How to work on your SEO through content ?

Producing the right content for each page of your ecommerce website is the best way to get the most out of SEO. There are many factors that lead to a relevant traffic acquisition and thus a return on investment of your digital strategy. Doko SEO Agency presents you with the relevant best practices to get your website ranked efficiently by search engines and to achieve a good SEO.

To encourage your readers to convert, you have to position yourself correctly!

Targeting is at the heart of an SEO strategy. In other words, in order to capture a specific target audience (and find customers), a content strategy aimed at that audience is necessary. It is therefore necessary to know your target audience in order to increase your notoriety and generate a good conversion rate thanks to editorial creation !

To do this, you have several options. First of all, you can buy a market study to find out the habits and tastes of your potential customers. This is a quick way to get to know your prospects and thus attract and retain them.

On the other hand, it can be interesting to go and meet them directly. Using your database can be a good idea. However, nowadays practices are diversifying and you can use new media such as social networks to discuss directly with your target.

This is a cost optimization, but not a time optimization. Choose what you think is best for your Google ranking !


A well-built website and high quality ergonomics are required for your content

There is no shortage of SEO tools to properly optimise your web ranking through content. It is indeed possible to convert your target audience with a good article on a simple company blog as long as you offer impactful writing.

First of all, structuring your SEO editorial content will be of paramount importance to improve its SEO. In terms of web marketing, we are talking about SEO Onsite : domain name, meta description, hyperlinks, html tags (Title, H1, H2…) or urls.

We will also look at the construction of your site for your readers. Indeed, one of the important indicators for your SEO will be the bounce rate. Building your site around a predefined customer journey will lower the value of this KPI and will boost the natural referencing of your seo content creation.

To optimise your SEO thanks to the structure of your site, the internal linkage will also be very important. Good content is also content that is technically well optimised. Indeed, the more links there are pointing to your web page, the more it will have an interesting authority to appear on a search engine. Netlinking should also be included, as search engine algorithms will index the quality of your inbound and outbound links.

Think of the long tail to develop an interesting semantic optimisation in addition to the strategic keywords of your seo audit. In web copywriting, it is recognised that optimisation comes from diversifying the positioning of certain keywords. Indeed, 20% of the traffic will be generated by the main keywords while 80% will be created by a wider lexical field.

Among the simplest SEO techniques, think of using short sentences for better readability. Indeed, being easily understood will encourage your readers to continue their journey on your site. In addition, duplicate content is not to be neglected for your image. Search engines will strongly penalize it. To do this, using a tool like Positeo is very interesting! Don’t forget that we are in the era of responsive design, so it is necessary to adapt your content to mobile devices !


To bring added value to your SEO, consider entrusting your website to Doko: the ideal partner for good referencing.

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