The advent of social networking has brought about profound changes in our consumer habits. Today, more than ever, people are influenced by social media when making purchases. Paid advertising on social networks is therefore an essential marketing tool to develop brand awareness and visibility, generate engagement, leads and sales. In this article, discover the keys to making Facebook advertising a performance lever for your company:

Facebook Ads, performance levers : 

Boost your brand awareness with Facebook Ads 

First of all, Facebook Ads offers you many types of advertising campaigns to develop your brand awareness and visibility. The goal is to establish your presence on social networks. You will then benefit from the unlimited organic reach of the platform, as well as its efficient and precise target segmentation tools. The platform has strong features for creating powerful audiences, based on various criteria: demographics, interests, connections / interactions. You can also opt for customised audiences: inclusion, exclusion or similar audiences. For Facebook ad campaigns, you can choose to run awareness campaigns. These allow you to make the public and a target audience aware of your brand or the problem that your products or services can solve. You can also do consideration campaigns to boost interactions with your Facebook page: sponsored posts, “Likes” on the page, responses to an event, views on your videos, etc. 

Conversions and leads with Facebook Ads 

Secondly, Facebook Ads is a very powerful tool to get conversions and generate leads. You can create consideration campaigns geared towards traffic to your website or produce leads on the platform. Attracting qualified traffic to your site will also allow you to generate more qualified contacts. To do this, make sure you have the right capture tools on your pages.  But you will also be able to generate sales thanks to the call to action integrated in your content and in your Facebook ads. The social media advertising network offers 3 advertising objectives for its conversion campaigns: Conversions, Catalogue sales and Point of sale traffic.  The first will allow you to convert users into leads or new customers at the lowest cost. With the second, you can promote your products on a previously created Facebook catalogue. The latter is designed to direct users to your physical shops and shops. Conversion campaigns on Facebook are thus very effective and above all very varied to adapt to any advertising objective. They have made the reputation of its advertising platform among advertisers. With Facebook Ads, you can choose from several campaigns to best achieve your marketing objectives. Its algorithms will optimise the click-through rate, the cost per result, or the cost per thousand impressions to enable you to achieve the best return on investment.

Diversity of advertising on Facebook 

Facebook Ads formats 

With Facebook Ads, you will have a wide choice of ad formats. These will allow you to express your creativity and develop a strong brand storytelling. You can create ads with text, images, photos, videos, carousels or slideshows. These can achieve up to 20% to 30% more conversions. You can also create specific ad types for mobile users such as collections. With these, you can show up to 50 products under your main Facebook ad.  This makes Facebook advertising responsive. It adapts to all media: mobile, tablet, PC or desktop. Some formats are mobile-only, such as collections, but most display optimally on all media. You can then reach all users with your Facebook ads.

Facebook ad placements 

In addition to a wide range of formats, Facebook Ads offers several locations to display your ads and paid ads. You can display them in the user’s News Feed, or feed. They can also appear in Facebook stories, on Messenger or in the right-hand column.

Tracking and remarketing with Facebook Ads 

The Facebook Ads Pixel 

The Facebook Ads Pixel is an essential feature for tracking users who have already visited your website. It comes in the form of an encoding, a piece of JavaScript code, that you will have to install on your web pages.  This Pixel will then track your potential prospects and analyse their behaviour. You can then use it to create retargeting audiences and set up the associated Facebook ad campaigns

Facebook Retargeting Campaign 

As mentioned above, installing the Facebook Pixel will allow you to launch retargeting ad campaigns. As a reminder, retargeting is the same concept as remarketing. This type of campaign is one of the most powerful and effective on the platform. Because you will be able to display ads by retargeting Internet users who have already visited your website.  Generally, up to 90% of users leave a website without ever returning. However, because they have visited the site, they are likely to have shown an interest in its content, products or services. So, with a retargeting campaign on Facebook Ads, you can reach these specific audiences. Because of the interest already shown, these targets are more likely to be interested in your ads. They often have a higher conversion rate than other audiences. To get personal support for your advertising campaigns, use the services of our digital marketing agency Doko. Our teams will help you optimise your ads and marketing campaigns to make Facebook Ads a real lever for growth and performance for your company.