Whether you’re looking to launch your first advertising campaign or you already have a Google Ads account in place, choosing a digital agency that specialises in paid search can bring you many benefits. Between the skills, the expertise, the support, the time dedicated to monitoring and optimising the ads and the results obtained, a paid search agency has all the elements to make a successful Ads campaign!

SEA agency: our expertise at your service

Developing your strategy

Digital strategy, the essential basis of any web marketing action! Whatever web marketing levers you decide to use to develop your business, your marketing strategy must be the basis of each of your communication actions to obtain good results. The same is true for online advertising. A digital agency will be able to concoct a relevant, thorough, unique and effective strategy for you. From the definition of your objectives to the implementation of your conversion tunnel, including the definition of your targets and your brand identity, all aspects of your company’s communication will be analysed to obtain a powerful strategy!


Creating successful campaigns

Once your strategy is well defined, a web agency will have all the elements to launch advertising campaigns that will reach all your objectives! Google’s advertising network offers many precise settings to adapt your ads to your strategy. Without knowledge or skills in Google Ads, you can quickly get lost in all this information and not select the relevant settings for your campaign. But by working with an agency that is an expert in Google Ads, you can be sure that each setting of your advertising campaigns will be carefully selected in a strategic manner to bring you optimal results. This will include choosing keywords for your text ads, defining your audience, choosing a relevant bidding system and working on your ad to ensure it achieves an excellent level of quality.


Generate leads

Need to run ads to get contacts, quotes or registrations on your website? Advertisements are a very effective way of collecting a large number of leads in a very short time. By using an Adwords agency, you are sure to get effective ads and results much faster. Thanks to its experience, it will be able to define the Google campaign that will perfectly match your needs. They will also be able to help you design your landing page, always with a view to encouraging your prospects to take action.


Get qualified traffic

Have you tried to launch an advertising campaign and it hasn’t brought you any visits? Worse, you have a high click-through rate, but it hasn’t made any difference to your sales? A bad setting or a problem of strategy definition is surely hiding underneath. The digital communication agency will be the ideal ally to generate qualified traffic to your landing page and bring you new customers! Acquiring traffic means first of all being visible and then generating clicks. Any agency that is an expert in SEA knows how to achieve these two steps through paid advertising. But above all, it can set up a targeting system that corresponds precisely to your potential customers. Thus, your sponsored ads will bring you a large number of clicks from Internet users who are really interested in your services or products.


Increase your conversions

Increasing your sales and your conversion rate is a very frequent objective in SEA when you have an e-commerce site. Did you know that several types of campaigns can meet this objective? Between the choice of the right type of campaign, the analysis of the tests between several types of advertisements, the definition of the most searched keywords in Google queries as well as the creation of an advertisement that will appeal to your target… The agency has all the tools in hand to carry out a paid link campaign that will meet all these aspects and develop your conversion rate. This is the assurance of increasing your sales as soon as your campaign is launched!


Accelerate your growth

The final objective is obviously to increase your return on investment and web agencies know this perfectly well. This is surely the main advantage of working with a Google Ads expert: not to lose money because of a bad campaign setting, but on the contrary, to save money by defining the best options proposed by Google! In order to make your Google Adwords campaign as profitable as possible, don’t hesitate to call on a professional agency. Thanks to its experience and expertise, it will be able to select the bidding system best suited to your budget and your strategy to compete with competing advertisers.


Google Adwords agency: the benefits of working together

Audit and monitoring

Having an expert eye on the statistics of your Adwords account is essential to have optimised advertisements and to obtain long term results. If you already have ongoing campaigns, an AdWords audit by an SEA agency will be necessary. Indeed, whether these campaigns seem relevant or not, a professional will quickly see which optimisations can be made to increase the relevance of each Google ad and bring profitable results. Beyond the monitoring of campaigns by a professional who will advise you for each group of ads, going through an agency to measure the performance of your campaigns is also a real time-saver. Indeed, it is essential to make a very regular follow-up of the results and data of your advertisements to define if they are still viable or if it is necessary to modify parameters as soon as possible.


Tailor-made service

Every campaign is unique. It must not only correspond to an objective, but above all meet a need to reach your customers and be adapted to your strategy and your sector of activity. If the Adwords expert you choose is also specialised in your field of activity, he will have from your first campaigns an idea of the statistics to aim for, the viable objectives to define as well as the strategy to set up according to a precise target. He will also be able to meet your needs while taking into account your monthly budget. Whether you want to create a campaign to raise awareness and gain immediate visibility or target a specific geographical area with local campaigns, everything is taken into account to broadcast your campaigns entirely made to measure.


Expertise and know-how

The world of paid advertising is constantly evolving and requires specialised knowledge in the field. Being accompanied by an agency specialising in paid referencing is a reassuring and safe choice. No need to waste time testing several options on Google Ads and managing your campaigns. Leave your ads in the hands of SEA experts with complete peace of mind! A tip to make sure you choose the right Google Ads agency, check that it has the Google Adwords certification like Doko agency. This means that this agency is a Google Partner, so it has been certified as an expert in SEA paid search. It is a sure value to be accompanied by SEA consultants, professionals in online paid advertising.


Help and support

In order to continuously reassure our clients and to support them in the best possible way, Doko makes it a point of honour to stay in touch with its clients. That is why we are a team entirely dedicated to your SEO campaign mission. This team will follow you regularly throughout your SEO project. Each Doko Adwords consultant is always ready to listen to you and to adapt the campaign management to your current needs. We also take it to heart to provide you with specific advice on your digital marketing strategy.


Methodology and tools

Yes, Google Ads and Google Analytics contain a lot of data to analyse. However, it is possible to go even further in the examination and optimisation of your ads! An ATS agency has a number of paid tools that are specially designed to obtain as much information as possible about the paid links. This means that you can improve your campaigns instantly! A professional agency will also carry out its work based on a safe and valid protocol. Such an organisation is a reassurance on which you can fully and serenely rely.


Reporting and accessibility

Do you get lost in the figures of your SEA campaigns? We understand you! A good SEA agency will be able to provide you with regular reports on the results of your campaigns in a simplified and personalised manner. The aim is to provide you with easy-to-read reports containing only the data you need to achieve your objectives. This saves you a lot of time and energy! Doko web agency supports you in every step of your SEA project. We do our utmost to provide you with accessible reports and, above all, to answer all your questions and meet all your SEA needs!


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