How to set up an effective Netlinking ?

Netlinking is one of the seo methods you need to know to generate and increase your incoming traffic. It is necessary to use it to define your positioning and reference your site in a sustainable way. Take care of your e-reputation with this catalogue of best practices signed by Doko: your SEO expert.

What is Netlinking?

It is worth reminding editorial neophytes of this concept. Netlinking is a notion of optimisation aimed at improving the ranking of a website. In other words, it is compulsory to master it in order to reference your e-commerce site.

This content strategy consists of the exchange of links pointing to your seo blog or a relevant web page. These links will be taken into account by the search engine algorithms to optimise your site. The consequence of this will be simple: more traffic to your web page, improved brand awareness and good SEO.

As netlinking can be built around internal or external linking, we will discuss these two notions in this article.


How to do a good internal linking?

  • Meshing is a form of SEO that can heavily penalise you if it is not done correctly. In order to attract and retain your customers, you must first have a well-positioned and abundant content creation. On the one hand, your image will always benefit from a good article. On the other hand, the more relevant editorial you have, the easier it will be to build your internal link.
  • Once your web content tree has been generated, you need to structure a qualitative link building. The first position of your blogging will go through the choice of the anchor of each link. In other words, you must position your internal links that point to your important pages on consistent terms. For example, one of the best practices is not to use too many generic terms such as “here” or “follow this link”. Also think about the added value the link will have for your users. Bad links are indeed penalised by a direct increase in the bounce rate!
  • Finally, it is necessary to have a site with a strong long tail link. The long tail is indeed a very important component of your SEO. It is therefore necessary not to neglect it : every page must be involved in this part of digital marketing.

How to improve your external linking?

These are the inbound links on your site or those that you implement to a very interesting article. To be consistent in terms of web SEO, this side must be well thought out. Your web copy and distribution must be impeccable to target the right influencers.

If you want to know how to optimise the popularity of your e-commerce site, a seo agency can help you. It is indeed very complicated to capture links pointing to your pages. Your site must therefore be a work in progress and getting a concrete return takes time.

For all your SEO strategies, working with a web marketing agency like Doko is a guarantee for success. If you want your website to be optimised from the first page and to find customers more easily, do not hesitate to contact us !

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