Social networks have become essential for any company. Beyond the necessary presence on them, to control its brand image, they represent above all real levers for growth and performance. With its large user base, of all demographics and profiles, Facebook offers many opportunities for companies to make themselves known, to develop their storytelling, to federate a community, and especially to convert into sales. Advertising on Facebook can be an excellent idea to achieve one or more of these goals. A specialised webmarketing agency will be able to assist you in these strategic operations:

Facebook Ads Agency: a tailor-made advertising service 

Develop your social media strategy with confidence 

A digital marketing agency usually helps you to develop a strategy that is adapted to your business, your needs and your particularities. The same applies to a Facebook advertising strategy. A specialised Facebook advertising agency will provide you with support and advice tailored to your business. They will also help you to set SMART goals according to your expectations. You will then have a clear roadmap in your hands and you will know where you are going. With the services of an advertising agency, you will have a better vision of the goals and results you can achieve with your Facebook ad campaigns.

Define your Facebook Ads budget 

In addition, an agency specialised in Facebook Ads will offer you adequate advice on how much to spend and what budget to set to achieve your goals. Thanks to their experience and expertise, they will be able to tell you how much you should spend on Facebook advertising and for each of your advertising campaigns.  In addition to the budget, you will also receive indications and recommendations on the expenses per day, and for each variable set (click rate, cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, etc). It will also be able to inform you about the ROAS to be expected from your ads and advertisements, depending on the objective of the campaign, your budget and the target audience.

Reaching and performing on Facebook 

A digital agency will be able to help you achieve solid performance on the platform. It will suggest the right marketing levers to use in relation to your advertising objectives.  In particular, you can receive personalised and professional advice on how to create ads that are relevant to the platform and your targets. She can show you how to build a specific audience, how to use the segmentation and targeting tools of Facebook Ads at best. It is a privileged interlocutor who accompanies you step by step in your Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook advertising agency: our expertise for your business 

Our marketing agency offers you its expertise and services to succeed on Facebook Ads, launch effective advertising campaigns and analyse their results with the right performance indicators. We offer two dedicated services to support you:


Facebook Account Audit 

An audit of this type simply consists of an inventory of your various advertising accounts or Facebook pages on social networks, and in particular on Facebook, the social media that may interest you the most. With this audit, our agency will see if your account is well completed and above all set up to achieve your objectives. Our expert teams will also make a complete analysis of your results and performance. We will then be able to provide you with personalised advice adapted to your needs for your future Facebook advertising campaigns. A full audit is essential to start advertising on Facebook Ads with a good foundation. It will save you time, resources and energy. We can work with you from the beginning of your adventure on the platform, or after a few ad campaigns, to show you how to improve your overall performance.

Monitoring your performance on Facebook 

Our agency also offers dedicated support for tracking the performance of your ads and campaigns on Facebook. Thanks to our services, you will know which are the best KPIs to follow for each of them. As a reminder, KPIs stand for key performance indicators. It is essential to define them well and above all to follow them in order to conduct relevant analyses of your campaigns.  This is why, in addition to helping you define these performance indicators, we also help you analyse the results of your Facebook advertising campaign and interpret them. This will give us all the keys to adjust the advertising strategy in place, if necessary. With our help, you will know how to adjust your marketing campaigns to achieve better performance and a better return on investment.  To create a relevant advertising campaign for your targets and achieve solid results on Facebook Ads, call on an agency specialised in social media advertising like ours. We offer tailor-made services to make conversions, generate qualified traffic to your website or awareness on your networks.