Webanalytics Agency : What is it ?

How is your website discovered? How many of the visitors to your website contact you? What is the advertising cost of each sale made on your website? Today, a precise knowledge of your audience and your performance on the Internet is essential to optimise the return on investment of your online presence. This is the role of a webanalytics agency.

Webanalytics : definition

When you visit a website, or use an application, web analytics software immediately records measurable information about you and your connection method (phone, tablet, computer). This data is then used by specialists to analyse your habits, desires, likes, dislikes, etc. This collection of data and its subsequent analysis is called webanalytics, web analysis or audience analysis. By implementing an audience analysis solution (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, AT Internet, etc.) for your site, you can, for example, precisely quantify the visits or actions of your visitors (clicks, purchases, time spent, …).


The services of a Webanalytics agency

Through the implementation of various audience analysis tools, the webanalytics agency provides you with levers to manage your website as closely as possible.

All the data collected by the web analysis software is synthesised into an analysis of your site’s audience. This allows you to measure the number of visitors, but also to evaluate its structure and efficiency. By measuring visitor interest in content, areas for improvement can be identified. By closely monitoring the behaviour of visitors to your site, the impact of changes to improve your site’s search engine positioning (SEO) is directly quantified and can be adjusted.

With the audience analysis tools, the performance of Google Adwords campaigns can be tracked in detail. You can see which clicks (ads, keywords…) translate into sales, contacts or registrations, and you can optimise your advertising campaign accordingly.

The synthesis of user data allows you to build detailed analysis reports at different scales. These can tell you how effective your conversion strategies are at a particular point (form, subscription, purchase…), who your visitors are, where they come from, what hardware they use, and how they behave on your site.

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Why use a Webanalytics agency ?

By using the services of an audience analysis agency, you will take full advantage of the analysis tools. From the data analysed by specialists, you will have a better understanding of your customers and their interactions with your site. By improving your knowledge of your visitors, you are able to evaluate the quality of your traffic in relation to your objectives.

The agency will help you define the KPIs (performance indicators) that will allow you to qualify your traffic and implement the appropriate actions to improve it. By attracting traffic to your site in line with your targets, you improve your conversion rates.

The implementation of tests, with comparative analysis of the results, allows you to understand the reactions of your prospects, and to choose the most appropriate strategies to optimise your conversion rates. A qualified traffic and an optimal conversion rate mechanically translate into an increase in your sales.