Carry out a tailor-made SEO audit

After getting to know your business (products/services, targets and competitors), an SEO consultant will be dedicated to your audit. At Doko we assume that every marketing action should be preceded by an environment and competition analysis. The SEO audit (or environmental scan) will study the needs expressed by internet users (keywords), your offer (website), and the competition. SEO audits generally take place in four stages.

audit seo lyon
agence audit seo lyon

Semantic audit 

As Google’s algorithm is based on keywords and links (netlinking), every SEO audit starts with a precise analysis of the expressions on which you wish to position your website. The keywords can be compared to the needs expressed by the users in the search engines. By correctly studying the users’ requests, we will be able to define together strategic keywords for your referencing. This allows us to define an effective and relevant seo content strategy for your readers and Google. The keywords are defined in relation to your activity and SEO tools such as the Google Ads keyword generator (available to advertisers, Doko is Google Partners certified) or Yooda Insight, a French keyword analysis tool.

Competitive SEO audit

Once your keywords have been defined, the second phase consists of analysing your position in Google, but also those of your competitors. More than positions, the competitive audit shows the visibility of a website on an expression, a group of keywords or a sector of activity. This study of the competition also makes it possible to highlight the use of Google Ads by your competitors, as well as their link profile (via Majestic SEO, for example).

For each competitive SEO audit, you will receive :

  • A document with all the positioning data and the backlink study
  • A summary of the data collected
  • Recommendations for SEM actions (natural referencing and online advertising)

Also, Doko can propose a more “Webmarketing” approach by adding a survey of competitors’ websites in order to study their communication on the web (website architecture, use of a blog, presence on social networks…)

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Technical SEO audit 

Technique, like semantics, is important for your SEO. Combining content with performance allows you to have a website that is well positioned in the search results. Doko, SEO agency, offers onsite seo audits of your website to check that there are no obstacles and that they are taken into account by Google. Indeed, problems can block the search engine robots and thus penalize your site. Following the technical analysis of your website, Doko can recommend SEO optimizations to be implemented.

Details of the Technical SEO audit :

  • Crawl (robots,txt, error pages, redirect chains…)
  • Site architecture and URL
  • Use of canonical URLs
  • Use of semantic tags (title and meta description)
  • Use of hn tags
  • Using ALTs in images
  • Optimisation of the site’s crawl and internal meshing
  • Content analysis (quantity and quality)
  • Analysis of rich snippets
  • Site speed and page load time
  • Configuration of the Google search console
    and indexing of the site
  • Use of the responsiv

Netlinking audit

The last part of the SEO audit and of your natural referencing strategy, the netlinking audit consists in drawing up your link profile to check the effectiveness and relevance of your backlinks. The SEO consultant dedicated to your project analyses your referring domains, your backlinks (number, quality, variety of sources) as well as the anchors used to link to the different pages of your website. This is where your netlinking strategy should come from, the aim of which is to boost the popularity of your website in the long term with search engines and especially Google. To do this, it will be necessary to create, progressively over time, quality links.

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A tailor-made SEO audit in France

Would you like to know more about the general health of your website? Do you feel that your website is not sufficiently well perceived by Google but do not know what to do to boost your referencing?


Based in France, the Doko SEO agency offers you a tailor-made SEO audit for your website or e-commerce site. To do this, our SEO experts analyse your site as a whole: technical, onsite, SEO competition, choice of strategic keywords, netlinking. Everything is examined with a fine-toothed comb, before implementing a well thought-out strategy to boost the visibility of your site on Google and its positioning in the SERPs.


Why do an SEO audit?

The SEO audit makes it possible to establish the general state of health of your site in the eyes of Google. The aim is to analyse the possible blocking points for natural referencing, whether technical (site speed, pages in error, etc.) or semantic. Once these obstacles have been identified, the SEO audit allows the professionals who carry it out to make informed recommendations on the actions to be taken on your website or e-commerce site.

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Define your visibility strategy on Google

Always listening to your needs, the France-based agency Doko, expert in natural referencing and online advertising, offers you a Semantic SEO audit. The purpose of this audit is to boost your visibility and your natural traffic on Google. To do this, we start by analysing all the keywords, or queries of Internet users. Both generic and long-tail, related to your field of activity and your geographical area for your local seo. We then provide you with the most exhaustive list possible in order to select together the strategic keywords on which all SEO efforts will be concentrated.

Indeed, the more keywords you work on your site with the help of web content, the more visible you will be and the more traffic you will generate. Especially when your site rises in the SERPs and manages to position itself on the first page of the natural results proposed by the Californian giant.

Analyse the SEO positioning of your competitors 

Once your strategic keywords have been defined, the agency offers to carry out a competitive audit in order to determine your SEO competitors and their visibility on the previously defined strategic keywords. This competitive audit allows us to know if the chosen keywords are really relevant. On the other hand, it serves to appreciate the efforts of your semantic competitors in terms of SEO. Thus, a quick analysis of their positioning and the SEO actions they undertake will help to define the best strategy to implement on your own website.

Note that the SEO competitors identified and analysed during this audit are not exactly the same as your marketing competitors. In fact, the analysis is based on keywords related to your sector of activity and can therefore bring to light different types of players such as generalist or specialist information sites, professional directories, major news media, etc.

Study the blocking points on your site thanks to the seo audit

After the semantic and competitive audits comes the technical audit which allows us to highlight the blocking points on your website or e-commerce site. To do this, the Doko SEO agency in France uses different SEO tools to crawl your site and analyse all aspects: site speed, existing error pages (HTTP 404 code, or 301 redirects), poorly configured canonicals and hreflang tags, pages containing too little content, missing or non-optimised meta titles and descriptions, missing or poorly used hn tags, too weak link profile… All these elements can impact the natural referencing of your site and lead to a poor positioning of your pages in the SERPs.

Following this technical SEO audit, Doko’s SEO experts have a clearer idea of the actions and best practices to be implemented on your website and can therefore guarantee a wise and tailor-made support

A successful SEO experience

If Doko french agency cannot promise you 100% that your website will be 1st on Google, working with SEO experts is the assurance to increase your visibility and your notoriety on the web, as well as your traffic in shop.

With Doko you will enjoy a positive and successful SEO experience in the sense that the project manager dedicated to your website will accompany you for several months. He takes care of the semantic and technical optimizations of your website and the progressive creation of quality backlinks in order to boost your positioning and to follow closely the results of the actions undertaken. He also listens to you and gives you all the necessary keys to the implementation of sustainable and healthy SEO practices. In addition, he can also provide you with some more general advice on Web marketing and propose the implementation of online advertising campaigns, in order to obtain more immediate results.