Why do Facebook Advertising?

With several billion active users, Facebook and its famous news feed have become, in just a few years, the leading social network in the world. It is now a very important web marketing acquisition lever for companies wishing to boost their activity and generate growth. Essential to reach a targeted audience with the right message, Facebook advertising, or Facebook Ads, has logically become a priority online channel, just like Google Ads. Doko, an online advertising agency based in France, will help you develop and deploy an effective Facebook Ads strategy, which will allow you to generate even more qualified traffic to your website and to increase your company’s reputation with each of your new customers and prospects.

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Doing Facebook Ads with an agency allows you to achieve a number of objectives

Awareness, consideration, conversion: Facebook advertising tools adapt to your digital marketing objectives (traffic, engagement…). Thus, thanks to the Facebook ad manager, any company that launches into Facebook Ads can easily define a number of coherent objectives for its various campaigns on the social network according to the targeting criteria chosen.


These objectives include

  • Generating qualified traffic to your website
  • Generating online sales
  • Generating downloads for mobile applications
  • Generation of views for your videos
  • Generating point of sale visits (local advertising)
  • Collection of qualified leads for your business
  • Creating a community by recruiting fans
  • Increasing the reach of your publications (Facebook page)
  • Increasing awareness of your company, brand or product/service
  • Marketing messages on Instagram (images and videos)

Implementation of a Facebook Ads campaign with the Doko agency

Based in France, the digital agency Doko takes care of your Facebook advertising campaigns from A to Z for a tailor-made online marketing support. The project manager dedicated to your project will take care of the following points

Definition of the most effective advertising strategy

Definition of several targeting criteria (by interest, demographics, or behaviour of users on your site…) via Audience Insight and/or the FB pixel

Design of your marketing messages in the image of your company

Setup of your campaigns (via the Ads Manager tool)

Monitoring and optimisation of campaigns, real-time advertising packages

Help with the installation of the Facebook pixel (to track Facebook Ads conversions and create retargeting audiences).

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In addition, every month, the agency provides you with precise reporting on the performance of your Facebook advertising campaigns, so that you can always keep a close eye on your ROI (return on investment).

Social advertising: numerous references for Doko, Facebook Ads Agency

Are you still hesitating to advertise on Facebook? Do like these companies and boost your awareness, your traffic and your sales with relevant and successful Social Media campaigns. They have trusted Doko Social Ads agency, so why not you? Feel free to get in touch with us for more information !

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Your Facebook advertising agency in France

Are you the manager of a small or medium-sized e-commerce business and would like to quickly develop your company’s reputation on the Internet and social networks? You regularly see advertising on Facebook and you think “Why not me?

Calling on a social ads project manager from Doko french agency is the guarantee to establish relevant campaigns, in accordance with your marketing objectives!

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Facebook Ads and Instagram Advertising:
Tailor-made Social Ads

After analyzing your marketing needs, the online advertising experts of Doko in France offer you a complete and tailor-made support. They will help you to define the advertising strategy best suited to your business; the one that will allow you to develop your visibility and boost your activity by quickly reaching the break-even point. To do this, it is necessary to determine together precise objectives: to gain notoriety and attract fans to your Facebook page, to attract traffic to your website, to generate qualified leads, to increase your conversions and online sales, to attract visitors to your points of sale…

Once the strategy has been defined, in agreement with the client, the Facebook Ads consultants at your french Webmarketing agency guarantee the proper development of your campaigns and the creation of relevant audiences, based on the many targeting possibilities offered by the tool. Regular monitoring in real time: a clear and detailed report is delivered each month to enable you to monitor results more easily, according to the various KPIs (key performance indicators) identified beforehand.

Which format to choose for your Facebook Ads?


On Facebook, as on Instagram, several advertising formats are possible. Most of them are native ads and are integrated directly into the news feed of the Facebook community, just like regular posts.
When it comes to choosing which format(s) to use for your ad campaigns, your budget and your needs will be the main determining factors. Note that it is possible to use several different formats in the same campaign, in order to reach your goal more easily. Among the main formats, we find :

Image advertising

The most common format on the social network, the Image ad (or photo format) is often the least expensive and the simplest and fastest to implement. Used on both Facebook and Instagram, it attracts a large number of visitors to your site or application thanks to a unique visual. The visual is usually accompanied by a short and punchy text to present your business and your products and services and encourage the user to click on your link or to like your Facebook page.

However, as photo advertising only allows for one visual to be added, it is essential to choose a clear and inspiring image, preferably in high definition. To attract more attention, a headline can be added directly on the image, as long as it does not cover more than 15% of the photo.

Video advertising

To extend the reach of your broadcast, to animate the conversation with your audience, to generate views and conversions, the video format is the ideal solution. It can be broadcast on the Facebook news feed as well as on Instagram or Messenger to target the widest possible audience. This dynamic format is perfect for presenting your brand, products and services, or highlighting customer testimonials. The idea is to favour short formats (videos of less than 15 seconds) which are more likely to make an impression and to be seen in their entirety, especially on mobile. 

However, here too you need to focus on the quality of your advertising medium. Setting up Facebook Ads in video format is therefore often more expensive and time-consuming, since you have to include the creation of the video in your budget.

The advertising carousel

Facebook ads in Carousel format allow up to 10 images and/or videos to be scrolled in a single ad. Each image can then have a title, a CTA (e.g.: like button, contact button…), and even a link, or a landing page, personalized. The carousel is therefore the best solution if you need to promote several products (or services) simultaneously. Since you present a wider selection of items, you considerably increase your chances of attracting visitors and your click-through rate (CTR) is positively affected. The same applies to your conversion rate.

Carousel Facebook Ads can also be used to present, through different visuals, all the aspects and advantages of the same product. In terms of results, CPCs (cost per click) and CPAs (cost per action) are often lower than with other Facebook ad formats.

The collection format

The collection format is a more immersive format that immerses the user in your brand and provides a unique experience, especially when they interact with your ad.

Designed specifically for the e-commerce industry (especially the retail, tourism and hospitality sectors), this ad format is composed of a main high definition image (or video), below which are 4 smaller images. These smaller images are used to showcase different items or services.

Facebook ads in the collection format are based directly on your catalogue and can thus allow the user to discover your products and services or even to buy them without leaving Facebook or Instagram.

What advertising budget for your Facebook and Instagram campaigns in Agency?


You don’t need to be a multinational to advertise on the Facebook platform. The platform is accessible to all, with a minimum budget of €1/day. It is therefore perfectly suited to the often restricted budgets of small and medium-sized businesses, which are looking to promote themselves locally to boost their online sales and attract visits to their physical outlets.

However, it is difficult to give you an exact price for Facebook Ads without first considering your advertising needs (awareness, consideration, conversion). Your Facebook Ads budget will depend on several factors: your company’s theme, the objective of your campaign (awareness, conversion, views…), your current presence on Facebook, the ad formats you choose, the type of people (or audiences) you will target: those who are interested in your theme, customers who have already visited your website or made a previous purchase (retargeting), Internet users with profiles similar to those of your current customers (also called “lookalike audience”), etc.

Doko, your Facebook agency in France, is here to advise you and help you, according to clearly defined objectives, to estimate the best media budget for your social network advertising campaigns.


To choose among the different agencies (in France) to accompany you in a performance marketing strategy, with an efficient targeting, a tailor-made acquisition campaign management, call Doko. As an expert in web and digital marketing in France, the agency can help you find the right target for your business on the Internet. The Facebook platform offers access to more than 40 million active users, enough to activate powerful advertising campaigns.

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Are Facebook Ads and Instagram ads profitable?


If set up correctly via the Facebook Ad Manager, Facebook Ads and Instagram ads can quickly become profitable. At an average of $1.72 across all industries, the average CPC (cost per click) on Facebook is indeed low compared to other online marketing platforms, such as Google Ads. Similarly, the cost per conversion (or CPA) is also generally lower than on AdWords.

So to make sure you break even quickly and get the best possible return on your advertising investment (ROAS), you need to put in place relevant and effective messages. Putting forward well-crafted visuals that are sufficiently evocative in relation to the offers proposed, playing with your fans’ emotions, and offering them the right communication at the right time are all elements that you must pay particular attention to in order to guarantee the success of your advertising campaigns on Facebook or Instagram.

How to calculate the return on investment of Facebook advertising?

The ratio between the amount earned and the amount spent, the ROI (return on investment) allows you to evaluate the success of your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns: in short, do these ads allow you to generate profit and reach, or perhaps even exceed, the objectives set?

To put it simply, the return on investment of Facebook and Instagram advertising is calculated using the following formula:

ROI (in %) = (Gain generated – cost of advertising investment) / cost of advertising investment.

If the percentage obtained is 0, then you are just breaking even (with a gain equal to the investment made). When the ROI is greater than 0% then your earnings exceed your investment and you are making money from your Social Ads

Although ROI can be a good performance indicator for your advertising campaigns, especially when they are long-term, it is sometimes necessary to analyse this figure carefully over several months before making radical decisions about your campaigns. Calling on experts in Facebook advertising marketing, such as the France-based agency Doko, is a guarantee that you will get the right Facebook advice in real time regarding the actions to be taken.

Is Facebook Ads compatible with Google Ads and other advertising networks?

Facebook Ads is fully compatible with other forms of online advertising, such as Google Ads on the search network, banners on the display network, Native Ads (e.g. Taboola), and other social media tools such as LinkedIn Ads. Being already present on Google Ads does not prevent you from creating your first Facebook ad.

However, before launching yourself into paid search (SEA) or Facebook Ads, you must be careful to define the objectives of your digital project in advance, and to deploy a relevant advertising strategy that is adapted to each of the channels chosen.

Facebook Ads Manager : the essentials

Knowing how to use the Facebook Ads Manager is one of the keys to the success of your campaigns on Facebook. You can use the Facebook Ads Manager on your computer or your phone via the application available on IOS and Android.

The Facebook Ads manager has different advantages for facebook ads agencies. It makes it easier to manage the different campaigns, and therefore save time. It allows you to put campaigns online more quickly, but above all to measure their results.

If you use an expert agency like Doko, you can ask for access to your company’s facebook ads manager in order to have visibility on the actions taken. However, when you use an agency, you will get a performance report summarizing the KPIs of your campaigns. This saves you time and effort in learning how to use the facebook ads manager.

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