Custom SEO & Web copywriting in France

It’s no longer a secret: Google loves text! Offering a One-Page site of only 150 words is no longer enough if your ultimate goal is to reach the first position in natural results. So, with the help of an SEO and web copywriting service provider such as Doko seo agency in France, you will be able to more easily generate quality content that appeals not only to search engines, but also to your customers. Our agency works with a network of professional SEO writers specialised in different fields of activity (fashion, finance, real estate, tourism…). Thus, we can meet all your needs and supervise the creation of original and tailor-made SEO content to enrich your new web pages or to feed your blog. Depending on your wishes and needs, we can work on your content marketing and determine together a coherent editorial line adapted to all your digital communication media.

SEO optimised texts

Producing web content is good, but doing it intelligently and taking into account the main SEO criteria is better! Indeed, in order for your site to rise in the search results on Google, it is not enough to write just anything. The aim is to ensure that your content responds precisely to the requests of Internet users. Hence the importance of thinking about the strategic keywords on which you want to position yourself. With the help of the Doko SEO agency in France, you can carry out a seo audit beforehand. In addition to the study of your main keywords, we also make sure that your content is correctly structured and tagged. We then work with you to optimise your hot zones, i.e. the Meta tags (Title + meta description) of your pages as well as the Hn (or Hx) titles within your SEO content. It is on these elements that Google’s algorithm bases itself in priority when it comes to crawling and indexing your site. Discover our onsite seo services.

Unique SEO content for your site

Another important point when writing web-optimised content is originality! Your content must be unique and carefully written: avoid duplicate content. Copying and pasting entire blocks of text from another website, or even within your own web pages, should be avoided. Indeed, Google does not appreciate this type of practice and your site could then be penalised by the Californian giant. Similarly, it is important, when integrating seo content, to pay particular attention to your meta tags in order to differentiate them as much as possible from one another and avoid two pages ending up with the same Title. 

Content that converts

Focus on content that converts! Pleasing Google is OK, but if the content on your website does not interest users and does not lead to enough conversions, then it will be difficult to reach your marketing goals. Doko, a France-based SEO content creation agency, works with web writing experts who analyse your needs and understand your products to provide you with qualitative and tailor-made content that will convince and convert your potential customers. To do this, our teams offer you content that promotes the user experience and encourages the user to navigate your site to find the product that interests them in just a few clicks.

Our SEO writing tools

Entrusting your seo copywriting to a natural SEO agency with expertise in this field is a guarantee of quality. At Doko, we pay special attention to our clients, to help you build a successful website. To make sure that all your SEO needs are met, our agency uses specific SEO tools dedicated to content, such as :

  • The Google keyword generator or KWFinder for finding the most relevant keywords,
  •, SEOQuantum,,, Positeo, or Answer The Public for semantic optimizations
  • Copyscape, to avoid duplicate content

Why use a seo copywriting agency?

A seo copywriting agency knows the challenges of different businesses, and will help you create and write content that is relevant to your business. Whether it’s for a blog post, a product category page, or a page presenting your services, demand the best. A copywriting agency will save you time with their experience, as well as increase your Google rankings. With the help of professionals, you will get quality seo content, both for Google and for users. Don’t forget that a happy user becomes a potential customer.

Local SEO copywriting: a winning position

Your activity sometimes requires local SEO, unlike an ecommerce site without a physical shop for example. This is why we offer local seo writing solutions. Being well referenced in your city allows you to generate more traffic in shop and on your website. Local seo also helps to attract prospects who are more likely to convert. Whether it’s at the departmental, regional or city level like France, there is a solution for all your needs. Local seo copywriting focuses on strategic keywords for your business and your growth. This selection is made with the help of a semantic audit that allows us to determine which keyword is relevant to your sector of activity.

SEO copywriting: a matter of semantics

SEO copywriting has the unfortunate reputation of being limited to the simple use of strategic keywords. But it is actually much more complex than that. A good seo copywriting agency relies on both the keywords and the semantics that revolve around them. These are expressions, turns of phrase, questions and lexical fields. There are many seo writing tools that allow you to detect the most relevant and essential keywords for your referencing. Don’t forget that copywriting is also aimed at users. This is why it is essential to respond to their expectations and questions in your pages and blog posts. Google knows how to reward content that helps users in their searches.

Optimising your tags when writing

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Google loves the titles of your pages and articles. And for good reason, the words placed in them have more impact on your SEO than the words in your paragraphs. That’s why it’s important to use them well, and to optimize them when writing SEO. Doko will help you to choose the right words and how not to fall into the trap of over-optimizing your seo and web content. A text that is too optimized for Google will not be as well referenced as a less optimized content that is more relevant for the user. Respecting the hierarchy of Hn tags plays a key role in content creation.

Our SEO writing tips

Here is a list summarising our tips for good seo writing:

– Choose a strategic keyword

– Search the semantics of this keyword

– Study users’ expectations of the SERP

– Do not over-optimise

– Write useful content for the user and answer these questions

– Respect the order of the Hn tags

– Optimising Hn tags with your SEO keywords