Facebook represents a real performance lever for businesses. A popular platform, this social network has a solid user base to which you can sell your services and products online.


Like all social media, it has an advertising network : Facebook Ads. This is one of the most powerful and interesting ways to advertise on social networks. Find out how to increase your online sales with Facebook Ads :


Selling online with Facebook

Create your business page and shop on Facebook

The first step to selling online on Facebook will obviously be to create a Facebook page and a Facebook shop. This will allow you to build your community and communicate effectively with them from your Facebook pages, with creative and informative content.


But above all, you will be able to sell your products directly on Facebook. To do this, you can create a Facebook shop so that they are directly attached to your page. Your fans will be able to easily view your products and interact with your business.

Making attractive advertising on Facebook

Once you have set up your Facebook page and marketplace, you will be able to advertise on Facebook effectively. To do this, you’ll obviously need to create creative ads. To do this, Facebook Ads offers a variety of ad formats: text, images, photos, videos, slideshows and carousels. The last two are ideal for dynamic advertising on this social media. They generally have a 20-30% higher conversion rate than other formats. 


This will give you the choice to advertise. We therefore recommend that you opt for dynamic ads, such as carousels that display correctly on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet). You will then need to integrate Call to Actions to trigger conversions and sales on your own e-commerce shop. 


For mobile users, you will finally be able to use Collections, a new and very effective ad format. With Collections, you can promote up to 50 products under one main Facebook ad. These Facebook users will be able to view a collection of your different products. When they click on a product, they can land on its associated page on your website or mobile application to complete the purchase.


Advertising on Facebook to boost online sales:

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Ads has many different formats and types of ads to convert and sell on its platform. But this is not the only strength of this ad network. You will appreciate its targeting and audience system. Facebook is known for its large user base, across all demographics and backgrounds.


Facebook Ads offers you very powerful tools to target a specific audience and convert Internet users into leads or potential new customers.


Facebook Ads Custom Audience

On Facebook Ads, you will be able to create custom audiences that will allow you to make a very precise segmentation. You can build an audience, or almost, to sell your products and services online. With traditional audiences, you can target by demographic criteria, by interest, by connections or interactions. With custom audiences, you can segment by inclusions or exclusions or by similar audiences.


These are very interesting for advertisers. With this Facebook Ads feature, you can use an already successful audience to build a similar one. The objective is to target a new group of people, to test new advertising messages and to establish another successful segment.


Remarketing campaign

With Facebook Ads, you will also have the possibility to run remarketing or retargeting campaigns. These are among the most effective and powerful on the Internet.


To do this, you must first install the Facebook Pixel on your website and web pages. Thanks to this piece of JavaScript code, you will be able to follow or track users who have already interacted with your brand, by visiting your site or by abandoning your shopping cart for example.


Because they have already interacted with your company, they are more likely to be convinced by your ads. So, with a retargeting advertising campaign, you can deliver advertising directly to these users. With repetition often comes sales.


Communicate with your customers on Facebook to build loyalty

Facebook Ads are ideal for selling, thanks to the tools the platform offers: segmentation and audiences, ad formats and locations. In addition to conversion, you can use Facebook to communicate effectively with your customers, build a community and, above all, create loyalty.


Facebook Instant Messaging

With your Facebook pro page, you can publish a variety of content to inform and entertain your fans. This is one of the many facets of community management. The aim is to control your brand image, improve your visibility and your notoriety, and above all to develop a storytelling.


But having a Facebook business page will also allow you to interact with your customers thanks to the platform’s instant messaging: Messenger. On Messenger, you will be able to offer a privileged point of contact, for optimized and even automated customer service, but also after-sales service. You can even advertise directly on Messenger.


This communication via Messenger not only allows you to build a certain proximity with your customers and prospects, but also to give you a modern and innovative brand image.


Facebook notice 

During the sale, you can also ask for feedback from your customers on your Facebook page. You will then obtain opinions, but above all you will learn about your customers’ considerations. This will allow you to adapt your communication, but also to respond to their problems and offer personalised, highly relevant solutions.


These actions will enable you to build long-term customer loyalty and turn them into fans of your company, your brand and your products. Not only will you potentially improve your re-purchase rate. But you will also create true ambassadors for your brand. Even in the age of the Internet, word of mouth is still a powerful sales and brand awareness tool.


To set up successful advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads, you can call on a webmarketing agency such as our agency Doko. Our expert teams will assist you from A to Z on the platform, from setting up your page and your advertising account to launching and optimising your ad campaigns.