How to get more conversions through SEO

It is essential to call on an SEO agency that will take care of your e-reputation. This web agency will set up a digital strategy including an editorial part with the aim of positioning your website in the first position of the search engine results. To have a good return on investment (ROI), it is necessary to obtain good first results in terms of conversion. Here are the reasons why technical optimisation and the use of SEO tools play a role in this rate !

Your reputation depends on the SEO lever !

As you know, the main source of traffic to your website comes from search engine optimization (SEO). The better it is, the more naturally your site will appear to your prospects. This will increase the quality and quantity of your organic traffic.

The most important thing in your SEO strategy to increase your conversion rate will be to correctly target your prospects in order to engage them with your brand. This will involve choosing relevant keywords to position your site effectively. Also think about your long tail, which accounts for nearly 80% of the traffic to your domain.


The definition of the conversion tunnel depends on your SEO

The different components of the conversion tunnel are : targeting and attracting Internet users to turn them into visitors (and thus increase your incoming traffic), converting them into leads, making a sale to turn them into customers and finally retaining them to engage them as ambassadors (to increase your reputation in a qualitative way).

As you can see, the first step in this process is based solely on SEO. In order to be seen by search engines and to appear in the first results, textual (editorial) content will have to be multiplied thanks to blogging offering relevant ideas to your potential customers.

Once you have spent enough time writing web copy and have achieved good results, you can think of several ways to convert the traffic generated. You have for example white papers, emailing, product guides… One thing is sure, your conversion will depend on the quality of the writer you hire !

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The SEO audit : the ultimate development weapon

Your website will at some point need an SEO audit to bring it up to date with the search engines’ robots. Indeed, because of the recurrent evolutions of the algorithms, content marketing is a constantly evolving field. Semantic positioning, meshing (internal, backlinks…), tags (h1, meta description…), loading time of each page, responsive design, alt attributes of images… Everything must be scrutinised to guarantee you a maximum return on investment. The seo audit also allows you to determine the seo kpi to follow in priority for your site. To appear on the first page of Google results is necessary to quantify the quality of a web strategy. This is why being present and proposing relevant solutions for referencing and converting is one of the main missions of an SEO agency.


Implementing a search engine optimization strategy that converts : this is the speciality of our web marketing agency in Lyon. If you want to have a showcase site with good referencing, do not hesitate to contact us !

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