While other search engines have their own ad network such as Bing Ads and there are also social media ads, Google Ads stands out for its many advantages. First and foremost is its popularity: 90% of all searches on a computer are done on Google. You will therefore understand that creating a Google Adwords campaign offers enormous potential for visibility and sales! In a digital strategy, paid search via Google Ads has become essential for any type of business, for all targets and to achieve all marketing objectives. To take advantage of all the power of this tool, a specialised SEA agency will be ideal to support you and manage your campaigns so that they are as optimised and profitable as possible.

Google Ads: the advantage of its features and customisation

Precise targeting

Segmentation by audience type

The power of Google Ads lies in the precision of its targeting. It is strongly recommended to segment your audiences in order to better organise yourself and obtain more relevant results. To correctly set up your advertising campaign and generate qualified traffic, several refinement options are available. Between demographic data (age, gender, geographical area…), interests; a significant life event (marriage, licence, diploma, birth…) you have all the elements to create precise audience segments. Don’t hesitate to call on an adwords agency to help you define your targets, because the more you work on them and the more concrete they are, the more likely you will be to reach your targets and obtain effective advertising campaigns.

Diversification of formats

Several types of campaigns are offered on Google Ads in order to find the one that corresponds to your web marketing needs. You can very well put forward sponsored links on the search network or display your products directly via Google shopping. These ads are mainly displayed on the Google search results pages and will help you get more traffic, sales and conversions. Need to increase awareness? Google display campaigns will help you achieve your goals! These illustrated or video ads can appear on several websites as well as on Youtube. Finally, you also have the possibility to encourage users to come directly to the shop thanks to local campaigns.

Managing your budget

With Google Ads, there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to the budget, you always choose what you are prepared to pay and how you want to be invoiced. Indeed, you should always define the maximum monthly budget that you wish to invest. It is also possible to define how your budget will be spent. For example, it can be spent on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, each time your ad is clicked, but also on a cost-per-impression basis as soon as your ad is seen by 1000 people or in relation to the number of conversions your ad achieves. Other bidding systems exist, none of which is more interesting than the other. The choice of auction depends entirely on your campaign, the competition and your objective. To choose the right system and not to invest more money than necessary in your ads, you should work with an adwords expert who will manage your campaigns and make you spend only what is necessary.

Choice of keywords

Unlike social media advertising, Google Ads allows you to run your campaigns on a list of keywords. This means that as soon as someone searches on Google for the keywords you have targeted, your text ads will appear on your prospect’s results page. This gives you a great deal of freedom to choose your keywords and adapt them to your digital marketing strategy. You can position your advertisements on specific search terms corresponding to your products. The Internet user is looking to meet an immediate need, and your ad is likely to meet it ! To obtain effective ads, it is essential to position yourself on the right keywords or risk not getting any results if no one is searching for queries containing your keywords. Conversely, if they are over-searched and your budget does not allow you to keep up, it is very likely that your Google Ads will never be shown, as they will be overtaken by the competition. Worse, if your ads appear on the wrong keywords, you will spend your budget with people who are not really interested in your product and will not buy. The advice of a web marketing agency on buying relevant keywords can greatly increase the performance of your campaigns !

Tracking and results analysis tool

Manage your advertising campaigns

Google Ads has the advantage of bringing together all of its functionalities in a single tool, offering numerous possibilities. The management of campaigns that have been broadcast, are on standby or are being created is thus greatly facilitated. It is in the same place that you can instantly obtain the results of your Ads campaigns and modify them accordingly. Thanks to this centralised management, you can see in real time your different KPIs such as the conversion rate, the transformation rate, the click-through rate (CTR), your impression rate, the budget spent and above all, your return on investment. A good analysis of your campaigns allows you to increase the relevance of your advertisements to obtain better results. So remember to always monitor your advertising campaigns regularly, and if necessary, get a Google Ads professional to help you get an accurate and relevant analysis.

Quick results

To launch a new activity, for an event or to get ahead of the competition, every company needs to obtain quick results. Internet advertising and especially Ads campaigns are undeniably one of the most powerful levers for achieving immediate results. Indeed, it is one of the only marketing tools that allows you to obtain results as soon as you launch a campaign! By having a high visibility, targeted on different advertising channels, you can in no time have traffic acquisition to your website and gain new customers. Broadcasting awareness campaigns will also be relevant to create awareness of your brand, product, service or event. Of course, the speed of results will depend on the performance of your campaigns. This is why they must be well configured from their creation. An agency with expertise in Google Ads will be able to carry out Ads campaigns with immediate results thanks to its expertise!

Google Ads: a business performance tool

Get online visibility

As Google is the first search engine used in the world and can broadcast its ads on Youtube, Gmail and many websites, setting up a campaign via Google Ads will allow you to gain immediate visibility. Today, being visible on the web has become essential to have a viable and sustainable business. As we have seen, Google Ads allows you to target precisely the audiences you want. But you can also choose to reach a large audience to broadcast your ads to a maximum number of people ! Be careful not to target too broadly, as your ad may not even appear with your prospects ! Because even if you get a lot of impressions on your ads, you won’t get anything out of them if they don’t interest those who saw them. It is therefore important to know how to reach the right people at the right time. To do this, a digital strategy professional can advise you on how to create or perfect your conversion tunnel.

Optimise your conversions

Whether you have an e-commerce site or not, several ways are available on Google Ads to increase your sales. First of all, it is possible to create shopping or search network campaigns. You can then analyse the performance of your campaigns by tracking conversions on Google Ads but also on Google Analytics. Finally, modify or adapt your campaigns if necessary. Have you thought about testing remarketing ? This strategy will reach people who have already been interested in your product before. An effective way to encourage purchases and increase your conversions quickly !

Increase your leads

To obtain contact details, quotes or newsletter subscriptions, creating Ads campaigns will allow you to significantly increase your incoming leads. Indeed, Google Ads offers several campaign objectives specifically designed for this purpose. However, it is recommended that you work on optimising your campaigns and landing page to obtain good results.

Google Ads is suitable for everyone

VSEs and SMEs

Whether you want to work internationally or only in your city, whether you have a very broad or very specific target, whether you are aiming for a huge turnover or just enough to live comfortably, using Google Ads for your business will always serve you well. The tool and the diversity of campaigns allow you to adapt the ads to your needs and objectives, whatever your strategy. That’s why the tool is so widespread and popular, it’s suitable for small businesses as well as larger ones, regardless of the sector and type of activity. So we’re sure that Google Ads will work for your business too !

B2B and B2C

Today, everyone uses the internet and especially Google to meet a need, whether you are an individual or a business. Paid search will therefore be very effective if you are targeting B2B, B2C and even both ! However, remember to differentiate your targets when creating your Ads campaigns, especially if your activity is aimed at both professionals and individuals. Indeed, if these two audiences do their research on the internet, they will not have the same needs and will not search for the same thing. It is therefore essential to work on your campaigns according to your target and not to mix the two.


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