To save time, money and get a better turnover, going through an agency specialised in paid referencing has many advantages. But how can you be sure to choose the right agency to entrust your advertising campaigns to? While it may seem obvious to check the expertise and competence of the agencies selected, other elements are also fundamental to take into account in order to find the one that suits you: the organisation, specialisation and values of the agency. In order to better guide you in your decision, we will shed light on the functions and roles that are assumed by a web referencing agency.


What is a SEA agency?

An expert team in SEA and Google Ads

A Google Adwords agency will have all the elements to set up campaigns of an excellent level of quality and obtain first results from the beginning of your collaboration. Indeed, handling a Google Ads account requires many different skills. First of all, you need to have a keen interest in the world of digital marketing in order to keep up to date with the latest developments and to update the various marketing strategies. The design of the digital strategy is the basis of any Adwords campaign. Web marketing specialists are a real advantage to perfect your digital strategy and get better results on several communication campaigns. The team of a web agency will also be equipped with experts in traffic acquisition, ideal to be visible and generate clicks through your advertisements! These professionals are specialised in precisely targeting your audiences and reaching your prospects in order to obtain qualified traffic. Knowledge of search engine optimisation, particularly in the choice of keywords, is also essential to obtain effective text ads. In addition to all these digital skills, a project manager specialising in Google Ads will be dedicated to supporting you throughout your SEA mission.


Specialist consultants

There are several relevant professions within a SEA team. For example, you will find the traffic manager, a specialist in acquisition to generate traffic to your website. His role is to work on the targeting of a referencing campaign, to analyse the statistics and to optimise all the levers with the aim of increasing your number of visits. The SEA consultant, for his part, will have to deal with the daily management of the campaigns. This involves optimising each type of campaign, but also creating campaigns. From the parameterisation to the purchase of keywords, via the targets to be aimed at and the bidding system selected, the SEA consultant is the main technician for each of your various advertising campaigns. Finally, an account manager and a SEA project manager will be present to accompany you throughout your project. The first will be your main contact. His role? To satisfy you fully in the execution of your mission! He is the main intermediary between the client and the team, and will be responsible, among other things, for understanding your ambitions and providing you with regular reports. The project manager must ensure that the assignment runs smoothly. The project manager will monitor the dedicated ATS team closely and take care of the organisation so that everything runs smoothly to achieve your defined objectives.


What is the role of the SEA agency?

Audit and support

An agency that is an expert in paid referencing must accompany you in the development of your project. This starts with the definition of your objectives and your marketing strategy. At Doko we want to provide a tailor-made support with personalized advice for each project we follow. So whether you want to get immediate visibility, reach potential customers, increase awareness or simply increase your sales, you can benefit from advice specifically tailored to your strategy, your industry and most importantly your ambitions! The rest of the support will also be based on your strategy and your objectives with a personalised methodology and a tailor-made audit. An analysis report will be provided to you containing only the information and data necessary for your strategy. It is during the audit that the Adwords agency can analyse the performance of your campaigns. The objective is that at each report, you understand where the agency is on your project, which optimizations are recommended to obtain effective ads without getting lost in the countless statistics offered by Google Ads and Google Analytics.


Boost your performance

Whatever your reasons for wanting to create Google Ads campaigns, we know that the ultimate goal is to increase your return on investment. But how do you achieve this? What goals and KPIs should you set? Should you be looking to increase click-through rates or conversion rates? Is it better to launch a local campaign or a brand awareness campaign? How to get new customers through commercial links? A successful and profitable campaign requires a great deal of expertise… within your reach thanks to a specialist SEA agency! Take advantage of the know-how and skills of each Google Ads expert in the team dedicated to your project. All the digital knowledge is at your disposal to increase the relevance of all your Adwords ads. Starting from your objectives and your strategy, analysing your competitors and your sector of activity, improving your landing page and regularly analysing and optimising your campaigns, everything is done to ensure that the whole project adapts to your activity and improves your results.


What criteria should you use to choose your SEA provider?

A human-sized agency

When we talk about many skills, we are not necessarily talking about a large company! A human-sized team will be fully competent to manage your sponsored links with a masterful hand. The main advantage of a SEA agency with a small team? A real proximity to you, a team truly dedicated to your project and not to hundreds of others. Each Adwords consultant knows his client and his project. Each action taken by the team will therefore take into account their knowledge of the client. And a better knowledge of the client, his activity, his problems and his objectives will naturally offer an optimal management of the project and therefore good results quickly. It will also be much easier to contact a team of a few people as soon as necessary. For all these reasons, our agency Doko, expert in SEA, wishes to remain a human-sized webmarketing agency to ensure a lasting relationship with each of its customers.


Common values

This may seem secondary. However, you will quickly realise that, when being accompanied on a long-term project, it is better to choose a SEA agency with whom you share the same values and the same vision of things. Otherwise, the risk is that your objectives will not be understood, that you will not get the support you want and, worse, that you will not get the results you want! The only solution in this case is to change Google Ads agencies as quickly as possible. To avoid this extreme situation, remember to check the values communicated by the web agencies. At Doko Agency, customer satisfaction is paramount and for that, we put listening at the heart of our business. We are always available and adapt our services to each of our clients. Transparency is also a fundamental value in our SEO agency, in order to establish a real relationship of trust. But it is also passion that is reflected in the work of each of our teams! All of our employees are passionate about the world of SEO and digital, always ready to share their knowledge and skills!


Results and proof

Managing a campaign is not something that every web marketing agency can do. To find out if an agency will be competent for your SEO project, it is a good idea to point you towards an agency specialising in SEA and Google Ads. Also check their client references on their website. If there are many clients, there is a good chance that the agency has acquired real expertise and a solid reputation. Even more telling, you can find customer reviews to learn more about the agency’s methods and results. Finally, if you want to know more, you can also contact the agency directly to ask for examples of past results.


Google certification

The best way to find out whether or not an SEA agency will be competent in paid search is to check if they have earned the Google Partner badge. This badge indicates that the agency is a Google Partner and has Google Adwords certification. A Google Partner agency like Doko means that the search engine Google itself validates the agency’s specialisation in SEA! This is the safest way to be sure that an agency really has all the expertise needed to launch optimised and profitable ad campaigns.



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