Google Partner : Get Google Ads certification

Having become the main marketing tool, the Internet is now being taken over by thousands of companies in order to be more visible. This competition has led to the emergence of a multitude of advertising agencies that offer to contribute to the promotion of these companies through their know-how. Very few companies have the necessary skills to make themselves known on the Internet. However, a significant proportion of advertising agencies do not have these skills either. This is why the Google Partner Badge was created to identify the best agencies from the worst. But what is it in concrete terms? What are its advantages and how do you get it? This article tells you all you need to know about this badge.

What is the Google Partner Badge?

The Google Partner Badge is a certification that attests to the mastery of Google’s promotional tools (Google Ads, Google shopping, …). It is aimed at Google Ads and advertising agencies as well as digital professionals. As mentioned, it was set up by Google to allow clients or companies to ensure the competence of an advertising agency before committing to it. The use of Google’s advertising tools is not an easy task, as it requires great technical skills. The Google Partner Badge certifies that a web agency has proven knowledge in one or more of the following five areas.


Advertising on the search network

Search advertising refers to the text ads on Google that can be found in search results. It involves all the skills needed to run an excellent Google advertising campaign. This includes skills in the area of content creation, management and optimisation.


Advertising on the display network

It concerns all the skills needed to set up and manage advertisements on the display network. It involves the publication of banners in different formats, videos. The advertisements are published on websites using Google’s Adsense services.


Video advertising

This is the basic and advanced knowledge required for the creation and management of video advertising campaigns. It can take place on the web in general and on YouTube in particular. Video advertising is a way of capturing the attention of users when they are searching.


Advertising with Google shopping and mobile advertising

These are advertising campaigns on the Google Shopping platform and the setting up of a Merchant Center account. Google Shopping is an automated Google ad format, unlike traditional text ads. All you need to do is set up a product feed with photos, prices and names of your products. Mobile advertising refers to advertising campaigns for mobile devices.


certification google partner

Benefits of Google Partner Certification

Having Google Partner certification when you are an advertising agency or digital professional offers many advantages. Firstly, it allows an agency to promote itself as a competent agency in the use of Google services. The Google Partner Badge is thus a way of distinguishing oneself from other agencies and obtaining more clients. It is proof that a web agency really does have the capabilities to promote the companies it works with. It can be displayed on the website or on the agency’s own advertising media. The Google Partner Badge then allows a google ads agency or a professional to benefit from numerous training and promotional offers from Google. It also allows access to special events always organised by the web giant.

Why choose a Google Partner Web Agency?

There are several reasons why any business should use Google Ads Partner agencies. Firstly, working with a Google Partner web agency is a guarantee of quality services. A Google Partner web agency has the proven skills to make any business appear in Google’s top results. Also, entrusting the management of your advertising campaigns to a Google Partner agency is a guarantee to avoid financial losses. Many web agencies often fail to deliver a return on investment to their clients despite the financial resources allocated by the latter.

Recognising a Google Partner agency is simple. Most agencies display their badges (a rectangle with the words “Google Partner”) usually on the homepage of their sites. You can click on this and be redirected to the official Google Partner website and precisely to the page dedicated to the agency. The prospective client can then find out what areas the agency specialises in and how many employees have certifications.


How to become a Google Partner?

To become a Google Partner, it is necessary to obtain the Ads certifications and to have a given spending threshold. But before that, the agency will have to meet certain mandatory conditions. These include having a valid Gmail account and an active Adwords account.


Google ads certifications

These are certifications in each of the five areas mentioned above (Search Network Advertising, Display Network Advertising, …). In order to do this, the agency’s employees have to enrol in the Google Academy (Google’s online school). The aim is to receive training in one of the five areas. Following the training, which is free of charge, each employee is assessed in order to obtain this certification. The examination focuses particularly on the basic and intermediate concepts of the Adwords tool and internet advertising. It also focuses on the practices necessary for a successful Google Ads campaign.


Google ads account expenses

In addition to obtaining the various certifications, a sea agency wishing to become a Google partner will also have to prove to Google that it is really active in this sector. To do so, it will have to reveal its advertising expenses, which must amount to 20,000 dollars over the last three months. Specifically, spending must be recorded for each day of the last 60 days. This is spending on Google only and not on other search engines to avoid cheating. Once the certifications have been obtained and the spend amounts revealed, the agency receives an email confirming the start of its partnership with Google. It also contains the Zip file containing the badge in several formats.


However, the partnership with Google is not open-ended. It can be terminated in the event of poor performance by the advertising agency. Google regularly checks the performance of each partner agency. Client loyalty, revenue growth and the agency’s own revenue growth are the criteria that are taken into account in the performance analysis.


What is the difference between Google Partner and Google Partner Premier?

There is not only the Google Partner badge, but also the Google Partner Premier badge. The Google Partner Premier badge is the highest level of partnership with Google. It offers additional benefits, but also has higher requirements. As far as the benefits are concerned, a Google Partner Premier agency has all the advantages of a Google Partner agency in addition to :


  • Participation in the annual Google Partners conference.
  • Training in business management.


In order to become a Google Partner Premier, an agency must have at least two members with one or more Adwords certifications. For the Google Partner badge, however, only one member is required. Secondly, the spending threshold is higher, i.e. over $20,000 in the last three months. Finally, Google Partner Premier agencies are subject to more controls and must perform better in order to maintain their partnership.

In short, successful advertising campaigns, particularly on the Internet, are necessary to increase turnover. To achieve this, it is essential to use the services of sea agencies with Google Partner or Google Partner Premier certification. Only such agencies can guarantee a return on investment, as they have the necessary knowledge and are certified by Google itself.