Why generate traffic on your website and how to get qualified visits?


In digital marketing, the expression “Web traffic” refers to the visits received by a website or a blog. The more visible your website is on the Net, and therefore the better it is positioned in the SERPs, the more visitors it will attract, hence the importance of continuously working on your SEO in order to have a perfect technique and a content rich enough to perfectly answer the requests of the Internet users who visit it. Also, increasing the number of visits to your website can allow your company to attract more qualified traffic and therefore, in the long run, generate more leads, and boost your sales, your reputation and your brand image.



Qualified traffic refers to visitors who are most likely to buy your products and services, i.e. your marketing audience. Therefore, developing a qualified traffic generation strategy means analysing your audience and knowing precisely the targets your site is aimed at, in order to offer them adapted content and products capable of fully satisfying all their needs.

Calling on a digital agency, like Doko in France, which masters the web codes and traffic management techniques thanks to qualified experts, is a way to obtain visible results faster. Indeed, your dedicated project manager is able to regularly monitor the performance of your site and make the necessary adjustments in real time to further increase your web traffic.

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Adopt a traffic generation strategy with Doko


Your website traffic comes from different sources, such as Google search results (natural or organic traffic), online advertising (SEA, Social Ads or native ads), social networks, or external referral domains, which create links to your website and give you a part of their notoriety… So, if you want to increase the number of qualified visits to your website, you will have to adopt the right traffic generation strategy by relying on different web marketing levers.



Generate long term traffic through SEO


The best solution to generate traffic in the long term is to optimise your site for search engines and to work carefully on your natural referencing (SEO). Indeed, the more visible and present your website’s pages are in the SERPs, the more visits your website will receive.

Therefore, doing SEO (search engine optimisation) requires in particular to :

Reviewing your content and implementing an editorial strategy based on inbound marketing techniques in order to attract more visitors.
Work on the technical aspects of your site: correcting error pages, reducing page loading time, implementing structured data, etc.
Boost your netlinking, by targeting quality referring domains, in particular via the purchase of sponsored links, or the exchange of articles on your blog.

Social Ads and native ads for even more qualified web traffic


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube… The major social networks offer online advertising. You can target the visitors you want to reach according to their interests and passions. Thanks to various tools such as the Facebook pixel, you can even find the visitors of your site and reach them again with retargeting or remarketing campaigns. The traffic acquired in this way is highly qualified and will have every chance of being transformed into leads and then into loyal customers.

In the same way as on social networks, there are online advertising agencies, such as Taboola or Outbrain, which allow the distribution of native ads, in all respects similar to the content offered by their advertisers’ sites. Presented as suggested content to readers, native Ads generally have a higher conversion rate, as they allow the presentation of relevant and quality content to Internet users who usually consult the advertisers’ sites.

Une stratégie SEA pour générer du trafic plAn ATS strategy to generate traffic fasterus rapidement


If you want to see immediate results and you have the right budget, then the second lever to activate is SEA, or search engine advertising. The best known method for this is to set up a Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) account. An agency specialising in paid search, such as Doko in France, can help you set up relevant and effective campaigns and make the necessary adjustments in real time.

Thanks to the multiple demographic and geographic targeting options available in the Mountain View giant’s advertising network, you are guaranteed to generate qualified traffic and attract visitors likely to be interested in your products and services.

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Based in France for several years now, Doko Web Agency shares with you its expertise in traffic generation and acquisition. Many of our clients have put their trust in us! So, don’t hesitate to call on our services and if you are not yet fully convinced, think of consulting all our case studies and references.

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