Why optimize the SEO of your website?

Being first on Google is the dream of many entrepreneurs when they develop an online store. Indeed, this position alone generates more than 30% of the organic click rate. This rate even rises to around 75% for the top 3 positions in the SERPs. In fact, such a position at the top of the search results on various strategic keywords allows you to improve your visibility, generate considerably more traffic, acquire qualified leads more easily, and ultimately boost your online sales and your turnover.

However, this top position is so coveted that it can be difficult to achieve. Depending on your sector of activity, your catchment area, or the products or services sold on your e-Commerce site, the competition can be particularly tough. The race to the top organic position is often fraught with difficulties for those who do not manage to find the right web marketing and referencing strategy. With regard to SEO (or natural referencing), patience is required, as the results of the actions undertaken are only visible after several weeks, but the positioning thus achieved is often acquired on a long-term basis. On the other hand, SEA (paid search) allows you to obtain results much more quickly, as soon as the online advertising campaigns are set up and during the entire distribution period.

Adopt a SEO strategy for your e-commerce website with Doko agency

To be sure to obtain qualitative results and significantly improve the positioning of your e-commerce site, it is strongly advised to call on SEO experts, such as those of the Doko digital agency in France. We are at your disposal and offer you a personalized support for both SEO and SEA.

SEO and E-commerce: work on the on-page elements and web content

After a complete SEO audit of your e-Commerce website, the Doko expert dedicated to your web project will be able to assist you in setting up a relevant and efficient SEO strategy. This strategy is based on both technical (site speed, structured data implementation, error pages correction, implementation of correct canonical and hreflang tags…) and semantic elements. This second point goes from the choice of strategic keywords on which to position your online shop, to the optimisation of your meta tags (titles & descriptions) and the hn titles of the different pages of your site, via content management and web writing for your product sheets, your landing pages or even your brand blog.

Optimise the link profile of your online shop


The second way to improve the natural referencing of your online shop is through netlinking. This consists of reinforcing the link profile of your merchant site by acquiring new backlinks on reliable and powerful referent domains in order to increase the reputation of your website. Indeed, inbound and outbound links have always been a key element of Google’s algorithm when it comes to calculating the PageRank of a site and referencing it. However, in order to achieve the best possible results through netlinking, it is important to ensure that the referring domains that point to your site are of sufficient quality and consistency. The Trust Flow and Citation Flow calculated by the Majestic SEO tool are generally good indicators of the quality of a site, provided they are as high as possible.

What about online advertising?

While SEO and netlinking can provide a secure and long-lasting ranking, it can take a few weeks for the results to become visible. Therefore, if you have a decent budget, Doko Web Agency can offer you a paid search strategy (or SEA), i.e. online advertising, especially via Google Ads or social networks. This should boost your visibility almost instantly and generate more qualified leads without delay.

Google Ads


Google Ads (or AdWords) allows you to display banners on the Display network of the advertisers’ sites, and text ads via the search network. As soon as they are published, these ads are displayed directly in the results pages of the Californian search engine, above and/or below the natural results when a user performs a Google search associated with the products and services sold on your e-Commerce site.

Facebook Ads and other social network advertising


As far as Social Ads and Facebook advertising are concerned, the latter does not have a direct impact on your referencing, in the sense that it is only broadcast on the social network. However, it allows you to quickly boost your traffic while targeting an audience that is as close as possible to your marketing targets, via their interests in particular. Also, it can be used to considerably improve your conversion rate by retargeting users who interact with the e-commerce site without buying anything, or by targeting profiles similar to those of your loyal customers.

 The e-commerce references of your SEO agency in France

Based in France, the Web Doko agency shares with you its expertise in natural and paid search engine optimization (SEO and SEA) of e-Commerce websites. Over the years, many clients have trusted us to boost the marketing strategy of their websites and other online shops. So why not you? To finish convincing you, don’t hesitate to consult all our case studies and references.