1. Paid advertising and in particular the Google Adwords advertising network have many marketing powers, including the ability to collect leads quickly. By leads we mean everything that concerns customer contacts in B2C and commercial contacts in B2B. This can be done through any type of form, from signing up for a newsletter to requesting a quote or simply using your contact form. You don’t need to have an e-commerce site to take advantage of the benefits of paid search! Create advertising campaigns now to generate contacts that will become your new customers!

    Why use SEA to generate leads?

    Google: the world’s leading search engine

    Although several levers exist to generate leads in digital marketing, Google Ads remains one of the most powerful channels. Its greatest strength obviously lies in the popularity of the search engine: 90% of the world’s web queries are made on Google! This means that you can get much more immediate visibility than through any other channel. And to further increase your chances of being visible and getting leads, Google Ads has many other advantages, including the precision of the parameters offered.


    Generating leads via Ads campaigns

    Rather than being locked into one channel, one tool or one social network, why not get lead generation from multiple channels at once? Google allows you to define which type of advertising campaign is suitable for your purpose. Depending on the campaign you define, you can appear on Google results pages, Youtube, Gmail and many websites. So many distribution platforms greatly increase your chances of reaching your potential customers!


    Search Network

    One of the most common types of campaigns is the search network campaign. This is where you can create sponsored links that will appear in Google search results. This SEA strategy can be very effective provided that you have a high quality advert and are positioned on the right keywords. Indeed, it is thanks to the choice of keywords that your ad will appear with the right people performing their Google search. If your landing page meets a specific need, advertising on the search network can bring you very good results. The keyword buying stage is very important, so don’t hesitate to seek advice from a professional agency to define a relevant keyword list.


    Display network

    Display campaigns correspond to illustrated ads broadcast on the web. In banner or video, this type of campaign is often associated with the search for notoriety. However, its remarketing strategy, also known as retargeting, can also be very interesting for collecting incoming contacts. This strategy puts your ads in front of people who have already visited your landing page. This little “reminder” encourages the user to take action by clicking on your ad and filling in your form.


    How to generate qualified leads with Google Ads

    Getting qualified leads from Google Ads is not just about creating a well-set-up campaign. The whole strategic part is essential to get real results and relevant leads. Without a well thought-out strategy, there is a much greater chance of not getting good results from your campaigns, but also of losing money. If you get leads from people who don’t buy from your site afterwards, these are leads that will cost you money without converting. This is why you need to have several SEO skills in order to define a profitable strategy: setting commercial objectives, determining your targets, writing your ads, working on your website and above all, knowing how to analyse your statistical data. The support of an SEA agency is highly recommended to set up an effective SEO strategy and to broadcast impactful Ads!


    Set your marketing objectives

    Do you want to get as many leads as possible? Radically increase your turnover? Paid advertising can help you achieve your most ambitious goals! But for your ads to be effective, you need to define quantifiable and achievable targets called KPIs. These objectives must of course be adapted to your activity and your digital strategy. You can very well define objectives for your advertising. For example, to reach 1,000 clicks in 1 month with an average cost per click (CPC) of less than one euro. You can also set concrete goals related to your current need: to have 150 contact forms filled out in a week, 20 new demo downloads per day, 300 registrations for your event in 2 days or 20% more quotes requested in 6 months. This definition of your objectives will allow you to better analyse the performance of your campaigns, whether they should be optimised or, on the contrary, whether your objectives should be revised.


    Determine the target to contact

    It cannot be repeated often enough, the target is one of the most important elements for setting up a profitable Google campaign. It is thanks to this work of defining your targets that you will be able to generate qualified traffic on your landing page and also obtain qualified leads. In addition, the settings and wording of your advert will be completely different from one targeting to another. The first thing to define is whether you want to generate B2B leads (from professionals) or B2C leads (from individuals). Other more precise points can also be defined, such as age, sex, geographical area, but also profession, professional social categories, hobbies and even the most important event experienced by your target at the time of the broadcast of your advertisement. For example, if you want to get registrations for a professional HR event targeting HR people from all over France and of all ages, you will not make the same ad as if you want registrations for a small music festival targeting young people around your event who like the style of music played.


    Defining the lead message

    Once the target audience has been defined, it is now time to write a proper advert for them. Remember that your text ads appear based on a keyword typed into the Google search engine. Internet users typing in this keyword therefore have a need to be satisfied and your advert can do this! These Internet users are therefore already potential prospects. So don’t hesitate to highlight the need that your ad solves: downloading DIY tutorials for beginners, registering for a webinar on digital marketing, getting an online quote for re-insulating, etc. The message should be clear from the first sentence! Also adapt the tone of your ad to your target audience. The vocabulary used should be adapted if your target is premium, professional or young for example. Having trouble writing with a marketing vision? A Google Ads expert will be able to write for you according to your activity, your objectives and your target to create effective, subtle and impactful ads that will encourage people to take action.


    Take care of your landing page

    Does your ad look well written and set up? Good for you! But be careful to continue this work on your landing page! Indeed, if an Internet user has clicked on your ad because it seemed interesting and ends up on a landing page that does not correspond to the ad, that does not look professional or that even has technical problems, there is a good chance that your prospect will quickly leave your website without converting! Here again, a specialist SEO and graphic design agency can be a great help in creating an effective landing page that converts. Between the design, the writing of the texts, the technical aspect of the page as well as the layout of your form, several points must be taken into account to obtain a relevant and effective landing page. As with your advertisements, always remember to adapt your page and your message to your target!


    Monitor and analyse the impact of your leads

    Between Google Ads and Google Analytics, you’ll get all the data you need to analyse your advertising campaigns and your leads. Google Ads allows you to manage your campaigns and analyse them in the same interface. Although you won’t be able to directly observe the evolution of your return on investment, you will still be able to find your cost per lead as well as many other data that will allow you to further optimise your advertisements: cost per click, click-through rate, conversion rate, impression rate, etc. Not to mention your budget spent! The analysis of these statistics will allow you to define the performance of your campaigns, whether you are reaching your objectives or not, and to modify them accordingly. The analysis of an Adwords expert is always highly recommended at this stage to save time, analyse relevant data and improve your campaigns even reducing your spent budget if possible!


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