Google Ads : what are the advantages for a small business?

SMEs can achieve very good results with Google Ads campaigns. A successful PPC campaign is likely to generate profits faster than any other online advertising method and can help grow a business. Google Ads is a great tool to reach your target audience at the best time and when they are ready to convert.

The principle of Google Ads : Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is one of the techniques you can use to promote your business on the web. PPC works in a very simple way, which explains its popularity.

The principle of PPC is as follows: each keyword has a price that is set according to its competition. Your Google Ads agency works alongside you to set up campaigns containing the keywords you want to position yourself on. And you only pay when a user clicks on one of your ads.

This online advertising system is different from CPM, which has a rate based on the number of impressions of your ad, banner or other advertising format.

There are many pay-per-click platforms available, the best known being Google Ads.


google ads avantages


Google Ads allows you to get results quickly

Companies want quick results. PPC is probably the most effective way to run an advertising campaign and get immediate results. As soon as you put your campaigns online, they are instantly displayed on the search engines. Your offers, your products and your website are therefore accessible everywhere in no time.

To sum things up, if you have a website, all you have to do is create a Google Ads account, set up your ads and distribute them through the Google network to get traffic. Of course, setting up a Google Ads campaign doesn’t happen in minutes. If you are new to online advertising, it is easy to get lost in the settings and make configuration mistakes. These mistakes can have a direct impact on your profit, conversions and daily spend.

This is why it is recommended to use a google ads agency like Doko to set up profitable campaigns.


A measurable online advertising tool

Another important advantage of PPC is that all your actions have a quantifiable and measurable objective.

You can measure all the data related to a PPC campaign, be it in terms of costs, profits, traffic, clicks, visits and much more.

From the moment you start a Google Ads campaign, the expenditure is recorded and you can see whether you are making a profit or a loss. Of course, there is no need to look at the spend and results every hour of the day. Instead, use weekly or monthly reports and KPI tracking.

There are a number of reports and KPIs that give you all the information you need, data that is essential for marketing departments and business leaders. This can be google ads ctr, number of impressions, conversions, inbound calls and many other units of measurement.

At Doko we know that SMEs can be limited by their budgets. That’s why we optimise your ads to the maximum to get the best possible return.


Reach local customers with paid search

Reaching local customers is essential for small businesses and retailers. Google Ads allows you to be visible locally, in a certain area, a certain kilometre radius.  Therefore, you will only be visible to customers close to your business.

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Customers who are close to you are much more likely to use your services or buy your products. With local paid search, you are sure to have qualified prospects at your fingertips.


Google Ads campaigns for all budgets

When creating google ads campaigns, there are no budget limitations. You decide the maximum amount to pay for a click, as well as the budget to spend on a campaign or an ad group.

On top of that, there is no minimum amount to run your ads via Google Ads. Whether you have a monthly budget of €50 or €200, you can run your sponsored ads freely.

Of course the budget of a campaign has a direct impact on the results of the campaign. But having profitable Adwords campaigns with a small budget is quite possible.

Moreover, you can increase or decrease your budget at any time, without interrupting your advertising campaigns.


Google Ads: a strong reaction capacity

The interesting thing about SEA is that it is not dependent on SEO. SEO is a long-term mission, which can be impacted by Google’s algorithm changes and penalize you for bad practices.

The advantage of Google Ads is that it is not impacted by these changes and updates to the Google algorithm. So you don’t risk seeing your visibility drop or go down due to an update.

Once your campaigns are up and running, they will remain at the top of the rankings as long as you have the budget for them and your competitors do not increase theirs. In addition, if there are any changes to the Google Ads service, you can react instantly to modify your ads and campaign settings.

However it is very wise and recommended to combine Adwords campaign and SEO.


You are sure to reach your target and your buyers

One of the strengths of Google Ads is the precision of the targeting of ads. Unlike SEO, SEA allows you to be displayed only on the queries you have selected. You can therefore determine precisely the intentions of your buyers and customers in order to be visible on their searches.

As Google Ads is a powerful online advertising tool, there are many other parameters that allow you to fine-tune the delivery of your ads. Whether it’s by audience, time of day, interests, age, etc.

An experienced google ads agency will be able to advise and assist you in setting these ad delivery factors.


Protect your brand with Google Ads

It is important for a company to protect its brand name. To do this, it is recommended to set up a trademark campaign. This allows your website to be present when your brand name is searched.

The costs of a trademark campaign are often minimal, but it is essential to prevent your competitors from positioning themselves on your company’s name and from gaining potential customers. Don’t hesitate to call on a paid search specialist to anticipate this type of situation.