Facebook’s advertising network is aimed at companies of all sizes: micro-businesses, small and medium-sized businesses, large companies, but also local authorities and associations. Facebook Ads adapts to all and offers a variety of tools that can serve the objectives of each. Discover how Facebook Ads can help you reach your advertising goals:

When to use Facebook Ads? 

Build awareness with Facebook Ads 

Thanks to Facebook Ads advertising campaigns, you can first of all develop your visibility on this popular and widely used social network. You will also be able to increase the reach of this visibility, to reach not only your current fans via sponsored posts, but also new audiences via advertisements

Facebook Ads will allow you to increase your brand awareness, spread your messages and make them visible to a wide target audience. Advertising networks are effective tools for improving your brand image. Facebook has many advertising formats to develop a powerful storytelling around your products and services.

Getting conversions with Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads is obviously known for its powerful conversion advertising campaigns. Many advertisers use the platform to generate leads and sales from this social media. 

The Facebook Ads tool allows you to launch effective conversion campaigns on your website or directly on the social network. With some ad formats, you can even make catalogue sales directly.

You will also have the possibility with specific campaigns to provoke sales in shop with local advertising. One of the strengths of Facebook Ads is the possibilities the platform offers to generate leads and new customers.

Getting engagement with Facebook Ads to (re)act:

With social media advertising, you can also get a specific audience to act and react to your Facebook pages or content. Facebook Ads offers you the possibility to launch consideration campaigns. Thanks to these campaigns, you can opt for several specific advertising objectives to improve user engagement with your company.

As mentioned above, you can encourage interactions with your posts or your Facebook page, for example to encourage “likes”. It is also possible to encourage responses to an event.

With consideration campaigns, other more specific objectives can be achieved: generating qualified traffic to your website, views on your video content or leads. You can also encourage app downloads or Messenger chats. All of these objectives are essential for businesses to develop a community on Facebook.

What profiles does Facebook Ads cater to? 

Facebook Ads allows you to reach a wide range of audiences and targets, whether B2B or B2C. You can promote your brand, your products and your services, within the limits of the content and topics accepted by the platform. The platform adapts to all digital and wekmarketing strategies and therefore has many advantages. Let’s see now in detail, which profiles you can reach with your Facebook ads

Facebook Ads for B2B and B2C 

Facebook generally has the image of an advertising platform for B2C. B2B companies will generally prefer to advertise on professional social media such as LinkedIn. However, it is perfectly possible to launch an advertising campaign for businesses on Facebook. 

To do so, you will need to set up your targeting to reach the right audience. Fortunately, the tools provided by Facebook Ads are very detailed, and you will be able to make a thorough segmentation of your target audience to reach the right B2B profiles. Another excellent way to advertise on Facebook is through retargeting, also known as remarketing. With this type of very powerful campaign, you can target with your ads the users who have already interacted with your page and especially your website. You will be able to identify them thanks to the Facebook Pixel installed on your site.

As for B2C, Facebook is obviously an ideal platform to target users of all ages and demographics. You will have a wide choice of formats and types of advertising to reach a large audience and thus achieve your objectives, whether it be awareness or conversion.

Facebook Ads: prohibited content 

To advertise on Facebook, you will obviously have to respect the platform’s advertising rules. Several subjects and types of content are forbidden for advertising: illegal products (drugs, tobacco, organs), discriminatory, dangerous (weapons, explosives), shocking or adult content (violence, nudity, pornography, sexuality), health (medicines), finance (loans), fraud or fake news. It is therefore impossible to run Facebook ad campaigns on these themes.

Other content is also restricted on Facebook: alcohol, dating, gambling and casino games, cryptocurrency, etc. These topics and content will therefore be difficult to promote and therefore difficult to put online on the platform.

For all other types of ads, you will normally have no problem creating paid ads and displaying them to large audiences of users. For personal guidance on Facebook Ads, you can turn to a specialised digital marketing agency like Doko. We have a strong expertise and experience on the Facebook advertising platform. Our teams can help you define your objectives and KPIs, set up your account, distribute your marketing campaigns, optimise and monitor them.