For the past few years, Facebook Ads has offered another paid advertising system to generate qualified leads on the platform. This system can be used in both B2B and B2C to gather qualified contacts and subsequently sell products and services. 


While the term is usually associated with conversions on websites, it is now entering the vocabulary of social network advertising. Find out in this article how to generate leads with Facebook Ads:


What is a Lead?


Lead generation: definition 


A lead is a qualified contact or contact with a potential customer. It is often synonymous with prospect in French. A lead is therefore established after a contact has been made directly, by your sales teams or in a sales outlet, but also on other media, by telephone or on the Internet.


In the digital world, a lead often refers to an Internet user who has filled in a contact form or even requested a quote online. This is different from a visitor who has simply browsed your website by taking an action. They then enter your conversion tunnel and become a prospect or lead, before eventually becoming a customer through a sale. For this reason, lead generation applies to both BtoB and BtoC.



Why do lead generation on Facebook? 


As mentioned earlier, Facebook has set up a type of advertising campaign to generate leads directly on the platform. This system allows you to create contact forms on the social network. If a user clicks on your Facebook ad, they can then fill in the form, generating a lead for your business. 


These advertising campaigns have many advantages for advertisers. First of all, it is a solid alternative to lead generation via an own website. With this solution, you do not need to create a dedicated website and landing page. This saves you resources, time and money that you can invest in advertising on social networks. 


But above all, Facebook has a large base of millions of users, of all demographics and with very varied profiles. It is possible to make a precise segmentation to reach the right target. You can efficiently obtain contacts from hot prospects and potential customers for specific and personalised audiences. It is an ideal platform to gather information in order to market to these leads and convert them into new customers.


The different types of leads on Facebook : 


Facebook Lead Ads: form-based advertising 


Facebook Lead Ads is the system we mentioned above. It takes the form of a contact form that you can set up directly on the social media. It is easy to create and does not require any Landing Pages or website. 


Facebook users also don’t leave the platform, which limits friction and therefore cancellations. The user experience is thus fluid, and the ergonomics on mobile are also assured, which again avoids losses on this growing segment of users.


Concrete and attractive, this form allows you to ask the right questions to your future prospects. You can adapt it to your digital marketing objectives to best meet your needs and your overall digital strategy. Moreover, it can be integrated into many CRM systems.


The Facebook lead generation campaign 


To launch a lead generation campaign on Facebook, you will need to go to the Facebook Ads Manager. To do this, you will need to have a Facebook business page. You will then be able to create a consideration ad campaign. You will need to select the associated ad objective: Lead Generation


As with a traditional campaign, you will have to choose a target audience to which the ads will be delivered. You will be asked to enter your Facebook page. The optimisation will be automatically set to Prospects. You will be able to specify an average cost per lead, to best fit your budget and expected ROI. 


Next, it is time to create an associated Facebook ad. You can choose between two ad formats: single image or video, or carousel. Once you’ve added your visuals as you would for a regular ad campaign, Facebook will ask you for the question format. You will then have the choice between the instant form or the Messenger chat. We have detailed the first option before. For the second option, you will have the possibility to generate leads via a Messenger chat. This option can be interesting depending on the targets and especially on your offer.


To set up an advertising campaign of this type, we advise you to call upon a specialized digital marketing agency such as our Doko Agency. Indeed, we offer you a personalized support to set up your advertising account and optimize your advertising campaigns on Facebook.