Facebook Ads offers great opportunities for companies to develop and grow their brands on social networks. This advertising network offers you very powerful and well optimised tools to advertise effectively and reach a large audience.


To be sure of success on the Facebook advertising platform and in your campaigns, calling on the services of a specialised agency for an audit of your account and your Facebook ads can be an excellent idea. Find out in detail why:



What is a social media audit? 

Facebook audit: definition 


The aim of this type of audit is to take stock of your accounts on the various social networks. A specialised agency will therefore try to see if they are complete and, above all, well set up. They will consult both your advertising accounts and your Facebook pages to get a good idea of their current state and of what may need to be modified or completed.


You will also receive an analysis of your results and performance in terms of ongoing and completed advertising campaigns. You will also receive personalised advice on how to optimise your future Facebook ad campaigns and social media accounts.


Why should I do a social media audit? 


Such an audit is a good way to start again on a healthy basis and to achieve better performance for advertising on social networks. It allows you to see the bugs, to detect fake accounts or to identify possible shortfalls. 


But not only that, a social media agency will also look to see if your brand image is well respected on your Facebook page, in your ads and advertisements, to ensure consistency. This will give you a solid foundation for building a community on this popular social network with appropriate community management and digital communication.


In short, an audit will allow you to implement a new marketing strategy and above all better performance and acquisition levers on this advertising platform. Facebook Ads represents a great opportunity for businesses to make conversions, generate qualified traffic to your website or develop your notoriety and e-reputation. An audit is the first step to launch relevant marketing campaigns according to your needs and your brand.


The different Facebook Ads audits: 


Two audits are possible for Facebook Ads. The first one concerns the advertisers’ Facebook account and pages. The second is to analyse your Facebook advertising campaigns and the sponsored ads that result from them.

Facebook Account Audit 

A digital marketing agency will be able to edit your Facebook account and your associated page(s). The aim will be, as mentioned above, to ensure that everything is set up and completed correctly. A poorly set up account, or Facebook ad manager, is a disservice to you and obviously hinders your best performance.

For this type of audit, our specialised teams will also ensure that your brand image is respected and that your Facebook page complies with your graphic and editorial charter. As it is a gateway to your brand universe, your products and your services, your Facebook page must be impeccable and reflect your identity.


We will help you set up your Facebook account, but above all we will offer you tailor-made advice to improve your pages and ensure your good visibility on the social media.


Facebook campaign audit 


With this service, a webmarketing agency will audit your campaigns and digital ads. The aim is to find out what is working and what is not. What were your advertising objectives? Did you achieve the expected results? What KPIs did you monitor? etc.

For this audit, our team will look at your current or completed campaigns. We will look at the key performance indicators, which track the performance and results of your Facebook ad campaigns. We’ll look at the ads and associated ads. 

Once all the data has been taken into account and analysed, we will be able to give you tailored advice. You’ll know what you can improve, what was effective and what wasn’t, what was relevant and what wasn’t. You will then be able to launch more effective campaigns in the future, and get a better return on investment (ROI).




Have your social networks audited by a specialist Facebook and Social Ads agency: 



To carry out an audit of your social networks, you will need to call on a Social Ads agency, the paid advertising on social networks.




Benefit from the expertise of an agency specialising in Facebook Ads 



An agency specialising in Facebook Ads will provide you with technical skills and, above all, its past experience. You will benefit from its business expertise to improve the performance of your paid ads on Facebook. 


It will also provide you with monitoring and training, to help you achieve the best results and return on investment in your future and current campaigns. You can learn how to improve your targeting to reach specific audiences and generate new customers or increase awareness.




Tailor-made Facebook audit 



Besides skills and know-how, a good digital marketing agency provides you with support and consulting tailored to your needs. That’s why our agency Doko and our teams only offer you customised and tailor-made services. We adapt to your business, your specificities, your products and your services. We take these particularities into account to audit your account, your pages and your Facebook campaigns.


You will receive relevant advice and solutions tailored to your brand, your goals and your digital strategy. Our goal is to forge a long-term and trusting partnership between our two organisations. We are committed to providing you with the best results for your marketing actions and advertisements. Our teams listen to you and adapt to your needs.