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Visits: generating more traffic

Attracting more visitors to your site, or in other words generating more web traffic, is an essential part of any web marketing strategy, which aims to boost your conversions. The idea is to increase the visibility of your site to Google and to Internet users. So, to be sure to reach the right people and encourage them to visit your site, it is advisable to set up SEO or paid search actions, via SEA and other online advertising. In the long term, SEO allows your site to be better positioned in the search engine results pages (the famous SERPs), which requires upstream reflection on your strategic keywords. Online advertising, on the other hand, is distributed immediately after the Google Ads or Social Ads campaigns go live and therefore, depending on your budget, allows you to attract visitors much more quickly.

Generate more traffic
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Leads: generate qualified leads

Generating traffic is good, reaching prospects who are genuinely interested in your products and likely to buy them is even better! This will improve your return on investment (ROI) and the turnover generated by your website. The Doko experts offer you the opportunity to implement tailor-made actions to generate more and more qualified leads. The idea is to put forward relevant and striking offers in order to attract a maximum of users and to answer their needs in the best possible way. Search engine marketing, or SEM, and online advertising can then be used to promote your company’s products and services more effectively to the right target audience. Natives Ads and Social Ads will allow you to further refine your targeting and reach a more defined audience, which should improve your conversion rate.

Boost your inbound leads
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E-Commerce: increase your online sales

Increasing your online sales is not always easy for e-commerce sites. You need to make sure that your website has a good visibility on Google and that it perfectly meets the needs of Internet users. At Doko in France, the experts in SEO of e-commerce websites master the codes of online sales and give you sound advice to adopt an effective web marketing strategy. The agency analyses all the blocking points in terms of SEO, conversion and marketing. Then, depending on your budget and your objectives, it provides you with ways to boost your sales in the long term by attracting targeted traffic. To do this, you need to activate different levers such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), or online advertising (via SEA, Social Networks or Native Ads) which allows you to distribute the right offers directly to the right prospects and customers.

Increase your sales
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Notoriety: make your site more popular

Boosting the reputation of your website allows you to make your company, products and services known as much as possible. It is therefore necessary to be present on different digital communication channels to gain popularity and reach a maximum number of prospects and convince them more easily to buy from you. In addition to SEA and Native Ads, Doko experts will help you to work on your content marketing, both on your product sheets and on your blog posts in order to please Google and to optimize your natural referencing. We also work on your netlinking to obtain quality backlinks from a wide variety of powerful referral domains. Finally, the Webmarketing agency can also give you some tips on how to boost your online presence, particularly via social networks, in order to positively increase your e-reputation and get closer to your customers to make it easier to keep them loyal.


Develop your reputation
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Web-to-store: attract customers to your physical shops

Using your website to generate more sales in your physical shops? It’s possible, as long as you think about a Web-to-store strategy. This encourages customers to come directly to the shop to buy or pick up your products rather than on the Internet, which they then use mainly to gather information about your products, consult other customers’ opinions, or find points of sale near them. Also, to gain visibility and reach a maximum number of ultra-connected Internet users, it is advisable to focus as much as possible on the mobile, with a responsive design site. Also, you should pay particular attention to your local referencing, using a maximum of geolocalised keywords such as “activity + town”. This will enable you to reach potential buyers directly in your catchment area and thus build up a local customer base more easily.

Generate additional shop traffic
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Analysis: understanding your audience and boosting your conversions

Analysing your audience and the performance of your website allows you to make the necessary adjustments in real time to boost the conversions generated on your website. Based on powerful tools such as Google Analytics, Doko web french agency is able to determine the points to improve on your website to directly and considerably increase your conversion rate. To do this, you need to adapt your website to your marketing targets and your audience. Adding CTAs, or call-to-action buttons, and reviewing (or creating) your landing pages may be necessary. Depending on your needs and your budget, the experts can also rework the navigation of your website: add a breadcrumb trail for example, or even propose a redesign of your site to take over the entire architecture, improve the user experience or simplify the conversion tunnel, not forgetting the speed at which the pages load.

Analyse your web traffic