Why and how to analyse your audience?

Audience analysis is an essential service that can help you optimise your conversion rate and increase your online sales in the long term.
Indeed, it is not because a website is visible at the top of the SERP (search engine results pages), that it systematically generates conversions and sales. Certain aspects, such as inadequate navigation, poor ergonomics, or a conversion tunnel that is too long and too complex for your marketing targets, can slow down visitors.

In order to stop the problem and reverse the trend, you need to know your audience perfectly. Keep a close eye on the statistics of your website, for example by using Google Analytics and Search Console. These tools allow you to analyse the performance of your website and to study the behaviour of your visitors: which pages did they visit, how long did they stay on these pages, what is the bounce rate, did they carry out a particular event (micro-conversion, downloading documentation, signing up for the newsletter, opening a personal account…)? To see more clearly and implement relevant actions, don’t hesitate to call on professionals in the field.

CRO: Boost your website conversions with Doko digital agency

Expert in CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization, the digital agency Doko in France is there to guide you. After the audience analysis, the person in charge of your web project will be able to set up a conversion rate optimization strategy, based on several action levers, according to your budget and your marketing objectives.

Adding Call to Action (CTA)


One of the first things we look at when optimising conversions is the presence of CTAs, or Call to Actions, on the different pages of your site (home, product pages, service pages, or even content pages for SEO purposes). These calls to action generally take the form of clickable “buttons” and must be easily identifiable to attract the attention of Internet users. They generally point to pages that are more strategic for generating conversions: contact page for example, pricing page in the case of service companies, personal space, or any other page that will allow the simple visitor to enter the conversion tunnel. The implementation of these CTAs is generally simple, quick and, above all, inexpensive to set up. If there are no other major issues with the site, then the results should come quickly. In addition, CTAs can also be integrated into your various web marketing campaigns, within an e-mailing or recurring newsletter, for example, to encourage readers to visit your site and convert.

Creating or optimising Landing Pages on your Website

Next, it is possible to create Landing Pages or to reorganise those that already exist on your site. These landing pages are generally created to meet the needs of a marketing campaign (emailing for example) or online advertising. They are used to encourage visitors to take a specific action on your site, based on the products and services offered by your company. This action, which may consist of filling out a contact form, downloading documentation or even adding a product to the shopping cart, must be measurable in order to accurately monitor its conversion rate (completion of the requested action) and its profitability. Thanks to A/B testing procedures, it is even possible to make several versions of your landing page in order to determine which one converts the best and what needs to be done to optimize it to the maximum. The Doko experts can then guide you in the creation of content and make sure that good SEO practices are in place. This way your landing pages will not only boost your conversion rate, but will also allow you to increase your visibility.

Changing navigation and the conversion tunnel

Another point on which you can intervene to boost conversions is the navigation on your website. Indeed, if the visitor feels lost when he arrives on your website, if he can’t easily find your products and services, or if the conversion tunnel is composed of too many steps, then he may quickly turn around and visit your competitors’ website instead of buying from you. In order to avoid this problem and to maximize your conversion rate, Doko experts will first review your internal linkage (the links between the different pages of your website) and integrate if necessary a breadcrumb trail on your different pages to improve the user experience and facilitate the navigation. To go even further, it will also be possible to review the entire architecture of your site, which can lead to a complete redesign. This type of project can take a long time to set up and is often more expensive, as it may require the intervention of a professional web designer. However, it is generally what will allow you to obtain the best results in the long term: you will start again on a healthy and coherent basis.

References of your web agency Doko in France

Based in France, the digital agency Doko shares with you its expertise and skills in CRO strategy. Over the years, many companies from various sectors (fashion, DIY, travel, leisure, insurance…) have trusted us to improve their conversion rate and boost their sales. So why not you? To convince you, don’t hesitate to consult all our case studies and references.