With 90% of all computer searches being conducted on Google, it’s clear how much more important it is to gain visibility on Google than on other search engines. This is why most advertisers choose to create their paid ads via Google Ads, Google’s advertising network. While Google Ads can be an extremely powerful tool for quickly achieving your goals, you still need to understand how this ad network works in order to create relevant sponsored ads that will give you a good return on investment.


Why pay for advertising?

Better positioning

Google Ads belong to the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) category, not to be confused with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEA aims at an immediate result, with a rather commercial objective, such as the sale of a product online. SEA is expressed through paid advertising on the internet, its financing is weighted since you allocate a budget that will be spent on your advertising campaigns which will then be spent when a click is made on your sponsored links. In contrast, SEO is a content strategy, where you invest technical and financial resources over the long term to build your reputation or brand image, i.e. for a lasting result.


SEO and SEA are two complementary SEO strategies and neither should be favoured over the other. However, keep in mind that sponsored links are always the first results displayed on the Google results page, before the SEO results also called natural results. As the commercial links appear first, they get more visibility and therefore many more clicks!


Fast results

As you can see, one of the main advantages of Google Ads is its ability to provide immediate visibility and excellent results thanks to the distribution of ads and sponsored links. Indeed, while SEO will allow you to position yourself on keywords in a perennial way, the purchase of keywords via Google Ads positions you instantly in the search results. Paid search can therefore be an effective asset in your digital strategy to obtain quick results, but also to face up to the competition, whether or not they are already present on Google Ads. In any case, it is essential for your business to develop both an SEO and SEA strategy. Indeed, these two strategies are complementary in their operation and provide you with essential security. Imagine that a new competitor arrives on Google Ads with a better budget than you, or that the Google algorithm changes and causes you to lose all your SEO positions. In either case, you will always have the other lever to mitigate the consequences. If you already have an SEO strategy in place, it’s high time to combine it with paid search with Google Ads!


Create an ad easily

Launching a first Google Ads campaign can be done in a few minutes. With a Google Ads account and a professional, you can quickly create your online ads and get immediate results. But keep in mind that while creating a Google Ads campaign can be done quickly, knowing the parameters, knowing how to optimise it, and following up regularly are essential if you want to see profitable results from the start. This is why it is essential to call on an SEA agency to help you launch your Ads campaigns.


Managing your budget

Advertising campaigns are distributed according to a competitive bidding system. It is therefore important to know how to manage your budget on this tool. Several bidding solutions exist for this purpose, notably the manual cost per click (CPC). In this way, you can pay only when your ad is clicked by a user, and not when it is simply seen or displayed in the search results. You will then know how much each visit to your website from your advertising links costs you. It is often at this stage of campaign tracking that an advertiser turns to a specialist agency. It can be difficult to analyse the data correctly and to choose the right settings for the campaign. Be aware that campaigns that are not set up correctly are not profitable. Worse, they can lose a lot of money if not solved quickly! An ATS agency can be a real asset and a significant security. It will be able to manage the optimisation of your Ads campaigns and increase its quality level in order to obtain the best results, while spending the least amount of money possible.


Get quality traffic through accurate targeting

To generate qualified traffic, it is essential to target your prospects and potential customers accurately. Knowing your targets and your audience will increase the relevance of your ads, the number of clicks and therefore your conversions or leads. To do this, you will need to create personas of your targets: Who are they? Where do they live? What do they like? What are they afraid of? How old are they? And so on. You can find answers in your internal tools, via your CRM or via Google Analytics for example. You can also collect information yourself or with the help of a web agency. Experts in digital communication can create a solid and concrete base of personas that will serve you both for your campaigns and for the creation of all your communication materials. Once your targets are well defined, you can carry out a precise targeting of the audiences you wish to reach and those you wish to exclude. You can define several characteristics such as the geographical area, especially if you wish to carry out local campaigns.


Increase your return on investment

To get effective ads, it is essential to monitor your campaign regularly by analysing your spend and conversion rate. Did you know that there are several ways to optimise your display ads to increase your return on investment? From choosing the right bid, to writing the right Google ad, to choosing the right keywords based on queries and price per keyword, to increasing the quality score of your sponsored link, to choosing the right landing page… Launching a profitable campaign requires a lot of knowledge, including knowing how to manage and analyse the campaign tracking. A professional in the field of search engine advertising will know which elements to analyse in your campaign and in which ways it would be wise to optimise it.


Why use Google Ads for your paid advertising campaigns?

Simultaneous and centralized campaign management

On the interface of your Google Ads account, you can structure and manage your campaigns. Within a campaign, there are ad groups that group together sponsored ads. Campaigns are organised by their characteristics (type of campaign, defined objective, targeting etc.). The ad groups are often organised by type of service or product. This funnel system allows you to better organise your campaign creation and follow-up, but also to create several simultaneous campaigns that will meet all your needs. Know that you can very well have only one campaign containing several groups of ads as well as several campaigns containing only one group of ads. The other advantage of Google Ads is that you can easily share access to your campaigns with a third party, such as a web agency, without having to provide your own Google account details.


Different campaign formats

Several types of SEA campaigns exist to achieve your different objectives. The most common are text ads on the search network. These are campaigns that are displayed on the Google search results page (SERP). This type of campaign is often used to gain traffic, get more conversions or sales. If you want to achieve these same goals with an e-commerce site, a Google Shopping campaign that will directly showcase your products is also an interesting solution! If you prefer to set up an awareness campaign to be visible on the web, there are also campaigns called Google Display. These are illustrated advertisements, visual banners of your brand for example, which will be present on several websites in order to be seen by a maximum number of internet users and therefore to gain impressions and notoriety very quickly.


Campaign management by a specialised agency

Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, has been an essential marketing tool for several years now, and digital marketing agencies have become experts in this tool. Therefore, being accompanied by one of these agencies can be a significant asset not only for developing your Google Ads strategy but also your overall web marketing strategy. Thanks to their experience, they will be able to manage your campaigns and distribute your ads in order to reach all your objectives while optimising your budget. There are many elements to take into account on Google Ads and to be sure to succeed in a campaign, it is essential to know in detail all these characteristics in order to handle them properly. As SEA is paid search, every wrong decision can lose money, while the right decisions can make money. That’s why working with a paid advertising professional can be both reassuring and profitable. But experience is not everything, so remember to select an agency that will listen to your expectations and needs so that they can meet them in the best possible way!



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