As an e-merchant, when you want to increase your sales on your online shop quickly and strongly, you immediately think of SEA paid search. And for good reason! Paid advertising on the internet is an indispensable force in any digital strategy consisting of a merchant site to highlight its products on the web and sell online. Between the precision of the creation of commercial campaigns and the instantaneous results offered by advertising networks, we explain how SEA can considerably impact your online business!


Paid advertising and Google Ads: powerful levers for your e-commerce site

SEA strategy to get purchases on your e-shop

While SEO is very beneficial in the long term and is essential, SEA allows you to obtain immediate results. If your advertising campaign is well set up, you can receive new conversions as soon as your sponsored links, your visual ads or your advertising videos are put online. This is a great way to develop your e-commerce site radically and quickly! How exactly does it work? By promoting your products through sponsored links to relevant internet users, there is a good chance that your ad will generate clicks and increase your conversion rate. By accurately targeting your audience to your prospects and potential customers, you will reach the right audience and get qualified traffic, which will generate revenue.


Google Ads: a tool for managing your Ads campaigns

While there are many ways to advertise on the web, Google Ads remains one of the most powerful tools to get results for your online shop. Indeed, Google Ads offers many interesting advantages. The first and not least is the visibility that you get by broadcasting your ads via Google. Being the first and most used search engine in the world, having your ads displayed on Google results pages offers a much better immediate visibility than on any other platform. Having a Google Ads account also allows you to set your ads as precisely as possible. It is possible to define the type of campaign that suits you, as Google Shopping can be very interesting for selling online as well as campaigns on the search network. In this way, you can define the most relevant keywords to appear on the best queries of Internet users. The more relevant and well-chosen the keyword is, the more likely you are to get sales from your advertising. Google Ads is also the place where you can monitor your campaigns with its centralised management. With all your data, you can modify your campaigns if necessary and perfect your SEA and web marketing strategy.


Optimise your online business to boost online sales

Between optimising your campaigns to get effective sponsored ads and a good strategic preparation, here are our tips as an agency to improve your online sales. Our SEA agency Doko will help you with every step of your strategy: defining your goals and KPIS for your e-commerce, targeting your audience, managing and analysing your campaigns and finally the competitive intelligence.


Set your business goals

Wanting to increase sales on your online shop is significant and setting sales targets is crucial to achieving this. Indeed, if you don’t define precise objectives, you won’t be able to evaluate the performance of your SEA strategy. To be successful in your Google Ads campaigns, it is essential to start by knowing what objective you are aiming for and the KPIs to analyse accordingly. Thus, you will have to set objectives that are quantified and achievable within a given timeframe. This concerns all the elements that will be used to develop your sales on your e-shop! You can define for example: the percentage of new customers you want to obtain, the amount of the average purchase basket, your conversion rate or the return on investment (ROI) of your online sales. By defining these goals, you will also know which data to analyse from all the data available in Google Ads and Google Analytics. This will make it easier for you to analyse your campaigns, draw conclusions about their performance and adjust them if necessary.


Establish an e-commerce strategy

It is not enough to have a functional and attractive e-commerce site to obtain conversions! There is a whole strategy to prepare and deploy from the start of your online sales activity. You need to define how your visitors will find your website, how to encourage them to visit it and make an online purchase. There are several points to consider. First of all, you will need to establish an online reputation so that your future customers know about you. This can be done through several acquisition levers: social networks, natural referencing, or paid advertising. Once your brand is known, it will be necessary to encourage your visitors to make a purchase on your e-commerce site. Using commercial links in the right way, at the right time and with the right person is a highly effective technique. Remarketing is an advertising campaign targeting people who have already visited your site and who have already been interested in your product. All of this reflection involves working on the conversion tunnel of your business. Finally, it is important to define your budget for each channel of your digital communication.


Target your audience

The power of Google Ads lies in the precision of its audience targeting. It would be a shame not to take full advantage of this by not defining your targets correctly from the start! Creating a well-targeted Google campaign will help you drive qualified traffic to your website and therefore increase your sales. If you want to run a local campaign, you can for example target by geographical area. If your products are only aimed at younger people, you can target by age. Conversely, you can also exclude people who do not fit your audience. Be precise in the creation of your personas, it is the essential basis of any successful marketing strategy!


Test your Ads campaigns

You have positioned yourself on a keyword and you realise that it generates visits but no sales? This can be problematic, especially if you have opted for the cost-per-click (CPC) bidding system. Fortunately, nothing is permanent on Google Ads! You can modify your campaigns at any time based on the statistical analysis of your campaign results to make them as profitable as possible. Several optimisations for your campaigns are proposed: rewrite the ads, modulate the amount of your maximum budget or review the targeting.


Analyse your online sales KPIs

What data should you analyse to know how your Google Ads campaigns are performing? This depends on the objectives you set when creating your campaigns. But for an e-commerce site, it will be essential to monitor your conversion rate and transformation rate. You should also carefully monitor your bounce rate, your click rate and the number of impressions of your campaigns. You will be able to conclude several things by analysing this essential data. For example, a high impression rate with a low click rate indicates an ad that is not interesting to the target audience, so your campaign and/or ad should be reviewed. A specialised SEA agency can audit your Google Ads account in order to analyse and regulate your advertising campaigns that are not working.


Build customer loyalty

Retention is the key to sustaining your online business. To keep your current customers, you will need to deploy several marketing levers: promotional campaigns, online events, newsletters, etc. The most important thing is customer satisfaction, and this means offering impeccable customer service and after-sales service. Think about simplifying and making every moment that your customer spends on your e-commerce site pleasant.


Keep an eye on the competition in e-commerce

Everything evolves very quickly on the Internet and for SEA and Google Ads, it’s the same! That’s why it’s essential to stay on top of the competition in your field of activity and in web marketing. Look at the competition and other advertisers: have they changed some aspects of their strategy? Have other websites added new features? Also think about your customers: do they have new needs? Do they have new consumption patterns? Always be up to date so that your website remains as professional and modern as possible, i.e. that it is designed, pleasant to use, equipped with the latest practical tools and above all, that it is bug-free! Do you need to optimise your website, create or perfect your SEA strategy? Call on an agency specialising in Google Ads to create profitable campaigns for you!



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