All you need to know about buying SEO links

Every SEO is looking for the most effective way to optimize the positioning of his page. Buying backlinks to boost your site is a good way to appear at the top of the search engine list. It may sound new to you, but yes, it is possible. Buying a link is not only done with money. It can be acquired through a product or service exchange. However, nothing can be obtained so easily. Like anything else, it has risks as well as benefits. In this document, you will have the privilege of adopting all the means to ensure your referencing and reach your objectives.

Benefits and risks of buying SEO links

Link building is a very effective way of optimising search engine positioning. However, experts in the field avoid talking openly about this link building system. Even if netlinking is part of their strategy, they prefer not to talk about it too much. The reason for this discretion is quite simple. This practice, although tempting, presents great risks.

Indeed, if you are suspected by Google of link bribing, your site may be blocked. The best thing to do if you take this option is to be very careful. Before opting for paid links, you need to master good practice. Try not to buy packages of backlinks and don’t pick up abandoned domains.


Some tips for profitable links

The first thing you should remember is not to rely solely on paid link building. It should not be your only option or your main alternative. Be aware that the percentage of a good paid link ratio is no more than 25%. This ratio shows that most of your link building should be done naturally. This requires some effort on your part.

Highlighting the quality of the links

Indeed, the Google search engine does not focus on the quantity of keywords. It focuses mainly on the quality of the content of the page. Although you have bought links, you need to make sure you have a good profile. However, having a quality page is not enough, you also need to make sure that the link you buy is also quality. So here are some things to check before you commit to it:

Firstly, you need to check the indexing of the domain in Google. Secondly, the PageRank of the page and the site. This second point is very important. Thanks to it, you can evaluate the link juice that the link will transmit. If it is low, it means that the link is of poor quality. You should avoid this as much as possible. Finally, you need to see the number of outgoing links. It should not exceed 100. On the one hand, Google will consider this to be spam. On the other hand, the multiplicity of links on the page will decrease the chance of your page receiving PageRank.

Knowing when to build a paid link

Link building, while effective and tempting, is not for everyone. If you are just starting to build external links for your site, this SEO practice will not be suitable for you. Indeed, buying a link requires a good link profile followed by quality backlinks. Criteria that build or accumulate naturally over time. You also need to have a good understanding of your industry and the competition.

Moving slowly but surely

Ideally, you should not rush into paid link building. It is better to have one good link, rather than two bad ones. Bulk links should also be avoided. Take your time to make the right choice. A sudden increase in your backlink is a sign that you are not progressing naturally. What you need to do in this case is to do some careful analysis before making a purchase. It is best to take it slow in this SEO practice. In the first month of building paid links, limit them to ten or twelve. As you go along, you can gradually increase this number over the following months.

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How to integrate SEO links correctly?

As you already know, paid link building is a big risk. The integration into this SEO strategy must therefore be done correctly. This will prevent your site from being blocked by Google or losing your money unnecessarily. When integrating yourself into this practice, there are some important points to check.


First of all, you must be careful in the use of target keywords in the anchor text. The key is that it should be semantically rich without causing negative SEO effects. In other words, everything you do should be done naturally without trying too hard. The user experience should also be emphasised. The backlinks you request must be taken from the right place. Indeed, the links you insert must contain information that the user needs. This information must be complementary, useful, but also relevant. Links are seen as doors that lead visitors to whatever they are looking for. Otherwise, you will lead them astray and lose their trust and loyalty.

Finally, getting backlinks is one thing, but you still need to know how to manage them. It is, in fact, a question of measuring your performance. To do this, make a point each month to check the status of your backlinks. You must check whether the quality and authority indicators have not decreased. Check whether your step is still accessible online and whether the links are still visible on the backlink page. Check that the anchor text has not been changed or that the link has not been changed to nofollow. If all these points are checked, you still have a good profile.


In short, optimising your site for profit is not an easy thing to do. You need to embark on a journey that will push you upwards. It is true that the risk is really big if you decide to build paid links. But sometimes the risks are worth it. All the cards are now in your hands. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to play them or not.

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