If you already have a Google Ads account with active campaigns, it is essential to have a SEA audit performed by an agency specialised in Google Ads like Doko. Thanks to its expertise, it will be able to analyse your Adwords campaigns, define their performance and above all optimise them to obtain better results. How do the audits work? What is analysed? What changes and results can be obtained following an audit? We bring you all the answers to your questions!


What is a SEA audit and what is it for?

Assessing your digital situation

Before even taking a look at the Adwords account, the webmarketing agency will first evaluate your company’s current and overall digital communication. What webmarketing levers have been put in place? Newsletter? Social media? Is there a graphic charter? Has a digital strategy been developed? What are the digital expectations and objectives? But also more concrete information about the company, such as its size, its sector of activity, its products and services, its strengths and weaknesses, its history and, of course, its competition and its targets. Indeed, if a company is not very well developed in terms of digital, there is less chance that the advertising campaigns will work optimally.


Strategy performance

The web strategy is the basis for all your digital communications, even for your Google Adwords ads. It is through this digital strategy that all the elements that will allow you to acquire new customers and increase your turnover through web marketing will be defined. Depending on the company’s digital situation, the competition and the targeting of prospects, it is then necessary to define the objectives to aim for and the ways in which they can be achieved. Depending on your conversion tunnel, how will you improve your brand awareness? Which acquisition lever will be relevant to generate qualified traffic to your website? How can you encourage the user to make a purchase? What are the most effective ways to retain them? If you have already thought about the foundations of your SEO strategy, an SEA agency will be able to analyse it and determine its performance, whether it is coherent and effective or whether it needs to be modified, adapted and improved.


User experience

A beautiful, functional and professional website will make visitors trust a brand and want to buy from it. Don’t forget that whatever communication channel you use, such as e-mail, social networks and of course Google Ads, will lead back to your website. The latter must therefore be impeccable. A digital marketing agency will have the eye and the skills to define which optimization of your site is to be implemented. This can concern several blocking elements such as a too slow loading time. Did you know that a large majority of users leave a website if it does not load immediately? The ergonomics and architecture of a site may need to be reviewed if users have difficulty finding what they are looking for quickly. Worse, if your site is not responsive, i.e. it does not adapt to all tablet and mobile formats, not only will not all internet users be able to navigate correctly, but the pages of your site will be penalised directly by Google! It then becomes impossible to rank on the search engine either through SEO or SEA. In these extreme cases, a small redesign may be recommended to finally launch your website on the Google search engine and get conversions!


Quality of content

No, content is not just about pleasing the search engines and optimising your SEO! If your web writing must be well written and adapted to the Google algorithm by positioning itself on good keywords, it must also offer relevant content. Content marketing is not only a real web marketing lever to be visible and get more traffic, but it is also the content that defines the identity of a brand and reassures the visitor to make a purchase. Spelling mistakes on your texts are obviously the worst way to discredit a brand and make the Internet user flee! An agency that is an expert in inbound marketing, particularly in the area of editorial content, will be able to analyse and optimise texts so that they are just as relevant to search engines as they are to Internet users.


Conversion levers

Whether you have an e-commerce site or a showcase site, you always want it to be profitable by bringing in conversions and leads. The website must be designed with this in mind to increase its return on investment! The expertise of a communications agency will enable us to analyse the essential points that lead to conversion, starting with the CTA action buttons. But above all, the agency will check the relevance and proper functioning of your landing pages. The latter must be extremely well worked out because it is one of the last steps to convince the Internet user to convert with you.


Audit of your Adwords account

After analysing the strategy, it’s time to audit your Google Ads account! If it seems obvious that the settings of each Google Ads campaign must be well worked out, this is also the case for the settings of the account itself. The basis is to have a well organised account. If the arrangement of the different campaigns is well thought out, it is already a good sign for the future! Indeed, each campaign must be classified by type (search network, Display network, Google Shopping etc.) but also by criteria. You can, for example, sort your campaigns according to the target. The ad groups should also be classified by relevant aspects. It is quite possible to group the ads by type of target or by geographical area for example.


Audit of your ad campaigns

This is the core of the SEA audit: the analysis of the performance of each advertising campaign. All the data is observed by a Google Ads expert with a view to achieving the defined objective. The positioning of your ads, the choice of keywords but also the number of impressions, the conversion rate, the click rate… Everything is analysed to define possible optimisations. The digital agency will adapt its audit according to the goal you are aiming for if you have set up a visibility strategy or an acquisition strategy or a conversion strategy. Your budget will also be scrutinised. Indeed, by defining a more relevant bidding system, it is possible to obtain more profitable campaigns by spending the same budget!


Why have your Google Ads account audited by an SEA agency?

To benefit from the expertise

It is impossible to set up truly effective campaigns without being an expert in paid search. Many skills and knowledge are to be acquired over the long term to get to grips with the tool and be up to date with new information. Fortunately, the full range of paid search techniques can be made available to any business through a Google Adwords agency. To be sure that the agency is really competent, it is strongly advised to select a Google Partner certified agency. This certification indicates that the marketing agency has all the necessary Google Ads accreditations and therefore all the necessary expertise to carry out any type of SEA project. The Doko SEO agency has been a Google Partner for many years. A badge that perfectly represents the expertise, the investment but also the passion of our teams for the SEA world!


Advice and support

A team is always dedicated to support you in your SEO project. From the SEA consultant to the webmarketing consultant to the project manager, all the specialists are at your disposal to create relevant and effective sponsored links. Their expertise will help you to take control of your web project and to adapt it to your strategy. If, as at Doko, listening and proximity are part of the main values of the Adwords agency, you can be sure that your campaigns will be tailor-made taking into account your expectations and ambitions. You can also benefit from personalized advice and reports!


Correcting mistakes

It is difficult to know if your SEO campaign is performing well or not without an expert analysis. Even with good results, poor settings may have been made which actually hinder the effectiveness of the campaign. If the campaigns are not performing as you would expect, it is also possible that the wrong elements have been determined. Thanks to the audit carried out, the Adwords consultant will be able to explain to you the defects to be remedied to improve the positioning of your ad and thus, improve your visibility. These errors can be as simple as unchecking a box, making the wrong choice on the banners, or deactivating a keyword, as it is quite possible to review all the campaigns and put in place a more relevant SEA strategy. An audit also ensures that as a client, on the contrary, everything that has been put in place is completely correct and really works well!


Time saving

The creation, monitoring and optimisation of paid search via Google Ads is very time-consuming and requires daily involvement. In addition to being certain of obtaining effective campaigns, you will also save a lot of time by delegating this task to specialist SEA consultants. As they are always up to date with the latest changes in Google Ads, they will be able to manage your campaigns and react to any sudden changes. This could be the case if competing advertisers have changed their budgets, or if your target audience’s buying habits have changed, or if your landing page has a bug. Again, there are several elements to take into account and you need to be able to react quickly to keep your ad groups optimised.



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