Why improve the reputation of your website?


Closely linked to traffic and visibility, online reputation consists of making your company and your products and services as well known as possible on the Web. The aim is to attract more and more prospects to generate traffic on your website or e-commerce site and increase your sales and your conversion rate. Indeed, the more your products (or services) are visible and present in the minds of Internet users, the easier it will be for them to buy them. Moreover, the more they know about your products, the more they will trust you. They will then be more likely to talk about it around them, for example on social networks, and thus gradually contribute to attracting new potential customers and strengthening your e-reputation.



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As with any marketing action, it is important to define clear, precise and quantifiable objectives before embarking on a brand awareness strategy. This will make it easier to establish your budget, depending on the levers (SEO, SEA, Emailing, Community Management…) that you wish to activate. You should also consider calling on web marketing professionals who have the skills and experience to support you and help you analyse the results of your web strategy. Moreover, they can make adjustments in real time.


Adopt an effective web branding strategy with Doko

To promote your brand on the Internet and boost your web awareness, the help of an expert digital marketing agency, such as Doko in France, can quickly prove to be indispensable. Our team of seasoned professionals is at your disposal and will take care of the development of your web reputation thanks to a well-tried strategy, adapted to your website.

Focus on SEO and local referencing to build your reputation


The first point to work on to increase your notoriety in the long term is natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which consists of getting your site as high as possible in the SERPs (Google results pages) to improve its visibility and make it known to as many people as possible. In order to please Google for sure and thus effectively boost your visibility and your reputation, you will have to work on your content marketing and increase the volume of content on all your pages and product sheets. Also, if you are the manager of a small or medium-sized company with a restricted geographical area of activity, it is strongly advised to focus on your local referencing, in your catchment area. In this way, you can reach people directly concerned by your business and build up a local clientele. They will then have quicker access to your products both online and in-store and will therefore help to improve your conversion rate.

Get people talking about your brand through sponsored posts


To expand your audience and get your products and services in front of as many prospects as possible, it is important to adopt a multi-channel digital strategy and, if necessary, to use external parties. For example, it is possible to get your brand talked about, via sponsored articles, on specialised sites (thematic blogs, magazines, directories, etc.) in your sector of activity. In this way, you can attract a part of the usual audience of these sites, which act in some ways as influencers. The sponsored articles created in this way also generate inbound links to your company’s website, which helps it gain popularity in the eyes of Google. In fact, your positioning will be positively impacted and you will gain even more visibility among Internet users.

Boost your reputation with SEA campaigns


Because it allows you to increase your visibility almost immediately, online advertising on the search network via Google Ads (or Bing Ads) is also a good way to ensure your reputation quickly on the Internet. As soon as they are published, SEA ads appear at the top and/or bottom of the SERPs, depending on the requests made by Internet users, on different keywords. The only limit depends on the budget you wish to allocate to this service. Moreover, it is very easy, from AdWords (Google Ads) as well as from Google Analytics, to regularly follow the performance of your campaigns in order to measure your ROI (return on investment) and make the necessary corrections in real time. A must to be visible on your strategic keywords and your brand name.

Work on your e-reputation on
social networks


Finally, the Doko agency in France helps you to improve your visibility and your reputation on social networks, in particular through the implementation of relevant Social Ads campaigns. Thanks to the numerous data collected by social networks on their users, Facebook Ads campaigns (or even on LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat) allow you to reach a larger audience, depending on their interests. You can also target users with similar profiles to those of your existing customers to boost your brand awareness faster and generate more qualified leads. If needed, the experts of the digital agency can also give you expert advice on how to manage your Facebook page and other social profiles to create and animate your community and improve your brand image and e-reputation.

References of your Web agency Doko in France

Based in France, the digital agency Doko shares with you its expertise and skills in the field of web reputation. Over the years, many companies from various sectors (fashion, DIY, travel, leisure, insurance…) have trusted us to boost their marketing strategy and improve their reputation and e-reputation. So why not you? To convince you, don’t hesitate to consult all our case studies and references.

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