Why generate marketing leads

In Web marketing, “leads” are the commercial contacts received by a company from its potential customers. The goal is to take care of these prospects in order to convert them into new customers. This will boost your conversion rate and increase your sales. However, not all contacts are systematically interesting for your business, especially when they come from people or companies that do not exactly correspond to your marketing target. This is why the most relevant contacts, those who are most likely to buy your products and/or services, are often referred to as “qualified leads“. It is of course on these that you should concentrate all your efforts through specific digital marketing actions, the results of which can be quickly analysed.

générer des leads

The first step in a lead generation strategy is to know your marketing targets perfectly, i.e. the people for whom your company’s various goods or services are intended. These marketing targets can be defined and classified according to several socio-demographic criteria (age, gender, family composition, level of education, socio-professional category), geographical criteria (city, department, region, country, etc.), and even behavioural criteria (opinions, interests, purchasing behaviour). These criteria then allow you to perfectly adapt the content and form of your communication to the audience you want to reach, to be sure of arousing their interest and turning them into customers.

génération de leads

Adopt a lead generation strategy with Doko


Once your targets are well defined, a web agency, such as Doko in France, will be able to help you more easily implement the right lead generation actions on different levers, such as your website or online advertising campaigns.

Generating leads in the long term through SEO

As with traffic generation, acquiring qualified leads over the long term requires good SEO practices, based primarily on the creation of high value content. Using inbound marketing, this content must stand out from the competition, appeal to your targets and meet their needs as best as possible to encourage them to contact you and buy your products and services. It may also be necessary to work on the technical aspects of your site (correcting error pages, optimising loading time) and to optimise your netlinking, not only to boost the natural referencing of your site, but also to increase your reputation and generate more and more new leads on your site.


Strategy to generate leads

If the SEO strategy can take a long time to set up and generate noticeable results, you can then rely on paid referencing, also called SEA (or Search Engine Advertising), to acquire leads more quickly. This consists of the creation of various online advertising campaigns via the Google advertising network. The advertisements thus created on Google Ads (Adwords) will then be instantly displayed at the top and bottom of the SERPs of the Californian giant. To do this, don’t hesitate to call on an agency that is an expert in the field. This is the case of the France-based agency Doko. The SEA expert dedicated to your site will be able to accompany you in the creation of the campaigns and will be able to more easily follow their performance and make the necessary adjustments in real time. He will also be there to help you measure the ROI (return on investment) of your campaigns.

Social Ads & Native Ads for more qualified leads

Social Ads, or social ads, are also an effective digital solution for generating leads on a website. They are distributed on the major social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat. Indeed, they allow a more advanced targeting of the audiences to which your campaigns will be broadcast. In addition, social networks, especially Facebook, offer a wider variety of ad formats, designed specifically to boost engagement with your community and encourage conversion. For example, it is possible to create videos, image carousels, product collections and forms. These more dynamic ads will then be delivered either via Messenger or as native ads within the news feeds of your prospects, who will be able to contact you in just a few clicks.

The references of your SEO agency in France

Based in France, the digital agency Doko shares with you its expertise in lead generation and acquisition. Over the years, many clients have trusted us to boost their marketing strategy. So why not you? To finish convincing you, don’t hesitate to consult all our case studies and references.

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