We study together the traffic opportunities for your company based on relevant keywords (generic or long tail), the visibility of your site before optimization (competitive analysis) and the technical obstacles that prevent your website from being well positioned in search engines. The agency uses a range of SEO tools (Google Ads keyword generator, KWfinder, Advanced Web Ranking, Screaming Frog SEO, OnCrawl, etc.) to provide you with a clear and understandable audit. This will give you the keys to optimise your traffic acquisition.

Conduct an SEO audit

SEO onsite

Along with netlinking and content, Onsite SEO is one of the pillars of natural referencing on the Web. It allows you to be visible on the first page and to generate more qualified visits. Develop an effective website that is loved by Google, thanks to the advice of the Doko SEO agency in France. Equipped with efficient tools, our team of SEO experts will help you optimise your website onsite. Architecture, semantic markup, structured data, internal linking, loading speed, indexing, crawling: put all the chances on your side so that your website is well taken into account by the Californian search engine. 

Boost your SEO Onsite


Netlinking, or link building, is about creating links to your website to make it more popular and visible to Google. As the Google Pagerank algorithm is link-based, you need to create backlinks to increase your traffic and build awareness of your website and brand. A netlinking consultant can help you to develop an effective netlinking strategy adapted to your company’s image. With Doko netlinking agency in France, rely on inbound links to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

Work on your netlinking

Web editing

Google likes text, so does Doko. Optimising your website’s visibility on search engines will not only require the creation of original, unique & SEO-optimised content, but also the implementation of a content marketing strategy. Working with professional copywriters, specialised in web copywriting, our SEO agency in France offers SEO optimised web content for all clients, regardless of your sector of activity. With the advice of your dedicated digital consultant, optimise the content (choice of keywords) and form (semantic mark-up) of your content to further boost the SEO of your website or e-commerce site.

Write web content

Content management

In addition to web copywriting, Doko SEO agency has all the necessary skills to help you set up a coherent editorial strategy, based on inbound marketing techniques in order to attract even more visitors. At your side, Doko’s SEO and web writing company establishes a publication schedule adapted to your company, your editorial line, your graphic charter and your communication media (website, blog, social networks, emailing…). This complete content management service aims to further strengthen your visibility, your reputation and your brand image to generate qualified leads and boost your conversion rate.

Optimise your content

Local referencing

You are a local company and you want to develop your web traffic and your professional activity in France? You want to conquer new prospects, closer to you? As a local SEO specialist with more than 100 references, Doko SEO agency in France will help you to develop your visibility in your city or your geographical area thanks to a relevant web referencing strategy. Work on the right geolocalized keywords and use Google My Business listings to be better seen locally and benefit from an optimized display on the map of your favorite search engine.

Attract local customers

Why use an SEO agency in France?

No matter how nice your website is, it struggles to appear in the search engine results pages (SERP)? Would you like to make it more visible to generate more traffic, more leads and boost your e-commerce sales? You’ve come to the right place! Based in France, the Doko SEO agency is here to help you set up a coherent and effective natural referencing strategy. To do this, our team of SEO experts will start by offering you an SEO audit in order to assess the health of your website and then make informed decisions in order to improve your positioning in the Google index. 


SEO experts at your service in France

Doko SEO agency helps you to implement a natural visibility strategy on search engines such as Google. Mastering all aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), our team of experts offers you a personalized approach according to your budget and the marketing objectives you wish to achieve.

SEO audit, onsite, netlinking or web writing, Doko manages all the SEO levers to help you position your website on the first page and generate more qualified traffic. Thus, the project manager in charge of your natural referencing on Google remains attentive to your needs and can make the necessary adjustments in real time on your site to optimize the results.

SEO tools and techniques adapted to your site

Building a site that Google likes is not for everyone. It requires an understanding of how the Californian search engine works, knowing when its algorithm is updated, and how to react quickly so that the site maintains a sustainable and consistent position at the top of the SERPs. It also requires mastering some SEO techniques and tools to ensure results. 

This is why it is strongly advised to call on the services of a referencing agency that is an expert in the field. This agency has the right tools, in particular to find and analyse the strategic keywords for your field of activity, to monitor the positioning of your site, to regularly check its health and to make the necessary adjustments in real time.

SEO tools used by Doko agency

At Doko in France, our processes have been tried and tested for several years and we have gradually gained the trust of all our customers, in particular thanks to efficient tools, which allow the collection and analysis of data useful for the optimization of their sites for search engines.


Keyword search

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • KWFinder and SERPChecker
  • RDDZ Scraper
  • Keyword Shitter

Follow-up of the positioning

  • AWR
  • SERPWatcher
  • ProRankTracker
  • Yooda Insight
  • SEMRush

Semantic optimisation

  • 1.en
  • SEOQuantum
  • Copyscape
  • Positeo
  • Answer The Public

Site Crawl

  • Screaming Frog SEO
  • OnCrawl
  • Xenu
  • Gephi

Study of backlinks

  • Majestic SEO
  • Google Search Console

A proven SEO strategy 

Doko SEO Agency offers a sound approach to creating a clean and effective website in the eyes of Google. Together with you, we design a website that has every chance of ranking well in the SERPs.

First of all, the french agency provides you with an SEO audit to analyse your strategic keywords, the visibility of your site and your competitive universe. This allows us to define the SEO techniques that are best suited to your situation. Also, in the case of a website creation, Doko experts help you to choose a simple and relevant domain name. 

Secondly, the agency helps you to design an optimised architecture for natural referencing (using silos or semantic cocoons) and provides you with an SEO specification to facilitate the implementation of good practices (semantic tags, hn tags, rich snippets, open graph, etc.).

The next step is to write with you all the semantic tags for all the pages of the site (h1, h2, title, meta description, URL…) and to make the necessary semantic optimizations to create SEO optimized web content.

The team then crawls the site and optimises the passage of search engine robots. It also optimises the speed of the site and manages the migration to HTTPS.

Finally, the Doko agency configures the Google Search Console and manages the indexing requests of your website. Once the website is online and indexed, the SEO consultant dedicated to your website can ensure a follow-up over several months and set up an adapted Netlinking strategy, to help your website gain notoriety in the eyes of Google and its competitors.

A unique and tailor-made SEO experience

As true web craftsmen, the Doko experts want to satisfy you fully through a sound and sustainable approach to SEO. You can trust the project manager dedicated to your website. He offers you services tailored to your website or e-commerce shop. He will ensure that good SEO practices are put in place, which will have real results in the medium and long term, without endangering your site or risking Google penalties.

And if you want to see faster results and boost your visibility, your sales and your turnover even more, then Doko SEO agency in France can offer you in parallel the implementation of paid search campaigns (SEA), via Google Adwords or the management of your online advertising via different levers such as Social Ads (e.g. Facebook Ads or Pinterest), and / or native advertising (Outbrain, Taboola …)

How much does natural referencing of a website cost?

It is difficult to establish a price without knowing your website! Indeed, depending on its initial state of health, its number of pages, or its current positioning in the SERPs, the services provided by Doko SEO agency in France are not systematically the same. Also, the type and number of services offered (simple audit, one-off or regular onsite optimisations, web content writing, support over several months…), as well as the duration of the SEO mission can play a role in the cost of referencing your site.

It is clear that a SEO strategy represents a certain long-term investment for your company. However, Doko will do its best to ensure that this investment is as profitable as possible for your company and that the results are there.

How long does an SEO assignment last?


Again, it can be complicated to estimate the duration of a SEO project in advance. This can change depending on your needs and the services offered. However, a one-off SEO service is much less likely to work than regular monitoring over several months and semantic or technical optimisations carried out in real time

This is why Doko generally recommends a period of about 6 months. Indeed, such a period of time allows to know and master your website as a whole in order to act on all its pages, whatever the navigation level. This also allows you to work on long tail and strategic keywords on the deep pages and to further increase the visibility of your site.


How long does SEO take?


Unlike SEA (search engine advertising), natural SEO requires a certain amount of time before the first results can be seen. Indeed, the work done can only be perceived by Google (or another search engine) when its robots crawl the optimised site. However, search engines are unable to crawl the entire Web, which represents several billion Internet pages, every day. 

Also, depending on the work carried out on your site and the extent of the work done by your SEO company, the results will not necessarily be noticeable at first. In general, it takes an average of 3 months to start seeing your website rise in the SERPs. This is why Doko digital agency recommends a long-term support, in order to follow precisely, week after week, month after month, the evolution of your website’s positioning on the different strategic keywords defined beforehand.

What is the difference between indexing and referencing?

When we talk about natural referencing, the terms “indexing” and “referencing” are often used as synonyms. However, these are two different and complementary elements.

Indexing is simply the act of filing a page in the database (or index) of major search platforms. This operation occurs when robots access a site and crawl it through hypertext links. It then results in the page being ranked in the search results.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring that the indexed web page is well positioned in the first results when a user searches for a given keyword. The idea is that your page should be sufficiently different from the billions of other pages on the subject in question. To do this, you need to work on your page according to several levers inherent to natural referencing, for example :

  • The use of clearly defined semantic tags, to help robots understand the content
  • The production of sufficiently consistent content, with an enriched lexical field around the main and secondary keywords
  • The creation of qualitative inbound links, and in sufficient shadow to boost the notoriety of the website,
  • Analysis of user behaviour on the pages (bounce rate, conversions, duration of sessions, sharing on social networks, etc.).

How to select the best SEO agency?

The process of selecting an SEO agency, or more generally a digital marketing agency, can seem complex at first. How do you choose, what criteria do you use, should you rely solely on word of mouth, should you trust your instincts? Ideally, you need a little bit of all of the above. You should select your agency based on affinity, of course, but also on objective criteria: approaches, expertise, specialties, experience. There are several elements that will help you recognise a good web marketing agency

The best SEO agency ideally even ticks the following boxes:

  • It listens to its clients and supports them over the long term in complete transparency;
  • She helps her clients meet and exceed their marketing objectives;
  • The agency uses and/or develops exclusive tools for natural referencing and reporting;
  • It constantly monitors the latest developments and news in the sector;
  • It trains its experts and optimises its processes regularly to remain at the cutting edge.

The Doko agency makes sure that these key points are respected on a daily basis and that we place them at the heart of our continuous improvement process.

Can an SEO agency guarantee the ranking results of its clients’ sites?


An SEO agency can never guarantee precise results for search engine positioning. The way algorithms work, whether it is the Google algorithm or others, is quite opaque. However, it can help you achieve optimal results for your natural referencing. 

Because of its expertise and experience, the digital SEO agency knows what results your website and brand can achieve. They will usually be able to predict a realistic range or target to achieve. However, this result may vary over time, depending on different variables that are beyond the reach of any web player: algorithms, competitors’ marketing actions, etc.

That is why the SEO agency cannot guarantee your results. But it can give you a good idea of what you can achieve over time and especially with the right organic SEO approach.


How to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your SEO actions?


Several methods exist to measure the ROI of an SEO web marketing strategy. As a reminder, the Return on Investment is calculated as follows (Profit or loss – cost of investment) / cost of investment = ROI.

To measure your ROI, you can first calculate the value of the traffic generated in relation to the cost of your SEO actions. To evaluate this value, you can estimate the volume of searches for each keyword or expression. 

Another good method is to determine the share of your turnover or number of opportunities that come from SEO. How much of your turnover or buyers do your visitors from search engines and SEO represent? 

Keep in mind, however, that SEO marketing actions can take time to bear fruit. An SEO agency such as Doko will help you calculate your ROI and can give you a horizon to measure your results.

What are the differences between SEO and SEA?


As mentioned above, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This term refers to all the techniques that aim to improve your positioning on search engines like Google. It is a process that takes time to achieve consistent results.

Conversely, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) refers to advertising on search engines, i.e. paid referencing. In this case, the results can be immediate, even if you sometimes have to go through a phase of adjustment and optimisation. Instead of time, you will have to spend resources. The size of the budget often makes a difference. 

SEO is therefore a long-term approach. But beware, the work required to achieve optimal visibility with SEO does have a cost. It requires a certain amount of expertise to execute the key techniques in the best possible way. The Doko SEO agency will assist you from A to Z in optimizing your website to please the search engines and reach the first results.

SEO: investing in sponsored links in addition to SEO?


An SEO approach can obviously be coupled with paid search engine optimisation (SEA) to obtain better results. This is known as SEM, for Search Engine Marketing. This term refers to all the techniques aime d at improving the visibility of a website on search engines.

SEO and SEA are two complementary acquisition channels for your digital strategy. Both improve the performance of the other. A well-rated and well-referenced site will generally register better results in its Google Ads campaigns. SEA also allows you to generate qualified traffic to your website more quickly. You will get a lot of important data that can help you to better direct your SEO marketing actions.

To be sure to implement the right SEO strategy, don’t hesitate to call on experts: the Doko SEO agency in France masters these two acquisition levers equally well. Our experts are at your disposal to help you reach your marketing objectives as soon as possible.