Facebook is currently the world’s leading social network and one of the most popular in France. With its Facebook Ads advertising network, it offers companies powerful tools for advertising on the various social networks. 


This paid advertising will allow you to reach a large audience, develop your brand image and awareness, and sell to new prospects. So here’s why you should start using Facebook Ads for your online ads:

Why do paid advertising on social networks (Social Ads)? 


With the advent of social media, consumer habits have changed. Internet users spend more time on these platforms, where they consume both information and various branded content. Paid advertising is therefore a good way to effectively target these users on a social media channel they like.


Advertising on the right platform 


Each social network has its own ad network to create personalised ad campaigns: Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Snapchat Ads and of course Facebook Ads. With these, you can run paid ads on each medium. Depending on your brand, products and services, you will want to use a particular platform, where your target audience is entertained and informed. This will maximise your performance and potential return on investment.


Facebook’s strength is its large user base, one of the largest in the world. Despite some slight changes in trends, Facebook remains one of the social media with the largest representation of demographic groups. It therefore remains one of the best for launching advertising campaigns.

Social media advertising is engaging 


Social media advertising is immersive and engaging. Indeed, these ads are directly integrated into an entertainment platform, and usually in a “natural” way as it appears in the users’ news feed. 


Depending on the platform, you will also have access to very attractive advertising formats. These different advertising formats allow you to give a boost to your visibility and your reputation. You can use video, audiovisual and textual content to develop your brand storytelling and spread your messages. Thanks to Social Ads, it is possible to generate qualified traffic or to create a real community beyond your usual publications on your Facebook page.


Social Ads: the “pay per click” (PPC) system 


Pay per click or PPC is a system of advertising on the Internet. It simply means that the advertiser pays for each click on its advertisements, placed in particular on social networks, for Social Ads. Depending on the platform, several variables can be chosen: cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), cost per acquisition (CPA). 


Why choose Facebook Ads to advertise on social networks? 


As you can see, advertising on social networks is now almost indispensable for companies and advertisers to grow. In any case, it represents great opportunities to sell, get known or attract qualified traffic to your website. For your advertising campaigns, we recommend Facebook Ads:


Benefit from a large audience with Facebook 


As mentioned above, Facebook has a large user base of all ages and backgrounds. For your content, posts and pages, your organic reach is potentially unlimited. By using Facebook Ads, you can reach a large target audience. In addition, the profiles of users are varied, you will be able to segment your audiences with several criteria for targeting.


Because the platform’s advertising tools are well optimised, you can create ads for different audiences. Facebook Ads even offers a “similar audiences” feature to find targets with similar behavioural and demographic characteristics to a successful audience you have already identified. This is a great opportunity to test new advertising messages and develop your brand, awareness and visibility with new potential customers.


Increase your return on investment with Facebook Ads 


Facebook Ads offers you many tools and possibilities to improve your return on investment (ROI) for each of your Facebook ad campaigns. You will be able to manage your budget on a daily basis. You can set your spend for each day and for each ad group. You can also set an investment limit, to avoid unnecessary or excessive spending. 


Thanks to your access to the performance of the current advertising campaigns, you can monitor and follow your budget more efficiently. At the end of the Facebook ad campaign, you will be able to draw lessons for your next ads. 


Another useful tool provided by Facebook Ads is A/B testing. With this feature, you can conduct extensive tests on your campaigns since you can compare two strategies. All you have to do is choose a variable: content, ad placement, audience, ad format, etc. 


The Facebook ad will then be offered to two A/B groups and you can compare the results. This option allows you to fine-tune your ad campaigns over time to get better results.


Facebook Ads: Impactful ad formats 


Another strength of Facebook Ads is the number of ad formats it offers advertisers. On Facebook, you can offer creative ads: videos, sponsored posts, carousels, texts, images, etc. 


Thanks to its many possibilities, you will be able to spread your messages effectively and develop your storytelling. Innovative formats will allow you to sell and convert easily for your e-commerce shop, or to seduce the growing number of mobile users.


To develop successful advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads, call on a webmarketing agency like Doko. Our specialised teams will work with you from A to Z: to define your advertising objectives and KPIs, then to launch your ad campaigns and optimise them as your ads are displayed. We help you get the most out of the platform’s tools and advertising types.