1. Any business with a dedicated budget can turn to a paid search strategy to run ads on search engines. Google Ads is Google’s advertising network and it is through this tool that you can create ads that are displayed on Google search results. Advertising on Google can greatly enhance any type of business by achieving the goals of a digital marketing strategy: gaining immediate visibility, increasing awareness, increasing conversions and sales, gaining new customers and much more. Whether you are starting your business, whether it has been developed for years internationally or locally, Google advertising meets all your needs!

    When to use Google Ads?

    Start your online sales activity

    If your monthly budget allows it, creating advertising campaigns is a real asset to start a new activity! It is often said when starting a business that the hardest part is the beginning. But if you get great visibility and customers immediately, your business will grow much faster! This is what paid search can do for you as opposed to natural SEO, which will serve you better in a long-term strategy. Building a high quality SEA campaign with a dedicated budget will make you appear instantly in the first results of Google. More than a simple tool, sponsored links can be a real engine for launching a business, even if you don’t have an e-commerce site! Several types of campaigns will be adapted to your needs to start a business: to make yourself known, to increase your visits and above all, to obtain immediate sales. The result? Visits and sales right from the start to get a substantial return on investment (ROI) as quickly as possible!


    Why should you use Google Ads?

    Local campaign

    The strength of SEA ad groups also lies in targeting by geographical area. You can create local campaigns that target only people in the vicinity of your shop, whether you are a hairdresser, baker, pharmacist or for any other local service. The Google search engine will then allow you to gain visibility on the web with your potential customers, and above all to generate more traffic directly to your shop! Imagine for a moment that anyone searching for “hairdresser”, “baker”, “locksmith”, “butcher” or any other shop on Google immediately comes across yours. This is a considerable asset that should not be neglected in order to reach a local audience, to make yourself known locally, and to increase your visibility and sales in shop. These types of ads are designed to make it as easy as possible for users to come to the shop via all possible channels, including Google Map. It is common for ad extensions to be used to display the essential information that encourages people to come and see you: short description, address, telephone number and opening hours.


    Awareness and visibility

    Being known on the Internet has become essential for any company that wants to perform well. It is impossible to deny the power of awareness campaigns to promote your brand or shop. Using Google Ads can greatly help you develop your visibility thanks to the creation of a specific campaign that will increase your impressions. What if you took advantage of the popularity of other websites to promote your brand? Yes, it is possible! All you have to do is set up what are known as display campaigns. These types of campaigns allow you to display illustrated ads of your brand like banners. This way, you can highlight your company, a service, a product or a particular event that will capture the attention of Internet users so that they remember you. Do you want to create an even more impactful internet ad? The video format will be your ally! You can create a display campaign directly on Youtube. This way, your ad will appear before the video content on Youtube.


    Traffic and conversion

    Traffic acquisition is one of the main objectives of today’s companies. Generating web traffic strengthens brand awareness and is one of the key steps to get the user to buy a product or service and increase its conversion rate. But to be sure of generating clicks that will be profitable for your business, you need to aim for qualified traffic. It is therefore really essential to work on the settings of each Google Ads campaign in order to target your prospects and obtain a relevant conversion rate. The choice of your landing page will also be essential, the performance of your campaign depends on it! Indeed, there is no point in tracking conversions if your landing page has nothing to sell or no information to retrieve, such as contact details or a newsletter subscription. The homepage, for example, is too large to achieve profitable results. It’s more interesting to feature product pages or a landing page directly. If your text ads on the search network are well set up and you get a good number of clicks, you should see your sales increase considerably! Sell more quickly and easily with advertising links! But beyond thinking about sales, think in terms of return on investment. This data will be more relevant to observe the profitability of your business. In order for your business to be as optimal as possible, work with an Adwords expert who will optimise your budget by setting up your ad group in the smallest detail.


    When should you use Google Ads?

    B2B and B2C

    Setting up a Google Ads campaign can be just as relevant in a web marketing strategy targeting B2B professionals as B2C individuals. Indeed, these two types of targets will use Google to do their searches on the Google results page. Be careful, as these targets are totally different, do not have the same expectations and therefore do not use the same search terms, it is important to create several ad campaigns that will correspond to one or the other of the audiences. As you will have understood, these two completely distinct universes require you to review and structure all your ads differently. This goes from the definition of the objectives, through the choice of keywords to respond to the different requests, to the targeting and even the choice of bids defined! We strongly recommend that you call on a Google Ads expert to set up your campaigns so that they correspond to your B2B or B2C target.


    Selling products or services

    Do you need to increase your sales quickly? Google Ads will meet your needs, especially if you have an e-commerce site, provided you create effective ads with an excellent quality score. Indeed, there is one type of campaign that is particularly profitable for selling your products: Google shopping. It highlights your products visually directly on Google to direct users to your website. But a search engine optimisation campaign on the search network can also bring excellent results. Several levers exist on Google Ads to increase sales, such as remarketing. Increasing your turnover is the main objective of any company, so don’t hesitate to call on an agency specialising in search engine optimisation to help you create and monitor the campaign you are interested in. This is the best way to put your products in front of other advertisers, increasing your click-through rate and therefore, in the long run, obtaining a better return on investment.


    Beginner and expert

    Although creating a Google account is easy, you may feel helpless when launching your company’s first campaign if you are a beginner. Between the bidding system, the objectives to be defined, the kpi to be followed on this tool and also on Google Analytics, the purchase of keywords, the quality level, the targeting and all the parameters to be defined, a successful campaign requires a good understanding of the functioning of Google Ads. Fortunately, it is very easy to call on an external service provider to take control of your ads. As this tool is very widespread, it has been designed to be easily shared. You can let a web agency run campaigns on your company’s behalf while keeping an eye on them in your own Google account. This is how you can use Google Ads and create advertisements for your company even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about internet advertising. Remember to check the professionalism of the SEA agency you want to work with. You can, for example, turn to a Google Partner agency. This means that it has Google Adwords certification and therefore all the skills and expertise to support you in your SEA strategy. A safe bet to work with professionals who can create campaigns with relevant and profitable results!


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