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Discover our web marketing guides to learn more about the jobs and missions of a web agency like Doko, in France. Find all the expertise of our consultants and SEO/SEA project managers through these different guides on SEO and internet advertising.

Online advertising

The Internet has conquered the world over the last 30 years thanks to its immediacy and connectivity. It has completely changed our buying habits and it has become essential to use internet advertising as a lever for sales, brand awareness and visibility.


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a strategy for acquiring traffic and conversions, which can occur on a one-off or permanent basis. SEA brings together the various levers of paid advertising on the Internet. It works essentially through a system of bids and keyword purchases. Each platform has its own advertising network and offers visibility, notoriety and presence on the Internet.

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s advertising network and represents the most powerful lever of paid advertising on the Internet. This tool will allow you to perfectly target your audiences in order to deploy your Ads campaigns with the ideal ad format to convert.

The Google Ads Guide by Doko Agency


Social Ads

Social media Ads are paid advertising on social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin or Pinterest. This acquisition strategy is a real asset at a time when social networks are an integral part of our consumption and purchasing habits.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the advertising network of Facebook, the first and most used social network in the world. Social Media Ads is a very powerful traffic and conversion lever, allowing you to target your audience on its preferred social network. With Facebook Ads, you can reach its users to sell your product or service.

The Facebook Ads Guide by Doko Agency



Search Engine Optimisation, also known as natural or organic referencing, is a long-term strategy that aims to make your site appear in the first search results, in order to acquire traffic and conversions. SEO is developed through levers such as netlinking or writing content relevant to Google. SEO is a powerful tool that complements a SEA strategy


Netlinking is a powerful SEO strategy that consists of exchanging links from your website with other “popular” websites. This link building will allow you to increase the awareness of your own website, with the aim of improving your website’s placement in Google search results.

Content writing

For a successful and comprehensive SEO strategy, it is essential to write quality content according to specific SEO criteria. The goal will be to offer relevant editorial content to your audience, but also to Google, in order to make your pages optimised, which allows you to get a better place in the search results.