1. Managing advertising campaigns on the web requires many skills in Adwords. But when well optimised, ad campaigns are very profitable and considerably increase your return on investment! To make sure you choose an SEA agency with the knowledge required to manage your campaigns perfectly, you can refer to its “Google partner” certification. This indicates that the agency has obtained Google Adwords certification and is therefore an expert in SEA paid search, like Doko. But what exactly is this certification for? How is it obtained? We give you all the information about THE reference for SEA agencies and why it is so important to use a certified agency!

    What is Google Ads certification?

    Professional accreditations

    Between the different types of campaigns, the bidding systems offered and the many existing settings, Google Ads has divided its certification into several accreditations. It is therefore possible to have a validation on only one part of the Google Ads tools but not on the rest. Don’t panic! A Google Partner certified digital agency has necessarily validated all the accreditations. You can therefore be sure that such an agency has all the necessary skills to manage your Ads accounts, whatever their objectives and their project. Each accreditation attests to the expertise of an adwords consultant, and of an agency in a more global way, on a specific Google Ads theme. Acquiring all of these accreditations is therefore a real guarantee of quality concerning the agency’s know-how for any type of Adwords campaign.


    The 6 Google Ads certifications

    To get a Google Partner certification, it is necessary to obtain the 6 certifications that represent the entire Google Ads interface: 

    Certification for advertising on the Search Network

    Certification for advertising on the Display Network

    Certification for video advertising

    Certification for Google Shopping ads

    Certification for applications

    Certification on Google Ads metrics


    This broad overview allows you to acquire all the best practices in online advertising and to obtain all the specialisations necessary to become a true Google expert. Certified web agencies know how to create text ads with the right keywords. They also have all the knowledge to set up mobile advertising or to optimise good videos on Youtube. The Google Display network with its banner ads has no secrets for them, not even the remarketing and retargeting strategy! All these SEA levers are analysed and optimised to achieve your objectives. This involves, among other things, the definition of a precise targeting to reach your prospects and generate qualified traffic to your website, but also the definition of the right bidding system, the right wording of the advertisements and, above all, a precise analysis of the campaigns’ performance.


    How do I get Google certification?

    Follow the training and pass the assessments

    Before taking the exam for the Adwords certification, you must first revise by going through the training stage! The Google certification programme includes many hours of training to understand how Google Ads works. During this training, several trainers share their expertise and transmit the best practices to follow for any type of SEA objective. Need to increase your conversion rate? Create a brand awareness campaign? Increase downloads of an application through mobile advertising? From setting up a quality advertising campaign, to mastering the different extensions, to dynamic ads and even web strategy, all subjects are covered in depth in the training course to create tailor-made, high-performance ad campaigns.


    After attending the Google Adwords training, it’s time to get certified! To become a Google partner, you must obtain the 6 Google Ads certifications. It is during these exams that all consultants will have to prove their expertise and mastery of the different adwords ads and campaign management.


    Obtaining the Google Partner badge

    After creating an administrator account and obtaining a minimum score of 80% in the assessments, the web agency obtains the Google certification. A real trophy to display on websites! Because it is this famous badge that certifies that the agency is an approved Google Ads specialist by the search engine Google itself! An essential means of reassuring potential clients about their skills and know-how. Please note that while the badge is associated with an agency, the certification only applies to the person or persons in the team who have passed the certification exam. In fact, a personalised certificate is issued for each professional who has become an expert in the Google advertising network. This subtlety means that you cannot rely on the agency alone, but rather on each of your contacts and the entire team of SEA consultants who will take care of your project. Indeed, at Doko, our SEA experts as well as your dedicated project manager are all certified by Google on their specializations in paid search. So you can rely on their know-how and get the expected results.


    Google partner first

    If consultants can obtain personalised certificates, an agency can become a Google partner, also known as a Premier Partner agency. In addition to passing the certification, there are also several requirements to achieve this status: 

    Have a minimum optimisation rate of 70% on the administrator account registered on the Google Partner account

    To have a minimum amount of advertising budget on all managed accounts

    That the consultants registered on the administrator account have obtained the Google Ads certification. These employees, also known as account strategists, are directly defined by the agency and work daily on the clients’ Google accounts.


    These conditions allow Google to validate different aspects of the Google Adwords agency, in particular its performance, its expertise and its adaptability to all types of campaigns and budgets. Google Partner Agencies strengthen their collaboration with Google and prove in this way their investments to set up efficient ad campaigns that meet the needs and objectives of their clients while adapting to the improvements of the tool.


    Why choose a Google partner agency?

    Proof of the SEA agency’s expertise

    To entrust your SEO campaign and your Adwords account to professionals, it is essential to target agencies with Google partner status. Indeed, many digital agencies can boast of mastering the basics of Google Ads. But few agencies have the precise mastery and advanced knowledge of Google Ads to take control of the tool. This label officially certifies that these structures are composed of certified specialists in online advertising. As with the Google Adwords certified Doko agency, these agencies have all the skills required to create a powerful SEA strategy and to design effective Ads campaigns that will bring you new customers. These specialists have the ability to create fully customised campaigns that will meet and adapt to your digital strategy, objectives, targets, industry, competition and budget. A team that has full control over your Google Ads account will not only optimise it, but will also be able to design personalised and simplified reports. Who better than passionate specialists like the Doko team to easily explain how each of your campaigns works and to understand where you are in your SEA project?


    A long lasting Google certification

    Once the certification is delivered, it is not valid for life. Indeed, to be a real adwords expert, it is essential to be up to date in your knowledge. This is why Google only issues a certificate that is valid for one year. SEA consultants must therefore retake the certification exams each year to prove their expertise and improve their skills with new training, if the Google Ads tool has evolved since the previous year. This one-year validity proves the webmarketing agency’s commitment to its link with Google and its certifications. It must therefore be regular in its examinations and always up to date in its expertise to offer the best know-how to its clients. Thus, any agency that has the Google Partner label has been certified less than a year ago. Its knowledge in the field of SEA is then fully reliable, relevant and above all, efficient! Doko has been a Google Partner for many years. This not only proves the investment of our agency in the Google Ads tool and especially in the realisation of its customer projects, it also demonstrates another side of our team: the true passion that drives each of our SEA specialists and the desire to always satisfy each of their customers to the maximum!


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