Local SEO : Why and How to Optimise ?

Local SEO is an essential element in increasing your reputation and developing your web traffic. As long as you have an activity that lends itself to it, you will be able to directly reach customers close to you. That’s why it’s imperative to develop your marketing in this direction. Without further ado, here is why you should optimise your local referencing with a seo agency.

4 out of 5 Internet users make a local search

Today, nearly 80% of Internet users perform a local search on search engines. In order to find a local shop, a restaurant, an activity or a service, geolocation plays a predominant role. This search for proximity has been reinforced with the development of the Internet on Smartphones, which allows users to automatically search for different information around them. Mobile users are therefore the first people responsible for the development of local searches, which implies that your activity is directly referenced locally, but also that your website is fully mobile compatible. Responsive technology is an essential solution to develop your image and your local referencing.


Local SEO can be done for free

To get your foot in the door, you have the opportunity to carry out certain actions yourself, entirely free of charge, to strengthen your referencing. For example, the creation of a Google My Business listing allows all users performing a local search to have access to a form of directory listing all the establishments specific to the search just performed. Containing contact information, opening hours, photos, user reviews and a description, the listing must be attractive to make users want to use your business. Trip Advisor reviews are also another criterion to take into account, allowing you to build a reputation based on the quality of the services you offer.

These different levers are accessible free of charge and represent a real opportunity to develop your local referencing.

optimiser référencement local

Local SEO : a better conversion rate

According to various statistical studies, local searches result in a conversion rate of around 88%. When we talk about conversion rate, we are talking about an initial search by the Internet user that is automatically transformed into a phone call or a visit to the website. As long as your business operates locally, it is essential that you use these different products. Although you can do some of this yourself, free of charge, it is important to optimise every parameter directly with an SEO agency, which is able to implement all corrective actions. As a result, your popularity will increase, with a direct impact on your referencing and on your turnover.


Conclusion for optimising your local referencing

Local SEO has been growing steadily over the last few years with the increasing presence of mobile users. With a very high conversion rate, you can easily and quickly develop your customer portfolio. But to do this, it is recommended to go directly to an SEO agency that will help you set up an efficient development and visibility strategy. Don’t forget to check your kpi seo tracking to know the progress of your project and the effectiveness of your seo agency’s actions.