Webmarketing Strategy : How to define your Webmarketing Target ?

From the moment you define a web marketing strategy, it is essential to carry out very precise targeting. For a prospecting campaign to work, the clarification of a customer profile is an unavoidable parameter. Different tools and solutions exist to define the constraints and objectives.

Webmarketing target : know your existing customers

The marketing target is above all defined by the current customers. Getting to know your customers’ profiles better allows you to establish an initial profile. In relation to a level of income, a geographical area, an average basket, interests, or in relation to a turnover in the context of a B2B activity. If you use a CRM, it will be a formidable weapon for comparing data, but also for setting up questionnaires or for developing more targeted actions on your current customers by using a newsletter, for example. Depending on the information you obtain, you will be able to carry out a much more detailed analysis.


Analyse the market

Your ability to sell is primarily based on knowing your customer profile. By being able to address them in the best possible way, you can considerably increase the number of leads you can generate, while achieving a much better conversion rate. On your website, you can analyse the statistics with Google Analytics. You can determine the sources of your web traffic, how long each visitor spends, whether they are in a certain geographical area, the number of page views and a social profile that can be drawn up directly. In addition to measuring the performance of your website, you are able to define a typical customer journey. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in interpreting this data, which is absolutely crucial for developing your Internet marketing.

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Knowing the needs and constraints of your clients

Today’s consumer expects more than just an advertising message. With so many marketing offers out there, you need to be able to stand out, which is why personalising a commercial offer will have a much stronger impact on your conversion rate. It is a web strategy that must be able to adapt to the profile of each customer. If a potential customer is able to identify with your brand or company, they are much more likely to consume. The different profiles are called personas, they are simply a very detailed and personalised identification for an efficient web marketing target.


Conclusion for its webmarketing target

Although your main objective is to sell services or products, you need to understand your current customers in order to address potential customers. This is the basis of an effective online marketing strategy, otherwise you will spend large sums of money without getting the expected return. Targeting in web marketing can be defined using existing tools or directly through a web marketing agency.