Why advertise with Google Ads?

Advertising on search engines is a fast and effective way to increase your web visibility and boost your e-reputation. Indeed, as soon as paid search campaigns (also called SEA) are put online on your Google Ads account, your site starts to appear in the areas dedicated to ads, on the SERPs. Also, using the Californian search engine’s advertising network allows you to perfectly target your customers according to different demographic (age, gender) and geographical criteria. This way, you can be sure that your site will be seen by the right people, likely to be interested in your product.

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Being present on Google via SEA campaigns offers many advantages

As seen before, implementing a traffic and/or conversion strategy and working on your presence on Google Ads / Adwords with the help of a specialised SEA agency, such as Doko in France, has many advantages:


  • An instant increase in visibility as soon as the Google Ads campaigns are online
  • A qualified traffic from precise and strategic keywords for your company
  • A targeted audience according to many criteria: language, geographical location, interests, age, device used for surfing…
  • Advertising investments perfectly controlled and adapted to the size of your company: Google Ads works as well for multinationals as for local small businesses.
  • Invoicing defined according to your objectives, at CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
  • Simple and quick ROI tracking: by linking your Adwords account to Analytics, you can analyse user behaviour and adjust your ads at any time.
  • A message and a communication totally controlled, that you can stop at any time.

Google AdWords and sponsored links

Created in the 2000s, AdWords (now called Google Ads) is the American giant’s advertising network. This self-service online advertising tool allows companies of all sizes to display ads and banners in search results and on the network of partner sites. Different targeting criteria are available to advertisers on keywords, sites, site themes or simply user behaviour. Moreover, by opting for cost per click (CPC) advertising, you only pay when the user visits your website!

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Call on an Ads (AdWords) agency in France, certified Google Partners

Calling on a trusted AdWords agency allows you to put all the chances on your side to generate relevant SEA campaigns. With more than 200 AdWords accounts managed monthly, the Doko consultancy in France is now certified Google Partners. It is thus recognised by the Californian giant as an approved online advertising specialist. Our SEA experts dedicated to your project offer you a tailor-made support to help you set up efficient and profitable adwords campaigns for your website. For you, the agency also monitors the performance of your account in real time according to your objectives and needs. Search, Display or Remarketing: let us set up a powerful paid search strategy on desktop and mobile, capable of generating additional revenue for your company.


To manage and optimise your marketing actions on Google, work with the Doko agency in France. Assure your business of the quality of a certified expert for the creation and follow-up of tailor-made actions. Be present on the first page of search engines, above the SEO results with sponsored links.

Our SEA references

Coming from various sectors, these clients have trusted Doko, expert in SEA in France, to set up and manage successful Adwords campaigns, generating both qualified traffic and awareness for their website. So why not you?

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The missions of a Google Ads agency

Definition of strategic keywords for your company

The implementation of a digital acquisition strategy by a paid search company requires the definition of strategic keywords. This research and selection of keywords is decisive for the development of your online advertising campaigns. This choice of keywords will trigger the delivery of your ads when a user searches for that particular word. Once the keywords have been selected, the next step is to choose the different keyword variants. You should know that the Google advertising service has 4 variants, namely

The broad query

The broad query is a variant that allows you to reach the most Internet users, which involves high costs due to the high volume of searches for each word. This variant does not contain any modification signs (see following variants). All you have to do is enter the keyword in the tool, such as: car. Your ads will then be displayed as soon as a user searches for: car, regardless of the words before or after the keyword. This variant should therefore be handled with care.

The broad query modifier

The broad query modifier is a little more precise. Its modification sign is the “+”. Example: +shirt +man.

Your ad will appear as soon as a user request contains the two words, with other words before, between and after. Example: wash a black shirt man

The exact phrase

The exact expression is based on the same principle as the broad query modifier but without the words between the expression. Its modifier sign is: ” “, Example: “man shirt”.

Your ad is displayed when a user searches for “men’s shirt”, example: where to buy a men’s shirt?

The exact keyword

The exact keyword is the most precise variant of Google Ads. Its sign is the bracket: [ ], example: [men’s shirt].

Your ad will then be displayed when a user types: men’s shirt, and exclusively this keyword. Nothing before, between or after.

Each variant therefore has a broader or more precise target, which includes a variation of the bids, namely the CPC. As a general rule, the more precise a query is, the higher the bids will be (depending on the competition).

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Creation of Google Ads according to your targets

Once the keywords are determined, a Google Adwords agency will create your ads. It will take care to integrate the keywords, as well as the advantages of your products and/or services and your company. The aim is to create an attractive ad that will generate clicks and therefore a good CTR. It is important to note that the more clicks an ad gets, the higher its Quality Score, and the costs are likely to decrease the higher your score. Each ad title and description is unique and responds to the needs of the customers.

Analysis of your campaign data

Once your campaigns are up and running, an expert SEA consultant has to analyse the data of the campaigns, ad groups and ads. An SEA agency like Doko uses different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to evaluate the profitability of your campaigns. These are: CTR (click-through rate), average CPC, conversions, conversion rate, and of course ROI, because we are talking about generating sales.

CPC and Quality Score Optimisation

Once the data analysis is done, our France-based Google Ads agency will adjust the campaigns according to the results. This may involve changing ad titles and descriptions, lowering maximum CPCs, changing delivery times and other demographic targeting criteria. Expert ATS consultants also ensure that the budget is allocated to the most profitable campaigns for your business. Each analysis is designed to improve your online advertising campaigns and make them more effective.

 Types of advertising offered by our Google Ads agency

Our Google advertising agency located in France offers you different types of campaigns adapted to your needs and objectives. Here is a detail of each type of referencing campaign that we can put online for your company.

Search network: the timing of ad delivery

The search network is the most common type of distribution. It allows ads to be displayed via keyword searches by Internet users, and therefore to be present at each of their requests concerning your activity. The search network involves the use of keywords and their variants. The arrival of responsive ads is also an asset for creating ad variants and being able to evaluate the best performing associations.

Display: the power of the Google network

Display is a network for distributing ads via the Google network in the form of banners, text or video. It allows you to reach a large number of users, and is particularly useful for increasing your brand’s awareness and e-reputation.

Remarketing (RLSA): low cost conversion

Remarketing, or RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) allows you to target users who have already visited your website. This allows you to reach Internet users who are already aware of your brand, or your products and services. It is a campaign that aims to generate conversions at low cost: ideal for your ROI.

Google Shopping: advertising for ecommerce sites

Do you have an e-Commerce site? Google Shopping is for you. It’s an ad format that highlights your products with images, prices and customer reviews. All of this is shown to the right target group at the right time. This allows users to find exactly what they are looking for, thus increasing your conversions.

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Frequently asked questions about online advertising


Not convinced? Our Partner agency (AdWords certification) answers your questions to guide you in setting up quality, effective and efficient campaigns. Whether you are located in France, Doko takes care of the creation, management, optimization and follow-up of your advertising actions on Google to reach the first page thanks to sponsored links. Attract users to generate conversions on your site.

Paid search: how does Google Ads work?

Before calling on the services of a search engine optimization (SEA) agency, it is interesting to know how Google Adwords works. This will allow you to better understand the challenges and missions of your Adwords account manager. The main thing you need to know is that search engine advertising works on a cost-per-click (CPC) system. The principle is simple: an online promotional marketing agency defines your keywords on which bids will be placed. Once your Google ads campaigns are up and running, your ads will be served when a user makes a request containing your most strategic keywords. This allows you to control the costs of ad delivery as you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. But that’s not all, you will be present when the customer makes a request concerning your company. Here are the different modes of operation: ads on the search network, Google Display, Google shopping, and RLSA (remarketing list).

What budget for a Google Ads campaign?

The advantage of Google Adword is that there is no minimum amount. You can very well create ads with a budget of €50 per month. However, you need to take into account the competition in your industry and your return on investment (ROI) objectives to determine a good digital marketing budget. The more competition you have, the higher the Cost Per Click (CPC), and therefore the amount of your budget will be impacted.

It is advisable to have a minimum budget of €300 for this type of online promotion. This allows you to have enough data to analyse to boost your performance. The lower the amount, the more data will be missing, and therefore the more areas for improvement.

What is the price of a Google click?

The price of a Google Adwords click is fixed according to the competition of the bids. A click can cost 0.05€ or more than 200€ depending on the sector of activity. The price of a click on a term related to a brand will only cost a few cents, while a click on a competitive keyword such as locksmith France will cost several tens or even hundreds of euros. When setting up your ads, a digital marketing agency will provide you with the price per click (cost per click) for your products and services. Note that these are estimates that can go up or down depending on the competition and the quality of your ads.

What is a good CPC?

A good CPC is not determined by its base price, but by what it brings you. It is important to understand that a good CPC is set according to the ROI you want to achieve. You should also take into account your total budget in this calculation. Is it relevant to rank on very competitive search terms, or to rank for £50 when you have £200? The answer is no.

Why use Google Adwords?

There are many reasons why it is interesting and profitable to use Google Adwords for your company. Whether you are a small or medium-sized company or a large enterprise, this lever is synonymous with growth. You can use Google to promote your brand, your products and services, your website. You will be able to communicate on all your products and services when users ask for them, which makes the ads more natural and encourages conversions. It is also interesting to use online advertising to complement an SEO strategy, or any digital strategy (depending on your products and services).

Online advertising: should you launch social ads campaigns in parallel with your SEO?

If you want your brand to appear everywhere on the Web and boost your digital growth, it is strongly advised to vary the acquisition levers such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Youtube, Facebook Ads… Thus, nothing prevents you from launching Social Ads actions, via Facebook marketing, SnapChat, Pinterest, Linked In or on other social networks in parallel with your paid search ads.

Calling on an agency specialised in online advertising promotion, such as Doko in France, is the guarantee of finding serious partners who master all these advertising tools and their targeting criteria. Our SEA experts can offer you a tailor-made service, adapted to your marketing objectives and your advertising expenses. We can manage the promotion of each acquisition lever to help you generate visits and conversions via a complete advertising strategy on social networks, while maintaining the distribution of SEA campaigns on the search network, banners or Shopping ads.

Is it relevant to have the same agency for your SEO and SEA strategy?

Whatever your sector of activity, in order for your website or e-commerce site to be as visible as possible to users and prospects, it is important to work correctly on your SEO. This includes both natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA). These two types of traffic and lead acquisition strategies should be carried out in parallel with each other, as they are generally complementary.

As the effects of SEO are not immediately measurable, SEA campaigns (as well as social ads) will allow you to instantly increase your visibility as they can generate visits as soon as they are published. Moreover, if your site is already well positioned in the natural results on certain words, the advertising budgets dedicated to certain ads can be adjusted in real time in order to improve your ROI and limit unnecessary expenses.

To do this, it is often best to use a single digital agency that has a good grasp of the entire digital ecosystem. Indeed, the latter will have a more global vision of your Web project and will be able to more easily offer you tailor-made solutions, according to your needs.

Other advantages: using the same SEO and SEA agency also allows you to

  • limit the number of people involved in your digital project,
  • facilitate exchanges and communication about your company,
  • reduce your costs: you only have to pay one external service provider.

Do you have more questions about Google Ads?

Doko’s team of SEA experts has prepared a comprehensive guide for all questions you may have about online search engine advertising.


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