Local SEO: Reach customers near you

With the advent of the mobile phone in recent years, and the constant increase in vocal or written proximity searches (such as “restaurant in France”, “hairdresser near me”, or “locksmith near me”), local or geographic referencing on Google is definitely on the rise. It also allows you to increase your conversion rate and to keep more and more customers close to you: today, nearly 80% of proximity queries on mobile phones generate a visit or a call. So, you too can rely on local referencing, with the advice of our SEO experts who will guide you in making yourself visible on Google Maps, a key step in winning over new customers near your business.

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What is Local SEO?

Local referencing is an optimisation technique that consists of improving the visibility of your website in a specific geographical area (town, district, sector, neighbourhood, etc.). To do this, it is advisable to position your site on relevant keywords, which take into account these geographical criteria in order to respond as well as possible to proximity requests (such as “activity + city”) made by Internet users on a computer or mobile. If local SEO is based on onsite SEO (content, meta and html tags, micro-data… of your site), the goal is to make you visible on the Google Maps and therefore to work on the offsite elements as well. Calling on an agency specialised in local SEO, such as Doko SEO french agency, is a good way to ensure that your site will be visible locally.

Localized referencing: an asset for VSEs and SMEs

A powerful SEO lever, local referencing is particularly interesting for VSEs and SMEs with restricted and well-defined catchment areas. It is therefore advisable to include, in your SEO audit, geolocalised keywords (including a locality) corresponding to your activity. These keywords should then be taken into account when optimising or creating your seo content, and in particular appear in your Title meta tags, in your h1 and hn titles, as well as in the body of your content. For example, for an Italian restaurant in France, you could not only mention “France”, but also use the adjective “France”, or other expressions commonly used to describe the City of Gones. With the advice of a local SEO agency, such as Doko in France, you have every chance of reaching new customers, closer to you.

référencement local lyon

Be present on Google My Business and Google Maps

Google Maps is the first place you want to be visible when it comes to local referencing on Google. Created by the Californian search engine, this interactive map allows you to quickly locate all the businesses in the vicinity of the user who consults it. However, appearing on Google Maps requires a bit of work: in particular, you need to create a free Google account and correctly fill in your business profile via the Google My Business page. Add the exact name, address, phone number, opening hours, a link to your website and possibly some photos. Trust Doko, your local SEO agency in France, to set up your listing correctly and make you visible on Google Maps.