With its millions of users, with a wide range of profiles, Facebook is one of the best social media for advertising. Facebook Ads, its advertising network, also offers many advantages and tools to advertisers to succeed in their marketing strategy. 

To get the most out of it and make your advertising campaigns successful, hiring the services of a specialised Social Media agency can be an excellent idea. But how do you choose one?


What is an agency specialised in Facebook advertising? 

An agency specialised in Facebook marketing: 


An agency specialising in this field is an expert in paid advertising on social networks, specifically on Facebook. This means that it has in-house skills, experience and know-how in Facebook Ads. She knows the specificities of the platform’s advertising campaigns: advertising objectives, ad formats and ads, budget management, KPIs, etc. It will therefore be able to advise you on your campaigns and your digital communication strategy.


Such an agency also has a solid vision of the trends on the Facebook social network: graphics, visuals, trends, etc. It can then advise you on the development of your ads and announcements: which visuals to choose? Which formats to convert? Which locations to choose? etc. You can ask her for personalised advice, adapted to your brand image, to your particularities and above all to your targets. 

A Facebook management agency: 


Your webmarketing agency has, as we mentioned earlier, a solid knowledge of the Facebook ad manager. Thanks to this expertise, its teams are able to carry out analyses, such as an audit of your account and, subsequently, in-depth reporting on the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns. They will also help you set up and complete your Facebook accounts and page on the social media.


Ideally, you will need comprehensive social media strategy consulting services tailored to your marketing objectives. These services can include assistance with the deployment of the digital strategy, including the launch and development of Facebook advertising campaigns. But above all, its teams must be able to provide you with personalised follow-up and support. These services are necessary to manage your campaigns from A to Z and to get the best return on investment. 


At the end of the campaigns, your digital marketing agency’s analyses will allow you to optimise the next ones to improve your performance and your overall results even more: conversions, generation of qualified traffic to your website, increase your notoriety, e-reputation, visibility, interactions, etc.


Facebook certification: a sign of confidence when choosing your Social Ads agency


To ensure the skills of each individual, Facebook offers training courses, sanctioned by exams, to obtain dedicated certifications. These certifications demonstrate an advanced level of competence in various aspects of digital marketing, community management and advertising with the tools of the Facebook and Instagram platforms.


What is Facebook Blueprint Certification? 


Facebook Blueprint Certifications are, as mentioned above, a range of official certifications from Facebook. They are awarded for skills in Facebook advertising and advertising products. There are many different types of Blueprint certifications associated with different roles. But overall they provide key skills and knowledge of the advertising tools provided by Facebook Ads.


The exams for each certification are quite difficult and therefore require some prior study to obtain. They also come at a price, which varies depending on the web marketing course. In any case, these social network training courses ensure continuous training and a common base for professionals working in the field of digital marketing and advertising on Facebook.


Why use a Facebook certified agency? 



Using a Facebook-certified web agency gives you extra assurance. Facebook certifications attest to the knowledge and business skills of the agency’s marketing and communication consultants


They are therefore an additional guarantee of trust for you. You can be sure that this digital agency provides continuous training and monitoring. You will also have a guarantee that the agency’s teams will offer you up-to-date solutions and advice for your marketing on social networks. These certified professionals will be aware of the evolutions of the platform, new features, changes in the algorithm or new optimizations on Facebook ad campaigns.


All these elements will help you to get better results with your Facebook Ads and advertising campaigns.