What is the role of a digital marketing agency ?

In order to increase your visibility, the traffic on your website and to increase your sales, it is essential today to have a digital marketing strategy. Specialised agencies can help you achieve these objectives. Discover below what their missions are and how they can help you.

Digital marketing : what is it?

The American Marketing Association defines marketing as “the planning and implementation of the development, pricing, promotion, and distribution of an idea, product, or service for mutually satisfying exchange for both organisations and individuals”.

The objective of a digital marketing agency is therefore to increase the visibility of a brand to a target audience. When we talk about digital marketing, we mean using the web to achieve this ambition. A website, a blog, videos and social networks are all essential tools and platforms for better visibility.

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Why use a digital agency ?

A digital agency is an expert in its field. It has a thorough understanding of current marketing techniques. As such, it can guarantee results.

If your goal is to increase sales, digital can help. Today’s customers are on the web. To get the right message across to the right people at the right time, and thus acquire new customers, you need a strategy. A web marketing agency knows how to do it.

Moreover, this objective cannot be achieved without a well thought-out website that is well referenced on search engines. A specialised agency masters natural referencing.

Finally, attracting leads to your website is a first success, but you still need to convert them into customers. This is why an effective content strategy, relevant and adapted to the target audience, is essential. A web agency can help you define and implement it.


The services of a digital marketing agency

A marketing agency will support brands and companies in various areas that aim to increase web visibility.

Natural referencing strategy

First of all, in order to be well referenced on search engines, an agency will set up a natural referencing strategy. This consists of checking and setting up a website so that it is best ranked in the search results. A well-constructed website with rich and interesting content will have a better chance of increasing its traffic and therefore attracting potential customers.

Paid referencing

The advertising campaigns will also be an opportunity to be more visible and to increase traffic to the site. The agency will check all the data and statistics related to these campaigns and its content. This analysis allows the optimisation of the conversion rate, to know what will allow the simple visitor to convert into a customer.

Social media : Facebook Ads, Instagram and Snapchat

The creation of advertising campaigns on social networks is a must nowadays. This is why many companies have recourse to a facebook ads agency. All sectors of activity can call upon a digital marketing agency, which will accompany them in the creation and selection of forms of content (videos, Instagram stories, photographs, infographics) to be published on social networks, in order to gain notoriety.

Audience analysis

A digital marketing agency also offers audience analysis services for its clients. Audience analysis allows you to know your target audience better, who your customers and buyers are. This way you can adjust your communication channels and optimise your online advertisements in order to increase your conversions and sales potential.