Why entrust your SEO to a seo agency ?

The main objective of most websites is to have better SEO. In June 2020, there were approximately 1.78 billion websites on the Internet with 4.65 billion web pages. Many believe that this number is greatly underestimated. With this level of competition, it is obvious that websites have a lot of difficulty ranking high in the search engine results pages. Hence the importance of entrusting your SEO to professionals such as an SEO agency. Are you still hesitating to entrust your SEO to an SEO agency? This article tells you why it is more profitable and economical to entrust your SEO to an SEO agency than to do it yourself.

An SEO agency that meets your needs

A natural referencing agency is an agency specialised in natural referencing. Its aim is to enable a website to be better ranked by search engines when a user makes a request. Indeed, companies with websites are looking for permanent traffic in order to make a profit. However, the absence of quality content is not conducive to good traffic on the site. E-commerce platforms, for example, need to have permanent visitors on their sites. As a result, these sites are almost never found on the first pages of search results. Whether they are SMEs or large companies, many sites face difficulties in getting their business off the ground on the internet.

Any online business (shop, restaurant, bookstore), for example, needs local SEO to increase the number of visitors. Similarly, a website that is struggling to rank well needs an audit and the involvement of several web marketing strategies such as netlinking. This is where SEO agencies come in. They know perfectly how to adapt to the needs of their clients to ensure a better referencing of websites.


The benefits of working with an SEO agency

To have a very good referencing on the net, it is important to use an SEO agency. Indeed, their professionalism and expertise in the world of SEO make these agencies the most capable of ensuring the entry of a site in the SERP. It is these criteria that distinguish them from freelancers offering the same services on the net. SEO agencies therefore seem to be more advantageous solutions for companies.

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Indeed, in addition to the SEO strategies and advice they offer, SEO agencies also provide web development services based on SEO criteria. Most of them offer tailor-made solutions fully adapted to their clients’ needs.

Entrusting the positioning of your website to an unreliable company or doing it yourself is not a wise choice. The SEO experts working in the SEO agencies are professionals who apply themselves to produce SEO for the website with lasting effects. Thus, the content of the website undergoes a thorough and rigorous expertise. To do this, SEO agencies use powerful SEO tools to improve the positioning of websites. These tools make it possible to gain a lot of information. They are mainly used to carry out several webmarketing analyses so that appropriate solutions can be found.


How can an SEO agency help you?

SEO agencies use several solutions to help you improve the ranking of your website. Some offer SEO coaching and web marketing strategies such as netlinking or local SEO. However, most start with an SEO audit.


With a full SEO Audit

The SEO audit makes it possible to determine the reasons for the site’s poor positioning. It is an inventory and in-depth analysis based on the main SEO criteria. This audit contains recommendations and analyses focused on three important points. Content, technique and popularity.


  • The SEO content audit. It allows an analysis of the contents and the optimization of their comprehension by the robots and by the visitors.
  • The technical SEO audit. It offers a better indexation of the website by search engines after having identified the main factors blocking the referencing.
  • The popularity audit. It allows, after analysis, to improve the e-reputation and authority of the site on the web.


With a Netlinking strategy

It is one of the most common web marketing strategies used by SEO agencies to generate traffic to sites lacking visitors. It allows the optimization of the visibility of a site by the creation of backlinks. Backlinks are external links whose purpose is to redirect the user to another domain or website. The more backlinks your website has, the more it is visited. The popularity criterion is taken into account to ensure the good positioning of a site. SEO agencies therefore use the strategy of Netlinking to increase backlinks to improve the visibility and natural referencing of your website, which increases the Traffic on the site. The quality of the backlinks plays a very important role in the netlinking strategy. It is important to use an experienced netlinking agency to avoid making mistakes that could penalize your site.


With local referencing

It is one of the most important and effective SEO strategies. 25 out of every 100 queries are made via local referencing. Generally, the results offered by search engines are mainly based on a geolocation criterion. In some cases, it is the query that involves a location element. This is called a local query. These local queries are known to optimise the quality of web traffic and thus lead to better conversion rates.

Google and most search engines usually favour sites and web pages that are best suited to local queries. Local SEO is therefore very beneficial not only for SMEs, but also for multinationals and large companies with multiple locations.


By optimising your on-site SEO

Also known as on-page SEO, onsite SEO is also one of the pillars of web marketing. This strategy is used by SEO agencies to improve the positioning of sites. Unlike netlinking, on-site SEO focuses on internal elements. It is used to optimise the HTML source code of a page and its web content.

It allows Internet users to know if the results of their queries are in line with their expectations and helps search engines to better exploit and interpret the content of a page. In other words, Onsite SEO allows search engines to understand more quickly what a human would understand and judge its value.


How to choose an SEO agency?

There is no shortage of seo agencies on the web. Most of them offer more or less attractive services with very competitive prices. However, not all SEO agencies are qualified to meet your needs. The choice of a good agency should therefore be based on specific criteria.


  • Transparency. This is one of the most important criteria. Before choosing your SEO Agency, you should demand a clear explanation of the nature of the services that will be offered to you. A good agency can be recognized by its ability to explain to you, at whatever level, the services it intends to offer you.
  • Experience. It would be wiser to use an agency that has a long track record in the field of natural referencing. You should therefore take the right information to know if your agency is experienced enough. This is a criterion that must weigh in your decision.
  • An agency that listens to its clients. During your first contact, you should pay attention to the attitude and responsiveness of the SEO agency towards you. This can tell you a lot. The best agencies make a point of listening to their clients. The analysis of the client’s needs and the agency’s interest in your needs are usually a sign that quality work will be done.
  • An agency that is adapted to the needs of its clients. Beware of the too-good-to-be-true promises made by some agencies. For example, a good natural referencing can take 3 to 6 months. Some agencies will offer to do it in a few weeks with SEO. These promises should be taken with caution.


Working with an SEO agency for what result?

Companies have everything to gain by investing in SEO agencies. In terms of traffic, sales or visibility, and ROI, there is every reason to believe that SEO agencies are a major asset in dealing with online competition. It is the best way to make a quick profit when starting an online business.

Increasing sales

If you have an online shop or an e-commerce site, you are the most likely to benefit from the economic advantages of working with an SEO agency. Indeed, optimising your website allows you to turn your visitors into prospects and then into permanent customers. By positioning you on the first pages of the search engines, SEO agencies ensure a regular and constant income thanks to the rate of visits to the site.

Improve your web traffic

The strategies implemented by SEO agencies also improve the traffic to your site and thus optimise the conversion rate of the site. This allows you to stay at the top of the SERP for a very long time. This is to your advantage.

Boosting brand awareness

The more quality content your site generates, the more visitors it attracts. The more satisfied your visitors are with your services, the more your website’s reputation increases. The work of SEO agencies is to boost the e-reputation of websites through natural search. You see your brand image popular, so you get more buyers.

Protecting your brand on the internet

By enabling you to have an optimised e-reputation, SEO agencies help you protect your brand. The more popular you are, the less likely it is that your brand image will be copied or stolen. Since search engines have already recognised you as the sole guarantor of a brand, it is difficult for another site to impersonate you on the net.

Complementing an SEA strategy

SEO is a very good complement to SEA. It allows your website to have paid visibility, but also natural visibility. By reaching a wider audience, the SEA strategy allows your company to have faster and more convincing effects. Combined with an SEO strategy, this results in excellent and very profitable referencing. This is why seo support is necessary.