Over the years, social networks have become essential platforms for businesses. Thanks to paid online advertising, companies have a powerful channel to develop their reputation and sell to qualified prospects. Facebook is currently the most popular social network and has a powerful and well-optimised advertising network. Facebook Ads gives you access to effective tools for advertising, such as the Business Manager. Find out how it works in this article:


What is the Facebook Business Manager? 


Multi-tasking Facebook tool: 


Facebook Business Manager is a free multi-tasking tool provided by the social media. It is reserved exclusively for businesses. Its purpose is to facilitate the daily management of their Facebook and Instagram accounts. It can be used by the company, a marketing agency, freelancers or other digital professionals.

This dashboard allows you to access a lot of information about your Facebook pages: performance statistics, history, publication schedule or inbox. But above all, the Facebook Social Media Business Manager includes a very sophisticated ad manager.

Multi-account ad management 


The Business Manager allows you to manage your social media advertising and all your Facebook advertising campaigns. With this professional tool, you will be able to track your ads on Facebook, but also on Instagram. 

You will have access to simple overviews for a quick summary or to more detailed views of your ad spend and impressions. The tool also includes payment options. With this advertising tool, you can finally manage several accounts at the same time and distribute access according to your needs. 


Why use Facebook Business Manager? 


To advertise on Facebook, the Business Manager is an essential tool. Our digital agency recommends its use to all businesses. Here is why:


Collaborative management 


The Facebook Business Manager tool allows you to assign different roles and access to different users. It allows you to collaboratively manage your Facebook account or your pages, by distributing only the necessary access to your collaborators or partners. This guarantees confidentiality and, above all, security, while allowing you to effectively manage your advertising campaigns on social networks.


Centralization of your Facebook ads 


With the Facebook Business Manager, you will be able to advertise effectively on the platform. In this tool, you will be able to create ads or announcements and then plan them: ad formats, distribution, budgets, etc. 


You will also have a real-time global view of the progress of your advertising campaign. You will be able to follow the evolution of your ad on Facebook, and in rare cases, make the necessary adjustments to best target a specific audience. You will also be able to draw notes and lessons for future optimization of your marketing campaigns. 




Analyse the performance of your Facebook ads 



In addition to real-time viewing, the Facebook Ad Manager gives you access to a wide range of statistics and reports to analyse your performance. Advertisers can track conversions and clicks for certain types of campaigns, as well as average click-through rates and cost per click. 


This will allow you to measure the impact of your ads and especially your ROI, your return on investment. To do this, you will obviously have to define the right KPIs according to your advertising objectives, before the ad campaign.




Entrust the management of your Facebook ads to an expert agency 



Managing your account well and especially setting it up correctly can be a complicated business. It usually requires technical skills, expertise and understanding of the Business Manager platform and Facebook Ads. Using a digital agency such as Doko can be a good solution to avoid mistakes. 


Our expert teams are at your service to start your adventure on Facebook Ads with well set up tools and then launch a new successful advertising campaign




We can install the Facebook Pixel on your website for remarketing or retargeting. We can also help you define your objectives, your audiences and your different KPIs. Our agency can also create effective and creative Facebook ads for your business. 


We can help you from A to Z, from launching customised Facebook ad campaigns to analysing and optimising them. Trust us to reach a large target audience with optimised ads and advertisements.