With the advent of social networking, our habits and consumption patterns have changed dramatically. Businesses need to get used to these frequent changes in order to continue to sell online effectively. That’s why it can be a good idea to run paid advertising on the media used by your targets. Facebook Ads is the advertising network of the famous social network. In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about it:

From Social Ads to Facebook Ads: paid advertising on social networks


What is Social Ads?


Social Ads is advertising on social networks, or even the distribution of paid advertising on social media platforms and interfaces. The most important social networks for paid advertising today are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tik Tok. 


Every day, hundreds of thousands of internet users visit these platforms to exchange, entertain or inform themselves on various subjects. They also search for branded content, whether it is news or events, but also to find inspiration or to prepare a future purchase. 


Social media is at the heart of everyone’s habits and it takes up a significant part of active users’ daily time. Social Ads are a good way to generate conversions, reach a large audience and make yourself known.


Each social media allows you to meet different marketing objectives with different levers. They allow you to target specific audiences because not all your targets use the same social networks. Our agency Doko knows the strengths and weaknesses of each of them, especially the best known: Facebook.




Facebook Ads: the Facebook advertising network 


As mentioned before, Facebook Ads is the most popular social media advertising network. It is now one of the main platforms for advertising on social networks and reaching a specific audience. You will be able to advertise in multiple formats and above all in a responsive manner: sponsored links, texts, videos, images, photos, slideshows, carousels or scrolling through several photographs, etc. 


The possibilities are numerous with Facebook ads. They offer you a lot of opportunities to segment and then target your audiences precisely and creatively. Thanks to the Facebook Ads pixel installed on your site, you can also remarket and increase your results tenfold. For all these reasons, our web marketing agency recommends using Facebook Ads to develop your business and your brand on the web, to promote your products and services, to make yourself known. 



What is a Facebook Ads campaign? 


Facebook Ads campaign: definition 


The term “Facebook Ads campaign” simply means an advertising campaign on this platform. A campaign theoretically allows you to create a set of advertising actions to promote your products, services or company. A Facebook Ads campaign thus refers to your advertising actions undertaken on the social network for different purposes. The particularity of the Facebook platform is that it offers you different audiences and many parameters to optimise your advertising campaign on the social media.


This is why our webmarketing agency has specialised in paid advertising on Facebook Ads. The platform offers many possibilities to create effective ads and distribute them to the right targets. 


When creating your Facebook Ads campaign, it is also possible to choose and set different criteria to respect your budget and thus get the best return on investment: cost per click (CPC), cost per result, cost per action (CPA), average click rate (CTR), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), etc. 


Our digital marketing agency can help you define the right performance indicators to achieve your Facebook marketing objectives with the best possible ROI and conversion rate. 


Audience targeting on Facebook Ads 


One of the strengths of Facebook Ads is that the platform offers you a large and promising audience. You can indeed make a very advanced segmentation, by type of Facebook profile, by similar audience or thanks to the import of a database. 


The Facebook Ads advertising platform offers two types of audience: classic and personalised. With the former, you can choose demographic targeting, by interests, by interactions and connections or by retargeting. 


The latter is a very interesting and powerful option in web marketing. With retargeting, you can show your paid ads only to individuals or prospects who have already shown an interest in your brand, your website or your other advertising offers.


Customised audiences are another way to get more results from your sponsored links or Facebook ads. You can choose to target by inclusion or exclusion, or by similar audiences. This last option is very effective when you already have a strong audience on the platform. You can then use it to test new adverts on another target.


Objectives of Facebook Ads campaigns 


With Facebook Ads campaigns, you can set very specific and relevant goals for different cases. This way you can really optimise your objectives according to your overall marketing strategy beforehand. In particular, Facebook Ads campaigns will allow you to meet your awareness and visibility goals. With good awareness campaigns, you can considerably develop your Facebook page and its community.


But of course, you can also optimise your campaigns for conversion objectives: online or in-store purchases thanks to local marketing, on your website or your e-commerce. It is also possible to meet consideration objectives: impressions, reach, qualified traffic to your website, etc.


To succeed with your Facebook advertising campaigns, call on an expert digital agency. Our teams will help you define your objectives and create optimised campaigns or ads. We can also help you build an effective target audience and then expand and optimise it according to your needs.