Facebook ads KPIs to manage your ad campaigns

Advertising campaigns on social networks and Facebook have become increasingly important over the years. Today, they are one of the most effective paid channels for lead generation and customer conversions.

Facebook Ads, the advertising network of the famous social media, is one of the most interesting platforms to create an advertising campaign and achieve different objectives, visibility, traffic or sales. Knowing the main KPIs is therefore essential to manage your advertising campaigns in the best possible way :

What is a KPI? Definition :

KPis : key performance indicators

The acronym KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. It is generally a numerical element that must be determined before the launch of an action, marketing or advertising for example.

What is the purpose of a KPI?

A KPI makes it possible to evaluate the impact of an advertising campaign or a marketing action. It thus makes it possible to determine the ROI, the Return on Investment.

The analysis of a marketing strategy or campaign generally takes into account several KPIs to obtain a clear vision of the impact of the action. In the case of an advertising campaign on social networks, we can measure the number of clicks on the advertisement, the opening rate, the number of visits to your website to measure traffic, the number of sales or subscriptions to an email list.

Why monitor your KPIs?

Monitoring your KPIs is first of all essential to know if an advertising campaign has met your expectations and objectives. This is why you should choose several KPIs to monitor before launching your campaign.

But these KPIs are also essential to monitor and adjust your marketing actions during the campaign. You will be able to determine beforehand if your social network advertising is working well, and according to your objectives. If not, you can take the necessary actions and measures to correct a bad trajectory.

Without this KPI monitoring, you risk spending a lot of money on advertising for lesser results.

What are the types of Facebook Ads KPIs?

Facebook Ads provides you with several types of KPIs to effectively track your social media advertising campaigns. Here are the main ones :



The coverage, or reach, indicator provides an estimate of the number of times your ad has been shown to unique users. You can then compare this number to the number of impressions to see how many times that ad was shown to the same user.

The terms Coverage and Reach are inseparable on the Facebook Ads platform. Both refer to the same concept : the number of impressions to unique users.

Cost per result

The cost per result (CPR) allows you to measure the cost of an acquisition, a conversion or a purchase. Depending on your strategy, you may want to generate a maximum number of leads or registrations, or sales on your website. This KPI indicates the cost for each result associated with your objectives.


ROAS is the acronym for “Return On Ad Spent”. It is the measurement of the return on investment of an advertising expenditure. It is generally expressed in terms of turnover or percentage. If a campaign brings you €100,000 in turnover for €10,000 invested, the ROAS will be 10 or 1000%.

Opening rate

Traditionally, the open rate is a KPI associated with an e-mail campaign. It corresponds to the following ratio : messages opened / messages sent or delivered, multiplied by 100. On Facebook Ads, this KPI appears rather under the term rate of impressions.

It can be used for another KPI, the Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM). In this case, it is simply a matter of dividing the cost of a campaign by the number of impressions, then multiplying by 1,000. This KPI allows you to compare your performance with other advertising platforms.

Click-through rate

The click-through rate or CTR is a crucial KPI in a social media marketing campaign. It measures the engagement and effectiveness of your online ads for a given audience. It is presented as a ratio (in percentage) of the number of clicks to impressions of your Facebook Ads.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is also an important KPI. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The Facebook tool can then calculate, depending on the objectives, the number of conversions, additions to the basket or purchases, but also actions on a site or an application, or even the installation or purchase of an application.

Growth rate of the registration list

The subscription list growth rate shows how an advertisement has affected the growth of your subscription list.

Scope of publications

As with coverage, post reach shows how many unique users have seen your posts on Facebook.

Views of your profile / page / videos

This KPI allows you to know how many views your profile, your page or your videos have received as a result of an advertising or promotion campaign on the social network.

Growth rate of the number of subscribers

This KPI will allow you to measure the evolution of your number of subscribers on your page, your profile or even a list.

Commitment rate

Engagement is measured by Facebook through several indicators : likes, clicks on the link, check-ins, shares, comments or reactions. The engagement rate thus tells you whether your ad is of interest to Facebook users or not.

Website traffic

This KPI allows you to measure the traffic received on your website following the promotion of your publications or an advertising campaign. You will then know if you have recorded an increase in visitors or not.

Growth rate of website traffic

As for the previous KPI, this last one allows you to see the evolution of the traffic on your website. It is a good indicator in the case of lead acquisition campaigns for example.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate is a marketing indicator that measures the percentage of Internet users who entered a web page and left the site immediately afterwards, without having consulted other web pages.

Volume of leads

Another key indicator for an advertising campaign is the number of leads generated, or lead volume. These leads are prospects that have been captured at some point by an interaction with your website: subscription to your email list or newsletter, contact form, …

Conversion rate by channel

The conversion rate per channel measures the number of leads, visitors or sales generated by each channel of your advertising campaign.

Rates add to cart

The Add to Cart rate is the rate of products or services added by the visitor to their shopping cart.


Les KPIs Facebook ads pour piloter ses campagnes publicitaires

Manage your facebook ads campaigns with KPI’s

How to monitor KPIs?

Which tool(s) to use?

To track your KPIs, you can use tools such as Google Analytics or the Facebook Ads Manager. You can also use external tools that will allow you to centralise your different campaigns.

How to analyse my KPIs?

To analyse your KPIs, you will need the right tools, as mentioned above. You must also select the performance indicators to be monitored and analysed throughout your campaigns. These KPIs should be defined according to the objectives of your advertising strategy.

How often should I measure my KPIs?

The frequency of monitoring obviously depends on the length of your campaign, the budget and your ads. Some campaigns need to be monitored on a daily basis. In general, it is common to measure the KPIs in the first few days of the campaign, to quickly discover any concerns. Once the campaign is well underway, it is possible to reduce the frequency and define milestones.

How can I improve my KPIs?

In order to improve your performance indicators, you will first need to select them carefully before launching the advertising campaign. You will then know which ones are the most important for your objectives. You can then take several actions, such as doing A/B tests to define the best advertising, getting straight to the point in your content or improving your landing pages.

Choose my areas for improvement

As mentioned above, some KPIs are more important than others for your campaign. You should therefore choose your areas of improvement, i.e. the relevant indicators to improve for this specific campaign.


The most important KPIs to monitor according to your marketing objectives :

Some KPIs are therefore more useful than others depending on the objectives of your advertising campaign. Let’s look at the main ones associated with each of the main types of marketing campaigns:

Conversion campaign

A conversion campaign can serve several purposes: attracting quality traffic to your website, generating registrations or contacts, increasing your sales or requesting an action. The goal is to convert users into leads or new customers.

Lead acquisition campaign

A lead acquisition campaign is specifically aimed at generating leads, i.e. qualified prospects. The objective is to convert users, whether or not they are familiar with your brand or company, into prospects.

Awareness campaign

A brand awareness campaign aims to generate visibility and improve your e-reputation. The goal is not so much to convert or attract qualified traffic. But you probably want to develop awareness of your Facebook page or profile. The KPIs to track may be your reach, engagement rate and reactions.

Branding campaign

A branding campaign is specifically aimed at developing your reputation on Facebook and other social networks. The objective will be to get a wide coverage and reach on this social media, but also to generate reactions and engagement.

Interaction campaign

An interaction campaign aims to maximise the number of interactions with your publications or advertisements. You will want to measure the engagement rate or the click rate.

Remarketing campaign

A remarketing campaign aims to reach visitors who have interacted with your publications, your Facebook pages or visited your website. The aim is to convert them permanently.


Conclusion on Facebook Ads KPIs

KPIs are essential for measuring the performance and success of a Facebook Ads campaign. They also allow you to monitor the campaign as it progresses and to correct any problems. You will be able to draw up precise analyses at the end of the campaign to improve your future advertising campaigns.

It is therefore advisable to define the important KPIs for your strategy and your campaign in advance. A webmarketing agency can help you in this process, as well as in the development of your various campaigns.