Links, the historical nerve of the SEO war

When it comes to implementing an effective and sustainable SEO strategy, netlinking is one of the most important levers for achieving a top ranking in Google.

Historically, the link has always had a privileged place in Google’s algorithm, along with PageRank (a quantitative indicator of the popularity of a web page). Today, a site without any links can hardly be positioned in the SERPs (search engine result pages), especially on competitive queries. But beware, netlinking should not be taken lightly: when it is badly done, it can become dangerous for the popularity of your site and even lead to some penalties from the Californian search engine. The SEO agency Doko, in France, offers you a sound methodology to analyse your current backlinks, to disavow those that may be harmful to you and to create new quality incoming links: the netlinking audit.

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Creating backlinks: our methodology

In order to be really well carried out and effective in the long term, a netlinking strategy is a long-term process and must first and foremost focus on quality, rather than quantity. The idea is to start by analysing your inbound link profile in detail before eliminating those that could be detrimental to you, and then gradually creating new ones from a variety of trusted sources (or referring domains). 

In short, the netlinking strategy proposed by your french agency Doko is based on :

  • analysis of existing inbound links
  • the possible cleaning of poor quality or spammy links
  • the progressive creation of new inbound links, on carefully selected spots.
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Netlinking techniques from our SEO agency in France

To help you build a balanced and sustainable link profile, Doko Netlinking Agency recommends working on several areas, such as

Quality web and business directories

Web and business directories are the great forgotten of netlinking. With the advent of link buying platforms, these spots are often put aside in SEO strategies. However, it is still important to acquire links on quality directories to diversify your link profile. Also, local directories are very interesting for local businesses from an SEO point of view and especially for their local SEO. A good netlinking agency will know how to find the best themed backlink spots for your website and your business sector.

Article exchange, via content creation

Exchanging links via blog posts is always an interesting technique for link building, provided you produce quality editorial content. However, when you decide to exchange links and articles, for example via guest blogging, you must be careful to work in triangulation with several sites or blogs so as not to have too many reciprocal links.

Linkbaiting, via the creation of seo content

Quality SEO content and/or buzz are the best way (along with press relations) to acquire links to your site. Indeed, the new links acquired through linkbaiting will all be natural, a must for Google and therefore your SEO.

Buying links, via trusted platforms

Buying links should be considered for your link building strategy. Whether it is to increase your popularity quickly or to consolidate your existing link project, going through netlinking platforms is a quick and efficient solution to gain popularity and generate traffic to your site.

Expired domains

Creating a network of sites (via expired domain names) can be a relevant solution if you face strong competition on Google. This allows you to create backlinks in a controlled and efficient way. It is strongly advised to use a netlinking agency in order to avoid the pitfalls and potential errors that could affect the referencing of your site.

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What is netlinking?

Netlinking, also known as linking or link building, consists of creating links to your website. The aim is to make it more popular so that it is more visible to Google. Before 2012, link building could be abused (SPAM, comments on blogs and forums, directories of all kinds, etc.), but the Google Penguin update has put an end to this. Known as Google Penguin, this new algorithm from the Mountain View giant was created to punish sites that have abused black hat netlinking techniques and poor quality links.

Please note that netlinking has nothing to do with sponsored links and Google Ads, which are, for their part, paid referencing levers.

Why netlinking?

Netlinking is one of the three pillars of SEO (search engine optimisation). As Google’s algorithm is mainly based on links between sites (and between pages within a site), it is important to have a number of links, or backlinks, to your website.

The link should be seen as a signal of authority and trust between sites and pages. The more links a site or page has, the more authority it has, and therefore the higher Google will be able to position it in the search results.

It is therefore important to do netlinking to maintain and increase the popularity of a site with Google and gain positions on the SERPs for your strategic keywords.


How to define a quality link?

According to Google, a quality link is a natural link. However, for small and medium-sized businesses (often without a communications department), it is difficult to get people to talk about the company naturally; unlike large groups and other well-known brands, which are more naturally talked about in newspapers, on television or on the Internet. For example, Apple or Amazon, to name but two, do not need to work on their netlinking, unlike the craftsman in your neighbourhood.

Link building is therefore an important and essential step for SEO and local referencing. It allows you to give “juice” to your site and to make it stand out in the Google rankings, provided that it is done correctly. It is not enough to obtain backlinks, they must also be of sufficient quality. 

Therefore, in order to define a quality link, different elements must be taken into account:

  • To be sufficiently powerful and relevant, the inbound link must come from a trusted site that already generates significant organic traffic
  • The link pointing to your site must be in “dofollow”. Indeed, a nofollow attribute would prevent Google from following the link and therefore block the transfer of juice from the referring domain.
  • Its anchor must be correctly worked out, in connection with the SEO keyword of your destination page. You should avoid using too many exact anchors or too many generic anchors when creating several links to the same web page.



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Why use a netlinking agency?

Just like a search engine optimization (SEO) agency, a netlinking agency generally has several consultants, SEO experts and other Web writers specialized in your sector of activity. Together, they have all the necessary skills to bring you a better visibility on your main keywords and will be able to propose a deep linking strategy to allow you to gain visibility, increase the popularity of your site in the eyes of Google and generate qualified traffic from various trusted referral sites. 

Calling on the Doko netlinking french agency to manage your link acquisition campaigns is the guarantee of obtaining quality services, while avoiding the risk of your website being penalized manually or algorithmically (by Google).

Experience and knowledge

Indeed, experience in netlinking is important because a link building campaign can have a negative impact on the ranking of a website. For example, if the anchors are over-optimised, you risk seeing your site lose ranking on Google.

The use of tools and data

Most netlinking agencies have subscriptions to tools such as Majestic SEO, Ahref or Seobserver. These tools allow you to follow and monitor the incoming links to a site and its pages. It is important to be able to follow these links and thus keep a good popularity for your website.

A network of existing sites and partners

Going through an agency for your netlinking also means having access to sites that you would not otherwise have had. Indeed, agencies often have their own network of sites and trusted partners. This allows the company that works with the agency to have links that its competitors will not have. A plus for boosting your position in Google search results.