How to improve your SEO with Storytelling ?

Storytelling is a great conversion tool for your website. It will mainly act on your e-reputation and less on pure editorial optimisation. In other words, it will allow you to capture and federate a community composed of your prospects around your brand. For this, you will need a coherent content strategy. Dive into the use of one of the most qualitative SEO tools available with Doko seo agency.

Brand content and storytelling : a close link

Writing and referencing are often synonymous. Indeed, the right article on a site will often be the one that helps Google’s ranking. However, any marketing strategy using seo copywriting should not underestimate the power of storytelling. Storytelling complements content marketing and adds significant value.

A good storytelling will create a universe around your brand / product and thus develop your notoriety. This content creation aims to animate your prospects and build a community around your web marketing strategy !

Don’t forget that nowadays, boosting your digital marketing cannot be done without a part of social media. But in this jungle, proposing a coherent blog post is no longer enough ! Writing for the web necessarily comes with an editorial line that animates the universe of your brand with the objective of virality and conversion.

Finally, blogging is not the only way to develop your story. It is indeed advisable to diversify the formats (infographics, videos, motion design…) to federate around your brand image. To be supported in this strategy, discover the seo content management services of Doko.


How does generating traffic to your website boost your SEO ?

In other words : how does my storytelling allow me to please the algorithms and other search engine robots?

To put it simply, the better the traffic to your website, the better your SEO will be. If you have many links pointing to your site (see the solutions of our netlinking agency), then you will be more visible and increase your SEO. A variation of this practice is to develop internal links to your site (internal linking). If each page is optimised in relation to the others thanks to your storytelling, the return on investment is guaranteed !

This dimension of webmarketing also allows you to extend your long tail thanks to the development of your story from every angle. Indeed, you will obtain better referencing by diversifying the subjects of your articles. One of the best web marketing practices is to attract Internet users to a broader semantic with a smaller number of queries. This long tail corresponds in fine to 80% of your site’s traffic, so it is one of the best ways of capturing a new audience and building loyalty ! In order to identify the long tail keywords of your website, it is recommended to use a seo audit. The semantic audit allows you to have a global visibility of the lexical field optimised for Google and your users.

Moreover, if each story is unique, you will avoid duplicate content, another essential point for your digital strategy ! It is indeed recommended that your article is irreplaceable because duplicate content is strongly sanctioned by search engines such as Google.


If you want to position your website efficiently in line with your conversion target, call on the SEO agency Doko : the most relevant partner for your SEO.

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