Web-to-Store: attract customers to your shop
thanks to your website

It is well known that a well referenced website on search engines allows you to attract more traffic, generate qualified leads and boost your e-commerce sales in the long term. However, this digital marketing and communication tool can also be an effective way of attracting customers to your physical points of sale (also called “brick and mortar stores”). Indeed, if more and more Internet users are making purchases online, others remain reluctant and still prefer to make their purchases in real shops, after having conducted an online search to obtain information on a brand or a product, to compare the characteristics of a similar product or to find the best possible deal.

Ride the “Research Online, Purchase Offline” wave

To effectively boost your physical sales and attract more customers to your shops, you should target internet users who prefer the ROPO method. The acronym stands for “Research Online, Purchase Offline” and refers to the practice of researching on the Internet before buying in a physical store. This trend is particularly strong with the advent of the mobile web. Thanks to their smartphones, potential buyers can easily and quickly find information and opinions about your products or services (via your website or social networks for example), before going to the shop to buy what they do not want to order online (expensive products for example, banking or insurance products, travel, etc.). This makes it easier to gain the trust of customers, who get personal advice in the shop and have the opportunity to try the product before buying.

Adopt a relevant Web-to-Store strategy

with Doko Agency in France

Don’t hesitate to call on Webmarketing experts, such as those at Doko Agency in France, to maximise your chances of getting results with your Web To Store strategy. They not only master the Web, but also the marketing techniques and levers to activate as well as the KPIs to follow to optimize results. Moreover, they will be able to adapt these techniques to your site and your needs.

Focus on local referencing for a local clientele

One of the first elements to focus on in a Web-to-Store strategy is SEO, or natural referencing, which allows your website to rise in the SERPs (search results pages) in the long term and regularly attract new customers. Also, to boost your sales in physical shops, it is strongly advised to work carefully on your local referencing. Indeed, targeting geolocalized keywords in your catchment area (city, department or precise region), allows you to reach prospects who are well able to buy your products and services directly in your shops and therefore to build up a local clientele. Also consider creating Google My Business listings for your various points of sale so that they appear more easily on Google Maps. This improves the user experience and makes it even easier for mobile users to find you. This is very useful if you opt for a “Click & Collect” marketing strategy, which encourages your customers to come and collect products ordered online.

Work on your content marketing, based on relationships

Another way to effectively gain the trust of Internet users and make them want to visit your physical shops is to work on your content marketing and your editorial line. The idea is to offer attractive content that plays on the relationship and transparency when you talk about your brand or your products, whether via your company blog or on your various social network profiles. This way you will attract more attention from your customers and prospects: they will then have the impression of having a privileged relationship with you and will be more likely to be loyal. Do not hesitate to publish regularly web content related to your news, new product developments or promotional offers. Doko experts give you all the keys to optimize your marketing content, acquire traffic and boost your sales.

Attract in-store leads via online advertising and emailing

To attract customers in shop, as well as on the Internet, you must first of all make yourself known and therefore take care of your communication. This can involve setting up online advertising, via Google Ads, native advertising, or Social Ads. Easy and quick to set up, these online ads are published instantly and therefore often allow you to obtain short-term results (as opposed to SEO, which generally requires several weeks before seeing significant improvements following the optimisations made). Their distribution depends solely on the budget you wish to allocate to the service and the return on investment (ROI) is easily measurable, since you only pay when an Internet user clicks on your ads. In addition, you can also consider the creation of emailing campaigns to, for example, offer personalized offers to your most loyal customers. Doko is familiar with all these tools and can ensure that they are used correctly to improve your conversion rates and generate better results according to your objectives.

References of your Doko web agency in France 

Based in France, the digital agency Doko shares with you its expertise and skills in Web-to-Store strategy. Over the years, many companies from various sectors (fashion, DIY, travel, leisure, insurance…) have trusted us to improve their conversion rate and boost their sales in shop and on the Web. So why not you? To convince you, don’t hesitate to consult all our case studies and references.