How to choose the right SEO agency ?

You have had a website for some time with quality content that interests your target audience. However, the number of visitors in Google Analytics is not taking off, even after integrating improvements and adding new articles. You may have asked yourself : how can you rank well on Google for the most relevant keywords in your industry? How can you get more qualified traffic to generate additional sales? Should I call on the services of a seo agency?

In this article you will find advice on how to search for and find the right SEO provider to develop your visibility on Google.

Focus on transparency

If you have never heard of SEO and want to save time by entrusting this task to a professional, you should choose an SEO agency that works with complete transparency. To do this, don’t trust an SEO player who hides behind overly technical terms and phrases instead of explaining as much as possible about what they will do to get your site into the Golden Triangle. Choose an SEO specialist who will want to involve you as much as possible in this vital project for the survival of your website. Also, the SEO agency you choose must be educational in explaining to you what concrete actions will be taken on your site.

Beware of web marketing agencies that will promise you the best possible results in a short period of time. This kind of attitude proves either that the agency is incompetent or that it simply wants to get the contract signed by using deception. In either case, you will lose out by initialling and signing such a contract for the natural referencing of your site. A good SEO provider should be able to explain to you in simple terms that the results of SEO depend on the size of the website as well as the sector in which it operates. For example, an e-commerce website will take much longer to achieve excellent results than a painter’s website. You should also be aware that it is almost impossible to guarantee traffic from search engines or positioning on Google.

Beware of professionals who present themselves as “Google Partners“. This is a certification for the sponsored links (Google AdWords) of the American search engine. Even though it is about search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) are very different.

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Transfer of competence and support

It is possible that a relationship of trust with your SEO consultant could allow you to become autonomous afterwards and not depend on him for life. A transfer of competence can be made to allow you to evolve without resorting to his services continuously. The right SEO provider will give you important advice on how to write SEO optimized content and thus acquire the basics in web writing. The agency will also be able to help you (depending on its mission) on the implementation of a content marketing strategy.

In addition, the right SEO agency will also give you advice on how to get new links (netlinking) for your site regularly and how to recognize a good backlink and a link anchor optimized for SEO. This is more generally referred to as brand awareness and e-reputation for your website. It will also teach you how to make sure that each new link obtained is seen by Google as being as natural as possible and acquired at a very reasonable frequency of time to avoid any sanction from Google. Why? Simply because even quality SEO needs to be maintained by small SEO actions because the competition will never stop. Therefore, inaction in SEO can be detrimental to your site.


Choose an available and responsive agency

We strongly advise you to choose an SEO professional who will have time to devote to you in order to keep you informed of the progress of the work they are doing for you. A meeting can be arranged before the start of each new stage of their work. The right SEO provider will want to involve you in their work as much as possible. 


Choose a provider with a proven reputation and experience

Choosing the right SEO provider should not be done without ensuring that they have an excellent reputation. The first thing to do would be to make sure that the SEO expert is himself well positioned on Google for the main keywords related to his sector of activity. In addition, they should be able to show you evidence of work done for other clients by inviting you to contact some of them to ensure that they are serious about their work.

Experience in traffic acquisition is also a plus. Local SEO, e-commerce site optimization, work on the popularity of a showcase site. An SEO expert will tailor his mission according to your type of site and your objectives (competitive keywords, long tail…). Mastery of all aspects of SEO is also recommended (SEO audit, work on the architecture (cocoon or siloing), onsite SEO techniques, semantic optimisation, creation of inbound links, web marketing in general…).

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An agency equipped with natural referencing tools

A serious SEO provider will also be equipped with SEO tools. If Screaming Frog SEO, Majestic or Yooda don’t ring a bell, that’s normal. However, these names are well known in SEO and SEO Onsite and these tools are used by any serious SEO consultant.

Find out, for example, the SEO tools used by the Doko team

To find out more about why an SEO audit is expensive, you can read the article by our colleagues at SeoMix : Price of an SEO audit

You should know that choosing the right SEO agency is essential if you want your site to rank high in search results for the keywords that are relevant to your industry. If you don’t get the right one, it could cost you a lot more money to use a second provider after the first one has failed to improve your website’s SEO. We hope this article will help you find the right provider to get your site into Google’s good graces and get quality organic traffic to improve your ROI.