SEO optimization: a tailor-made editorial strategy

Whether it’s for your company blog or even your website (product sheets, landing pages…), the creation of correctly optimised and tagged SEO content has a considerable impact on the positioning of your site in the SERPs (search engine results pages), and therefore on its visibility. However, in order to get the best possible results, it is important to adopt the right editorial strategy for SEO content management. To do so, the experts of the France-based agency Doko are at your disposal and offer you tailor-made solutions for all your communication media: website, social networks, e-mailing…

Inbound marketing to improve awareness and natural referencing

The creation of high value SEO content also allows you to stand out from the competition, while improving your web reputation. In addition, it helps to strengthen your brand image and your e-reputation, by creating engagement around your company. For this to work well, however, you must adopt good practices and not hesitate to use inbound marketing. This content marketing strategy consists of using the creation of web content to attract visitors to your website and/or your company blog, in order to convert them first into qualified leads and then into loyal customers. It is about producing quality content that can influence the buying behaviour of readers, provided that it is well thought out beforehand, so that it perfectly meets their expectations.

Monitoring of SEO content creation and setting up a publication schedule

Work carefully on your editorial line and think about a relevant publication schedule, adapted to your different communication media: what content will go on the site? How often will blog posts be published? Will they also be relayed on Facebook and/or other social media platforms? Is it necessary to plan a newsletter or other emailing campaign? With the help of Doko’s seo content management experts, all these questions should be answered, according to your marketing objectives and budget, in order to achieve positive results and to control your ROI (return on investment).

Strategic keywords and SEO content structure

Guarantee the quality of your web content, even before you start writing! Depending on your needs and the topics you want to cover in your articles or on the different pages of your website, Doko digital agency helps you to find the right strategic keywords thanks to a seo audit. The ones you need to highlight in each of your contents, in order to satisfy the expectations of your marketing targets and to convert them more easily. Also, as part of a content management and natural referencing strategy, the agency intervenes in the creation of complete structures for your articles and SEO content, including the Hn tagging that is essential for Google’s robots to be able to index your content correctly. It is then up to you to apply this good advice in the creation of your content

Quality control of SEO content

Once a new piece of content is written, and before it is posted on your website, the SEO experts at our french agency carry out an SEO quality check to ensure that the text complies with the requirements and that it will appeal to both Google and your readers.

A naming scheme including Metas tags (which appear in the SERPs), an optimised URL, and the name and alt tag of the main image of the article in question are added to the article. These essential elements of onsite seo contribute to the good visibility of your website. In the same way, the agency intervenes on the bolding of strategic keywords in your content and proposes the addition of several links, pointing towards other pages and related articles of your site, in order to reinforce the internal linking

Content management supported by recognised SEO tools

Finally, to best judge the quality of your seo content and its potential in terms of referencing, the agency relies on powerful tools such as or, which allow you to quickly obtain an SEO score that is more or less high depending on the quality, richness and length of your content. Also, based on a global analysis of similar content posted on the same subject, these powerful tools allow you to obtain leads (ideas of terms and key expressions to add) to further improve your content and satisfy a maximum number of Internet users.